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Microsoft office access 2003


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Microsoft office access 2003

  1. 1. Microsoftoffice access2003By: ipang
  2. 2. How to open Microsoft office access2003 So firstly click start in the down left corner. Then click ‘all program’. Search for Microsoft office folder. And open thefolder After that you click Microsoft office access 2003.
  3. 3. Menu bar and tool bar A menu bar is a horizontal strip that contains lists ofavailable menus for a certain program. There are File,Home, Insert, Page layout, Formula, Data Review andview. And toolbar strip of icons used to perform certainfunctions.• File• edit• view• Tools• insert• Window• Help
  4. 4. File-Menu bar Here there’s file in menu bar. There are some boxes , there’s new, open,get external, close, save, save as, export, file search, file search, webpage preview, page setup, print preview, print, send to, and exit. New: to make a new work Open: to open another work Get external: Close: to close your work Save: to save your work Save as: to save your place in another place Export: to send your work to another link File search: to search your work Web page preview: Page setup: to set up your work Print preview: to edit your work went it’s printed Print: to print your work Send to: to send your work to another link Exit: to exit your work
  5. 5. Edit-Menu Bar This menu bar usually used for editing your work. There’ssome box there, there are undo, cut, copy, officeclipboard, paste, delete, rename. Undo: for undo undelete your work. Cut: to copying something and pasted. Copy: to copy something. Office clipboard: to add something(s). Paste: to paste something. Delete: to delete something. Rename: to rename your work.
  6. 6. View-Menu Bar Here, there’s view in menu bar. There’s some boxes here, it isdatabase objects, list, details, properties, code, task pane, toolbars,refresh. Database object: List: Details: Properties: Code: Task pane: Toolbars: Refresh:
  7. 7. Tools-Menu Bar There’s some boxes here, it is spelling, relationships, analyze,database utilities, security, startup, customize, option. Spelling: to check the spelling Relationship: Analyze: to analyze your work database utilities: Security: Startup: Customize: options
  8. 8. Insert-Menu Bar There’s some boxes here, it is table, query, form,report, page, auto form, auto report. Table: to make a table Query: Form: to make a form Report: to make a report Page: Auto Form: Auto Report:
  9. 9. Window-Menu Bar This menu bar usually used hide or unhidesomething, like picture, sentences and else. Thereare two boxes here it is hide and unhide. Hide: for hide something. Unhide: for unhide something that already hided.
  10. 10. Help-Menu Bar Here there’s menu bar that called help.This menu bar are usually used for helpingyou, if you need some help for your workyou can open this menu bar. You knowthis menu bar are really helped.
  11. 11. How to make a database open the Microsoft Access Click ‘create a new file’ in the task pane. then click ‘Blank database’ after the task panechange into. Save the database in your place. And you can start using the database.
  12. 12. How to make a table click the create table in design view to make yourtable fill it base on your data. In the first column, you can write and choose whatdo you want the table later like text, memo,date/time, and many more. lock your first column that you fill in the up leftcolumn. Save your table in your document and rename it And the result will be like.
  13. 13. How to make queries Open the database before Click ‘queries’ and click ‘create queries indesign view’ Choose your table before, it can be 1 or more Connect the one table to each table Choose the table you want in the field. And doit just like that until you finish Save it in your place and rename it It automatically save in the database
  14. 14. How to make a form open the database that you already donebefore. Then you click ‘form’ and click ‘create form byusing wizard’. choose what do you want to choose from youmake in queries. Click the ‘>>’ bottom and it will be like. Then clicknext Choose your layout for your form. Then click next. Choose your style for your form. Then click next Rename your form and then click finish And the result will be like Fill the form for each person/thing.
  15. 15. How to make a report Open database and click report Click ‘create report by using wizard’ Choose your form that you make before Click ‘>>’ to move the table then click next Edit the grouping levels for your report then click next Edit your sort order for your report. then click next choose the layout for your report then click next Choose your style for the report and click next Rename your report and then click finish And the result will be like
  16. 16. Thanks