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Final workshop noveno


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  • Since using Brain Training for Dogs my dogs are more excited to learn. They actively want to take part and figure out what they need to do! It's not about "commanding" that they perform a behavior, it's about getting them thinking. I really love this approach to dog training and my dogs do too! ●●●
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Final workshop noveno

  1. 1. FINAL WORKSHOP NOVENOCOMPARATIVES AND SUPERLATIVES• Do you know these people? Read their fact files and make comparative or superlativesentences: RAFA NADAL NOVAK DJOKOVIC ROGER FEDERER DATE OF BIRTH: DATE OF BIRTH: DATE OF BIRTH: 8th 3rd June, 1986 22nd May, 1987 August, 1981 BIRTHPLACE: BIRTHPLACE: BIRTHPLACE: Basel, Manacor, Majorca, Belgrade, Serbia Switzerland Spain SIBLINGS: 2 SIBLINGS: 1 older SIBLINGS: 1 younger brothers sister, Diana younger sister, Mª HEIGHT: 1,88 m HEIGHT: 1,85 m Isabel WEIGHT: 80 kg WEIGHT: 85 kg HEIGHT: 1,85 m RANKING: world RANKING: world WEIGHT: 85 kg number 1 since number 3 since 2011 RANKING: world 2011 CAREER TITLES: 70 number 2 since 2011 CAREER TURNED PRO: 1998 CAREER TITLES: TITLES: 28 SPOKEN 46 TURNED PRO: LANGUAGES: Swiss TURNED PRO: 2003 German, English, French 2011 SPOKEN and Italian. SPOKEN LANGUAGES: LANGUAGES: Serbian, English, Catalan, Spanish and German and Italian. English KING OF CLAY DAVIS CUP: aged 17
  2. 2. FOR EXAMPLE : - Djokovic is YOUNGER than Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer. 1. _________________________________________________________________ 2. _________________________________________________________________ 3. _________________________________________________________________ 4. _________________________________________________________________ 5. _________________________________________________________________ 6. _________________________________________________________________ 7. _________________________________________________________________ 8. _________________________________________________________________ 9. _________________________________________________________________ 10. _________________________________________________________________ Use the comparative form of the appropriate adjectives.In the left picture: EXAMPLE : The smoke coming from the chimney is SMALLER (small, big). The end of the dog’s tail is________________ (brown, white).
  3. 3. The pine trees on the left side of the picture are_____________ (tall, short). The paws of the dog are _____________ (light, dark) The snowfall is_______________ (light, heavy). The window in the attic is ___________ (dark, light). The broom has a_____________ (long, short) handle. The carrot nose of the snowman is____________ (short, long). The broom has ____________ (many, few) ribbons. The snowman is (fat, thin) and has a _____________ (big, small) mouth. SIMPLE PAST AND PAST PROGRESSIVEPut the verbs into the correct tense (Simple Past or Past Progressive). Dan: Hi, Betty. I _________ (see/neg.) you at school last Monday. Betty: Hello, Dan. I ___________ (come/neg.) on Monday. I wasnt ________ (feel) well, so I _____________ (decide) to go to the doctor. Dan: Oh! ___________ (be) it serious? Betty: No, the doctor ____________ (examine) me and ___________ (tell) me I __________ (have) the flu. He ___________ (prescribe) some medicine and ___________ (tell) me to go home and rest. Dan: __________ you ____________ (stay) home all day last Monday? Bettu: No, only in the morning. I ____________ (have) to work in the afternoon, and guess what? Dan: What? Betty: When a friend __________ (drive) me home, he ___________ (crash) his car. He ______________ (see/neg.) the red light. Dan: ___________ anyone ___________ (get) hurt? Betty: Thank God, nobody ___________ (do) . Dan: Im happy to hear that. Well, Mary, I have to rush now. While I ______________ (listen) to your story, I ___________ (remember) that my wife ________________ (ask) me to go to the mechanic to get our car. See you later. Take care.Betty: You too. Bye.
  4. 4. Disagree with the following statements Example: Robert heard a dog on the road. - No, he didn´t hear a dog on the road. Mary was riding a motorbike. ____________________________________ Jhon ran over the dog. - ________________________________________ Julia threw a stone at the dog. -__________________________________ The dog was barking at James all the time. ____________________________ The dog bit James. _______________________________________________ The girls were sitting on the grass. - _________________________________________Make cop´s questions. Use the words in brackets. Cop: _______________________________________ ? (what/do/yesterday at 8.15) Joe: I was driving to work. Cop: ________________________________________ ? (what time/meet/the dog) Joe: I saw him at about 8.30. Cop: when you saw the dog__________________________________? (drive/fast) Joe: No, I wasnt. Cop: _______________________________________________ ? (what/the dog/do) Joe: He ran away. Cop:___________________________________________ ? (how/find/the two girls) Joe: I followed the dog, when he came back. Cop: ________________________________________________ ? (see/anyone else) Joe: No, I didnt. Cop: ______________________________________________? (call/an ambulance) Joe: No, I didnt. I drove the girls to the hospital. PAST AND PRESENT PARTICIPLES Complete the sentences using the adjectives from the chart . Confused tiring interested confusing. Amusing worried boring Disgusted satisfied scared 1 - The people I work with are _________ with their jobs
  5. 5. 2 - John was _____________ by the the news report.3 - We thought that the instructions were ______________ .4 - Its an _______________ little story. You should read it.5 - Working late every day is ______________ .6 - Im not really _______________ in sport.7 - Do you feel ____________ about them?8 - All this information is making me ________________.9 - I had a ____________ weekend because of the rain.10 - Young children are often _______________ of the dark.Translate the sentencesEstoy interesada en el Nuevo libro de Gabriel Garcia marquez .____________________________________________________La clase estaba muy aburridora.____________________________________________________Ese sonido es muy fastidioso____________________________________________________Ellos están cansados de hacer ejercicio____________________________________________________Me siento relajado cuando escucho jazz____________________________________________________Esa canción es deprimente____________________________________________________Es muy vergonzoso ver a mi hermana cantar.____________________________________________________
  6. 6. TELEPHONE EXPRESIONSChoose the most appropriate answer.1. Hello. This is John Bates. May I speak with Mr. Wilson, please? –_________________Mr. Wilson is not here right now.a. Im sorry, but c. What number are you calling?b. No, you may not. d. You got the wrong number2. Hello. Could I speak to Susan Malden, please? – __________________ , please. Ill see ifshe is in.a. Call back c. Hold onb. Hang up d. Pick up3. Im sorry. Mr. Garcia cant come to the phone at the moment. _______________leave a message?d. Could I b. May Ia. Do you like to c. Would you like to4. Im afraid Professor Grimes has just stepped out. Can _________________ amessage?a. I give c. you giveb. I take d. you take5. Im afraid Barbara is not in. – Can I a message for her, please?a. give c. takeb. leave d. write6. Hello! Is Mary____________ .a. Calling c. Speakingb. Dialing d. Waiting7. Hello, is Mike _________ , please? – Sorry, hes out.a. busy c. nowb. here d. there8. Can I speak to Douglas, please? – There is no one here ________________ .a. by that name c. to speak tob. I know of d. who is likely to have such a name
  7. 7. 9. Can I speak to Bety, please? –__________________ , please. Bety, phone! a. Certainly b. Just a moment c. Of course d. Yes Write a conversation for one of the next situations FIRST SITUATION Three days ago you bought a smartphone in Tigo but now the internet service is not working. SECOND SITUATION You need to talk with the Doctor because you lost your prescription.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________PRICES AND CLOTHES What are the people from the picture wearing?
  8. 8. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Dibuja tu propia estructura familiar ( con nombres propios) luego usa cada uno de susmiembros para escribir por lo menos 20 parentescos entre ellos.EXAMPLE : Carlota is the aunt of Maria
  9. 9. 1. ________________is the _______________ of _________________ 2. ________________is the _______________ of _________________ 3. ________________is the _______________ of _________________ 4. ________________is the _______________ of _________________ 5. ________________is the _______________ of _________________ 6. ________________is the _______________ of _________________ 7. ________________is the _______________ of _________________ 8. ________________is the _______________ of _________________ 9. ________________is the _______________ of _________________ 10. ________________is the _______________ of _________________ 11. ________________is the _______________ of _________________ 12. ________________is the _______________ of _________________ 13. ________________is the _______________ of _________________ 14. ________________is the _______________ of _________________ 15. ________________is the _______________ of _________________ 16. ________________is the _______________ of _________________ 17. ________________is the _______________ of _________________ 18. ________________is the _______________ of _________________ 19. ________________is the _______________ of _________________ 20. ________________is the _______________ of _________________ READING COMPREHENSION British food best in the worldA British restaurant that serves bacon and egg ice cream has been voted the best place in theworld to eat in Restaurant magazine’s list of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. The Fat Duckrestaurant, which was runner-up last year, claimed the coveted top spot. Owner and head chefHeston Blumenthal opened his restaurant ten years ago and soon developed a reputation forhighly experimental and unorthodox dishes. The menu includes leather, oak and tobaccochocolates, sardine on toast sorbet, snail porridge, and mousse dipped in liquid nitrogen. He isself-taught and has pioneered the art of “molecular gastronomy” - experiments with chemistry,physics, food and flavour that result in unique and unusual taste combinations. Nearly 600international restaurant owners, chefs and journalists participated in the poll to rank the bestrestaurants worldwide. A further thirteen British restaurants made it onto the elite eateries list,four in the top ten. This gives the home of fish and chips an unusual reputation as a culinaryparadise. Britain is infamous for its bland and uninspiring food, which is scoffed at by the moresophisticated palates of its French neighbours. However, it seems the tide is turning: France hadonly eight restaurants in the top fifty and London was named in March by Gourmet magazine asthe Gourmet Capital of the World. Ella Johnston, editor of Restaurant magazine, said Britishpeople are now “becoming more adventurous eaters”.
  10. 10. Answer the following questions using your own words.1. Did Blumenthal go to a cooking school in the past? ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________2. How does Blumenthal get these original tastes? ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________3. Who is Ella Johnston and what did she say? ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________4. What is the name of the restaurant and what can you eat there? ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________