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"Olympic Values Legacy" Program aims to bring the Olympic Values in the Sporting Society in favor of the young athletes.

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  1. 1. “Olympic Values Legacy” Program International Olympic Academy & NPO “Synthesis”
  2. 2. Olympic Values Legacy ISSUES IN SPORTSDoping Powered by NPO “Synthesis”
  3. 3. Olympic Values Legacy ISSUES IN SPORTSViolence Powered by NPO “Synthesis”
  4. 4. Olympic Values Legacy ISSUES IN SPORTSLoss of interest for sports Powered by NPO “Synthesis”
  5. 5. Olympic Values Legacy ISSUES IN SPORTS no fun in sportsEarly drop out Powered by NPO “Synthesis”
  6. 6. Olympic Values Legacy INTERNATIONAL DEBATEInternational Olympic CommitteeInternational FederationsNational FederationsContinental Sports AuthoritiesResponsible Authorities e.g. WADANational Ministries of Sports Powered by NPO “Synthesis”
  7. 7. Olympic Values Legacy YOUTH OLYMPIC GAMESQuestions & DiscussionsConfusion of the IFs & NFsSuccess Stories of youthA great opportunity for changesOlympic Values Legacy Powered by NPO “Synthesis”
  8. 8. Olympic Values Legacy “OLYMPIC VALUES LEGACY” ProjectAim: To bring the Olympic Values in young Athletes’ lives.Objectives:• To promote the Youth Olympic Games and its aims to young athletes• To promote the Olympic Values within the World’s Sporting Environment• To create an Olympic Values Education System in Sports Baron Pierre de Coubertin Powered by NPO “Synthesis”
  9. 9. Olympic Values LegacyOLYMPIC VALUES LEGACY Opportunity Ways to achieve the Objectives • to identify activities within the sports movement, from around the world, related to the promotion of the Olympic Values and promote them • To achieve cooperation between IOA and the IFs in order to create educational projects for their young athletes • To educate the IFs responsible trainers and educators on how to implement the projects Powered by NPO “Synthesis”
  10. 10. Olympic Values LegacyOLYMPIC VALUES LEGACY Opportunity Ways to achieve the Objectives • To support the NOAs implement the projects in their countries • Organization of an annual “Olympic Values Legacy” Convention as the communication platform of the major international sporting authorities on that subject. Powered by NPO “Synthesis”
  11. 11. Olympic Values LegacyOLYMPIC VALUES LEGACY Implementation Ways & Practices • Keep records of all the projects related to Olympic Values around the world from Sports Clubs, National and International Federations or other sports organizations • Promotion of these existing projects through the NOAs’ and IOA’s networks and their communication tools • Help projects develop their implementation process Powered by NPO “Synthesis”
  12. 12. Olympic Values LegacyOLYMPIC VALUES LEGACY Implementation Ways & Practices • Creation of an Olympic Values App with basic principles for the IFs Youth Sports-Programs • Coloration of the App with the IFs Youth Sports Programs • Deliverance of the new-improved Youth Sports Projects to the NFs and NOAs • Creation of a control mechanism for the evaluation of the progress and the reorganization of the process Powered by NPO “Synthesis”
  13. 13. Olympic Values LegacyOLYMPIC VALUES LEGACY Benefits• Support and empowerment of the YOG idea• Increase the Youth involvement in sports• Selection of new ideas and inspiration from Youths• Creation of a trusted environment between parents & sports• Important role of the NOAs in the development of the young athletes future generations Powered by NPO “Synthesis”
  14. 14. Olympic Values LegacyOLYMPIC VALUES LEGACY projectThe role of the NOAs• Control of the project in their respected countries as the leading authorities for Olympic Values Education• Cooperate with the NFs and other organizations and institutes for the deliverance and the evaluation of the project• Measure the impacts and present the legacy of the project• Participate with new and improved ideas and methods in the annual “Olympic Values Legacy” Convention Powered by NPO “Synthesis”
  15. 15. Olympic Values Legacy One step furtherfor the benefit of the next generations
  16. 16. “Olympic Values Legacy” Program Special thanks to Mr. Isidoros KOUVELOS Mr. Dionysios GANGAS Mr. Konstantinos GEORGIADIS for the opportunity to share this idea
  17. 17. Olympic Values Legacy NPO “Synthesis” Tel : 211 4056 863Mob : 6947 524 222 @: olympicvalueslegacy@gmail.comURL : www.ioa.org.gr Thank you