The real life of the cowboy


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The real life of the cowboy

  1. 1. More at The Real Life of the CowboyThis article may not be associated with game cheat, but I was intrigued once to pick it up.This is about cowboy.If I ask you, what do you think when hearing the games like Sunset Riders, Gun, Call ofJuarez and Red Dead Redemption? Maybe most of us would answer the same thing, thatis Cowboy! It is inevitable that the Cowboys figure is often raised in the video games.Either as pratagonis or antagonist. Who are they?Cowboy is actually a term for a herdsman on ranch in North America. But the actualorigin of the Cowboys first appeared in Spain. Where at the beginning of the 16thcentury, they brought their traditions to New Spain - or what we now know with Mexico.In the early 1600s the Spanish culture began to be followed by Mexico communities, andshortly thereafter followed by American society.Cowboy own words appeared in English the first time in 1725. This word seems to be atranslation from Spanyol "Vaquero", which means one who graze cattle on horseback.American Cowboy is also often called the "Buckaroo" - commonly used in Californiaand the surrounding area, "Cowhand" and "Cowpoke". While in Texas and surroundingcommunities are often called Cowboy as "Cowpuncher".Of course to become a Cowboy is not enough just to use the leather pants, cowboy hatsand boots. A person who can be recognized as a Cowboy, of course must possess courageas well as specialized skills that is characteristic of a Cowboy, such as horseback riding,tie rope, herd cattle, shoot and other things.The emergence of the American Cowboy in itself was started in late 1860. After the endof civil war in that country and the ever expanding livestock industry, the former soldiersfrom both sides began in droves to find work, including some African-American sare alsointerested to become a Cowboy. But the majority of the time was Cowboy Mexicans andAmerican Indians who inhabited the place.In those days, many Indian tribes who worked on many ranches that exist to care forlivestock. Especially after 1890, when the American government to assimilate to theIndian people, therefore it is not surprising to see many Indian tribes that becameCowboy moment. Even many Indians who worked on Cowboy rodeo circuit.Rodeo itself seems inseparable from the history of the Cowboy. It actually started whenthe Cowboys each pitting their skills as well as boasting the ability to handle theirlivestock. They also bet each other when doing so. Finally, "The Wild West Show" chosethe Cowboys are then used as entertainment. Although the show is finally dissolved, untilnow Rodeo still often used as an entertaining spectacle.Although many games and films nowadays often picked up the story about the classicbattle between the Cowboys against the wild Indians, in fact it is not always the case.
  2. 2. More at http://www.gamecheatsx.comCowboy at that timenot only specific to the Indians, but to all people (including wildanimals) who attack their herd. In fact, the Indians are more often in conflict with theU.S. Army that was in place.In the late 1800s, the territory of Oklahoma and Indian increasinglyvisited by variousparties, including criminals and bandits. This is because among other law enforcement inthe area is not sufficiently clear at first, coupled with the region that has many reefs andcavesthat can be used as a hideout for bandits are strategic. Althoughactually the bandit isnot a Cowboy, but rather tept called Outlaw.The bandit in Oklahoma operated by robbing banks and trains up to steal horses andcattle. Some of these are very dangerousbandits and became a legend to this day, as wellas the Marshaland other law enforcement officials are always chasing them. AsBillDoolin, one of the bandits are quite famous at that time. Hemanaged to escape andforcing a Marshall named Heck Ghomasto hunt up to three years. But Thomas finallymanaged to catch and finish.Speaking of the Cowboys, is not complete without talking about Henry McCarty, alsoknown by the name of William H. Bonney aka Billy the Kid. Legend has it that he haskilled more than 20 whites, Indians and also Mexico. But in fact only 4 pieces provedsuccessful assassination and charged him. Many people assume that the rumors abouthim have killed more than 20 people are intentionally propagated by the political interestsat the time.One of the things that are known up to now is how Billy the Kid must die at the hands ofa named Sheriff Pat Garrett, who are widely considered as one of his best friend of BillyThe Kid, before she decided to become a sheriff and his own companions hunt then headvalued at up to $ 500. Despite evidence that they had been good friends until now stillbeing debated.Clarity about how Pat Garrett had killed Billy The Kid also has not been established untilnow. Rumor has it that on July 14, 1881, Sheriff Garet and two of his men spent the nightat home Maxell Pedro who was one close to The Kid. And before midnight, a suddenBilly the Kid entered in the same room occupied by Pat Garrett. From here there are 2pieces of different versions.The first version says that when Billy the Kid entered the room, he can not recognize PatGarret because the lights are dim. He was then away, pulling out his gun and asked inSpanish "Quién es? Quién es?" which means "Who is it". Garret who recognize the voiceof the later issued a pistol and shot him twice. The first shots of Billy the Kids head thateventually killed him.While the second version menyembutkan that at that time Billy the Kid was actuallytoward the kitchen carrying a knife, and saw there was someone in the dark. He laterasked the same question. And then ambushed by Sheriff Pat Garrett. Many historiansassume that the second version is correct.
  3. 3. More at http://www.gamecheatsx.comBut there are also other versions in circulation, in which Pat Garrett holding the sister ofPedro, that Paulita Maxell, which is likely to be married by Billy the Kid. Pat Garret andtie holding Paulita in bed and then waited for the arrival of his enemies. When Billyentered the room, Pat Garrett who hide behind the bed Paulita suddenly came out andshot Billy the Kid.Indeed, history is often recorded on the stories of the Cowboy, but that does not mean itis only dominated by men. Many women are also well known as a Cowgirl. Especiallyafter "Wild West Show," gives a performance that shows the action of the Cowgirl. In theshow they showed their captivating action and opened the eyes of many who doubted thatthey were no less agile with the Cowboys. Some are known Cowgirl Annie Oakley andMay Lillie. Not only that until today there are many models that follow the style of theCowgirl.At the Cowboy culture is probably no longer too followed. But that does not mean wecan no longer see the exciting action of the Cowboy and Cowgirl, because until now thereare many game developers are very keen to lift their stories into a game. One of them, ofcourse the game Red Dead Redmption planned to be released this year.Ok, now your turn to comment about The Real Life of the Cowboy......