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job interview questions to ask


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Tips and tricks for job interviews - Succeed NOW at

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job interview questions to ask

  1. 1. ==== ===="Learn Word for Word EXACTLY What You Need To Say To Get Hired! ..." JOB INTERVIEWcoming up? ... Do you want to come off as "poised" and professional? Check out my website formore information ====You did it! You followed all the job interview tips you know and impressed that manager jobinterviewer the first time around and so now youre invited for a second round of talks. Now what?You read everything you could about job interviews (e.g., resume writing tips, business etiquetteduring a job interview, etc.) but now you feel that you need a different type of job interview tip.What do you do during second job interviews?Second Job Interview Tips to Land You that Job OfferFor the first job interview for that manager job, you spared nothing concerning your job resume.You may have even hired a professional resume writer just to ensure that you present yourself asa perfect fit to the companys manager job description.You invested in your appearance too. You aligned your wardrobe to fit your career plans andeveninvested in an at-home tooth whitening system to improve the appearance of your smile (importantfor first impressions!).But now that youve been called for a second job interview, the panic sets in again. Relax, youmust have done something right the first time so just focus on these job interview tips we have foryou and youll be fine.Second Job Interview Tip No. 1 - Get into the mindset of your employer.Keep in mind that you wouldnt have been called for a second interview if you are not a seriouscontender for that manager job. So get your nerves under control! Think about it; a managerialposition entails for you to lead your staff in an authoritative and calm manner. If youre nervousand it shows, it goes against the qualities they are looking for, for such a position.Instead, make a list and focus on all your positive qualities. This way, you are primed on all thefactors that argue the fact that YOU are the perfect one for the job. Heres another secondinterview tip to help you relax, dont engage in anything stressful the day before the interview suchas tackling your garden all of a sudden or going on a day trip with your kids. Also, dont set anyappointments on the same day of your second job interview (more on this in free job interview tipno. 2).Second Job Interview Tip No. 2 - Ask for a schedule of events.Most people forget that a second job interview has a big potential of being... an all-day event.Remember the advice to NOT schedule any other appointments on this day? Well this is thereason why. Imagine that you set up a lunch appointment with your spouse or promised to pick up
  2. 2. the kids at school, or said yes to a business dinner appointment with someone else; wouldnt yoube stressed out by the thought that you cant make that appointment because you have to stayand finish your second job interview? This stress will show during your job interview!And if you feel that you MUST end the interview because of a commitment you cant back out of,consider the consequences. Your potential employer might think youre not serious about gettingthe job on hand.Second Job Interview Tip No. 3 - Prepare yourself for a - yikes! - panel interview.It is not uncommon to find yourself in the middle of a group during a second interview. Often, thisgroup will be composed of higher management (people above you), staff members (people belowyou) and maybe even an executive or two. Panel interviews can be daunting but not if youprepare! One very important job interview tip for you here is this: dont contradict yourself.Panel interviewers have that uncanny ability to somehow interpret what you say a tad differently ormake you feel that you gave the wrong answer. Dont be led (at least not easily) intobacktracking what you say or strongly defending your reply. This is really a two-pronged issue:backtrack easily and you are perceived weak; defend yourself too much and you are inflexible.So how do you deal with this? Be truthful to yourself and dont always give replies that you think iswhat the interviewer wants to hear. This way, you wont be at a loss when asked why you gavesuch a reply.A second job interview means "youre almost there" so we hope these valuable job interview tipshelp you land that manager job. Dont forget... preparation is vital to achieve whatever it is youaspire.Belinda Sinclair empowers men and women to increase their Wow Factor through personaldevelopment and image makeovers. Visit for amazinglyaffordable professional tooth whitening systems.Article Source: ===="Learn Word for Word EXACTLY What You Need To Say To Get Hired! ..." JOB INTERVIEW
  3. 3. coming up? ... Do you want to come off as "poised" and professional? Check out my website formore information ====