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job interview question

  1. 1. ==== ===="Learn Word for Word EXACTLY What You Need To Say To Get Hired! ..." JOB INTERVIEWcoming up? ... Do you want to come off as "poised" and professional? Check out my website formore information ====Accounting Job Interview is the way by which an accounting company finds its right candidate foraccounting operations. Like any other interview, accounting job interview comprises of a set ofquestions - both technical and general - that is meant to assess the candidate on his skills andabilities to see if he/she suits the job better. Yes, an accounting job interview can be a stressfulordeal for a new candidate facing it. But remember, every accounting job interview is a two waydeal where the company is evaluating the candidate and him/her in turn analyzing the company tosee if it is the right place to work. Before delving into the details of accounting job interviewquestions, a few words on the general attitude a candidate should be showing all through theordeal.In the accounting job interview, respond to the needs and of both you and the interviewer. Not oneor the other!In an accounting job interview, listen to the interviewer closely.Retain your poise throughout the accounting job interview.In an accounting job interview process, there is a complete diversity of objectives - a person isthere to get a job and the accounting job interview panel is scrutinizing each person to see ifhe/she is the right fit available. So, in such a scenario, the candidate should ideally market hisholdings successfully across to the accounting job interview persons in order to gather theirattention. And it should not stop with just presenting your resume with all your skills andqualifications, but should extend to describe how it is directly related to the company and the jobsspecific needs. Let us see some more words of wisdom.In any accounting job interview, the candidate should be punctual to and properly dressed.Should show good attitude and must be brief but thorough in the presentation style.Must be enthusiastic meanwhile maintaining the control throughout.Accounting job interview questions can be of any sort as asked generally in any interview plus thetechnical ones. It may start with an introduce yourself and gradually climbs up to unveil thecandidates personality, attitude and skills to see if the person suits for the profile.The possible accounting job interview questions can be:
  2. 2. What are your salary expectations?Why do you want to leave the previous job and how you got along with your boss and colleagues?The first accounting job interview question can be answered as in search of a better job or cansite career ambitions. The second one is to prod you to get your general attitude towards yourcoworkers. Remember, bad mouthing your boss doesnt set well with the expectations ofaccounting job interview panel.How you are different from others or why we should hire you? You can answer that by sightinginstances where you did a job differently and emerged in flying colors. If you could answer thesecond one with calm and compose, then you are half way through.How many hours do you need to do a job or how long do you take to make a decision? The firstaccounting job interview is to get an idea about the work ethics you believe in and follow and tosee if you are willing to put in long hours to finish a job at hand. It is also an indicator of how wellhe fit into with other workers. If the person works till 7 PM in a company where others leave at 5PM and vice versa results in conflicting work ethics and such occurrence can have a negativeeffect on all the employees and the work as a whole.For an accounting job interviewer, there cannot be a dearth for questions. But how well acandidate listens, responds and presents himself in an accounting job interview is all what matterswhen it comes to his/her selection or rejection. It is all about acting smart but rationally!Sonali Sen for Read more about Interviews Copyright 2005http://www.creativeinterview.comArticle Source: ===="Learn Word for Word EXACTLY What You Need To Say To Get Hired! ..." JOB INTERVIEWcoming up? ... Do you want to come off as "poised" and professional? Check out my website formore information
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