ERS 5000 Seriescapabilities have beenenhanced with over 35new features as part ofthe v6.3 feature release.                ...
High performance architecture              In-service maintenance andwith true pay-as-you-grow scaling          restoratio...
High-performance data center                suited to small core applications.                                            ...
Sophisticated QoS capabilities                            ERS 3500 or 4000 Series edge switches                           ...
network bandwidth without incurring        The ERS 5500 models support              When advanced, policy-based andadditio...
For example, based on her network             Secure, Simplified                       The ERS 5000 provides a number ofcr...
•	Command Line Interface (CLI). A              which can minimize events and               This includes the shipped softw...
Power Supplies for ERS 5600 Models                            AL1905?01-E5             1000W AC power supply for use in th...
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Ers 5000 fact sheet


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Ers 5000 fact sheet

  1. 1. ERS 5000 Seriescapabilities have beenenhanced with over 35new features as part ofthe v6.3 feature release. Avaya Ethernet RoutingKey features include:• Introducing VRF-Lite*, Switch 5000 Series allowing a single Premium Stackable Chassis system switch to support multiple virtualized providing the resiliency, security routers – ideal for and convergence-readiness multi-tenant applications required for today’s high-end wiring closets, high-capacity data• New Layer 3 multicast and routing support, centers and network core including PIM-SSM* environments. multicast and Internal Border Gateway The Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 5000 ERS 5600 stackable chassis system Protocol* (IBGP) Series is a high-performance stackable capabilities, especially chassis delivering highly available 10/100/1000 Ethernet connectivity for suited for core delay-sensitive and business-critical data and voice applications. The switching deployments first switch to break the Terabit stacking performance boundary, the ERS 5000 can be deployed as a cost-effective data center top-of-rack or• Improved set-up for network core switch. Its high-performance and high-density also make it Avaya IP Phone ideal for the most demanding converged wiring closet environments. handsets via 802.1AB (LLDP) – also integrated with the Highlights Intelligent Stackable Chassis ERS 5000 Avaya Energy Saver for • Best-in-class end-to-end resiliency, with solution delivering maximum IP Phone switch clustering and hot-swappable performance, scalability, unit replacement within a Stack Chassis power savings resilience and flexibility • Comprehensive Layer 3 routing and No one knows stacking like Avaya. We• New operational and multicast features enable traffic administrative introduced our first Stackable Chassis segregation ideal for data center and product in 1998 and have been perfecting features, including network core applications SLPP-Guard for loop- the technology ever since. We also were detection & • High-performance pay-as-you-grow the first to break the Terabit boundary prevention, Circuitless Stack Chassis capacity with up to 400 with the ERS 5600 Series products. We IP (CLIP) for more ports and over 1 Terabit per second of differentiate ourselves by ensuring that flexible IP address virtual backplane throughput our Stackable Chassis performs like a assignment and new modular chassis implementation. Our • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) with true products offer genuine chassis-like SNMP/SSH features plug and play and advanced QoS for IP for enhanced features including true pay-as-you-grow Phone deployments scaling and in service maintenance and management • 10 model variants with flexible mix-and- restoration. From a management• Extended RADIUS and match “hybrid” stacking across the ERS perspective, our Stackable Chassis looks 802.1X features for 5000 family like a single network entity – utilizing only improved security, a single IP address to dramatically simplify • Secure, standard-based 802.1X with network upgrades. We also offer true troubleshooting and integration to Avaya’s Identity Engines investment protection with the ability to accounting portfolio for centralized, policy-based mix-and-match any ERS 5000 model authenticated network access. within the Stackable Chassis system.* Supported only on ERS 5600 Series switches | 1
  2. 2. High performance architecture In-service maintenance andwith true pay-as-you-grow scaling restorationOur Stackable Chassis products Virtual hot swap capabilities ensurecombine non-blocking internal that a failure in any unit of theswitching fabrics with a high-speed Stackable Chassis is quickly andvirtual backplane architecture to easily rectified. Pioneered in modulardeliver a high performance solution switches, virtual hot swap is availablethat scales proportionally as new in Avaya’s Stackable Chassis solutionsswitches are added. The ERS 5500 enabling immediate like-for-like unitdelivers up to 640 Gbps and the ERS replacement with no impact on5600 up to 1.152 Tbps of virtual existing traffic or any units. If a failurebackplane throughput by simply occurs, neighboring switches ERS 5600 Stacking Cable Inteconnectioncabling together up to 8 units. automatically wrap their fabricAdding a new unit to the Stack connections to help ensure that otherChassis is as easy as cabling in a new switches within the Stackable Chassis further enhances operational andmember then extending the are not impacted. The failed unit is management simplicity.appropriate configuration. The simply disconnected from the virtualnecessary software images and the backplane and, without pre-staging All Ethernet Routing Switch 5000configuration file are automatically of software or configuration, a like- models use the same software image,downloaded to the new unit and then for-like unit is inserted, cabled, and irrespective of model type. The imagebrought on-line without any user powered-up. The Automatic Unit needs to be loaded only to the baseintervention. Replacement (AUR) process self- unit of the Stackable Chassis which manages software and configuration automatically loads it to otherTo ensure wire-speed performance, downloads to the new switch then switches.our Stackable Chassis architecture is brings it online, without the need forbased on a shortest-path algorithm an engineer to configure or manage Flexible stacking optionsfor optimal data flow across the the process. It is possible to mix and match anystack. Unlike competitive solutions member of the ERS 5000 Series intothat use unwieldy logical ring or Switch Clustering for Always-on a single Stackable Chassis. This allowstoken technology, Avaya allows traffic Resiliency customers to create the best mix ofto flow upstream and downstream Further complementing the Stackable ports based on their specificsimultaneously from every switch Chassis architecture, the Avaya ERS requirements. The ERS 5000 Seriesconnected to the virtual backplane, 5000 Series supports standards- can scale up to 8 units and 400 ports.optimizing performance, resiliency, based 802.3ad Link Aggregation, as ERS 5500 models feature a stackingand resource utilization. Avaya has an well as its own Switch Multi-Link capacity of 80 Gbps per switch andadditional advantage in that we Trunking technology that allows up to 640 Gbps for a full stack. ERShonor Quality-of-Service settings as grouping of ports to form high-speed 5600 models offer an enhancedtraffic passes over the stacking trunks/aggregations. These bundles stacking capacity of 144 Gbps perconnections – optimizing or groups of ports can be distributed switch and 1.152 Terabits of virtualperformance, and providing a across different units in the same backplane bandwidth. When an ERSpositive end user experience. Stackable Chassis and traffic can be 5600 is connected to an adjacentAll ERS 5000 models come with two load balanced across ports. Sub- ERS 5500 in the stack, itin-built Stackable Chassis interfaces second failover across these ports automatically adjusts to the ERSfor simple, cost-effective and efficient further enhances the overall resiliency 5500’s stacking bandwidth of 80connectivity. Unlike comparative of the stack solution. Gbps. This allows mix and match portofferings which daisy chain low- configuration based on operationalspeed interfaces, this design frees Centralized management needs, while preserving ERS 5500uplink ports for dedicated From a management perspective, our investments.connectivity to the backbone. In Stackable Chassis appears as a singleaddition to the stacking cables, a networking entity – utilizing only a single IP Address. This can Ethernet Routing Switchreturn cable is also used to protectagainst any port, unit or cable significantly reduce the number of 5000 deploymentfailures. switches to be managed within the scenarios network as a stack of up to 8 switches The ERS 5000 Series is a flexible can be managed just as easily as a solution that can be deployed in a single switch. Distributed real-time variety of enterprise environments. monitoring of the Stackable Chassis These include: also provides an at-a-glance view of operational status and health which2 |
  3. 3. High-performance data center suited to small core applications. Coupled with dynamic routing Avaya’s Innovative,edgeThe high-performance, low-latency protocol support (RIP/ OSPF) – and Resilient Stackable field-replaceable, redundant power inand high-availability requirements of the 5600 models — the ERS 5000 Chassis technology:the modern data center make the ERS series can provide low-cost, resilient5000 Series perfect for server access True pay-as-you-grow small core a top-of-rack solution. By utilizing scaling: Extending capacity isAvaya’s innovative ‘horizontal The ERS 5000 Series can also act as easy. Simply cable a new unitstacking’ capability – a switch at the a Switch Cluster supporting other into the virtual backplane andtop of each server rack, stacked ERS 3500, 4000 or third-party the configuration is‘horizontally’ – the ERS 5000 series access switches (see Figure 2) usingcan support cost-effective, high- automatically updated. Avaya’s Switch Clustering technologydensity server connections. Up to (SMLT). ERS 5000s in this Scalable performance: The400 Gigabit ports and multiple configuration can provide up to 80010GbE uplinks per stack can be high performance design of ports and over 2.3 Terabits of always-deployed in this manner Avaya’s Switches along with on performance – while enabling full(see Figure 1). use of all switches and links across their high-speed interfaces the network. (up to 1.152 terabits) helpAvaya’s Switch Clustering technology ensure that the Stackablecan further enhance overall resiliency A comprehensive suite of Layer 3 Chassis scales proportionallythrough addition of a second Routing protocols helps ensure thathorizontally-stacked ‘Top-of-Rack’ as each new unit is added. the ERS 5000 Series can be a trulyseries of switches. Connected servers effective core switch for the smaller Switch Clustering: Based oncan then be ‘dual-homed’ to separate network. IPv4 is supported along withstacks of ERS 5000 Switches, which Avaya’s unique Switch Multi- IPv6 Static Routes, Auto-Addressin turn appear as a single, logical Link Trunking (SMLT) Assignment, and IPv4/ IPv6switch to the rest of the network. This Tunneling. Multicast support includes technology, switch clusteringenables active-active connections, PIM-SM/SSM capabilities across the enables load balancing andload-balancing and sub-second stack, along with full IGMPv3 support. sub-second failover tofailover across the stacks. These enhance the overall resiliencyfeatures make the ERS 5000 series a High-density wiring closet of the stack solution.truly cost-effective data center With its non-blocking design, high-solution that combines always-on Optimal path forwarding: density GbE and integrated 10GbEresiliency with high-performance The shortest, most optimal port options, the Ethernet Routingconnectivity. Switch 5000 Series is perfectly suited path is chosen for each flow as a high-performance, highly of traffic with QoS beingHighly scalable small core available connectivity solution in the maintained across the virtualThe ERS 5000 Series can also serve wiring closet. Up to eight ERS 5000as a high-performing, feature-rich backplane. Switches can be combined into asmall Core solution. With high- single stack with each ERS 5600 unitdensity 10GbE and SFP ports (up to No single point-of-failure: providing two 10GbE XFP ports for64 10GbE and 192 SFP ports per Stackable Chassis operations high-capacity uplinks to the core orstack), the ERS 5530-24TFD and are unaffected by the failure aggregation layers of the network.5632FD models are particularly well- ERS 5698 models provide even of any individual unit and units can easily be replaced within minutes. ERS 5000s configured Creates a virtual backplane across Centralized management:as Top-of-Rack switches in a Horizontal Stack multiple server Single IP address for the racks entire Stackable Chassis for simplified management. Flexible stacking options: Mix-and-match any member of the ERS 5000 Series into a single Stackable Chassis. Racked Servers Figure 1: ERS 5000 as a Horizontal Stacking / Top-of-Rack Solution | 3
  4. 4. Sophisticated QoS capabilities ERS 3500 or 4000 Series edge switches The ERS 5000 Series delivers unsurpassed control for networks supporting a wide range of different application types. The ERS 5000 classifies, prioritizes and marks LAN IP traffic using up to eight hardware Trunks connecting edge queues (2 strict priority and 6 switches to ERS 5000 weighted round robin) on every port – switch cluster including our Stackable Chassis ports. Classification can be done based on ERS 5000 Switch Cluster MAC address, IP ToS/DSCP marking, IP source /destination address or subnets, TCP/UDP source/destination port/port range, IEEE 802.1p user priority bits, ingress source port, IP Trunks between ERS 5000 switch stacks Protocol ID (e.g., TCP, UDP, IGMP), EtherType (e.g., IP, IPX) or the IEEE Figure 2: ERS 5000 as a Small Core Solution for edge switches 802.1Q VLAN ID. Comprehensive traffic policing and traffic shaping aregreater cost, space and energy Plug and play for IP phones also supported.efficiency with 96 x Gigabit-to-the- One of the key benefits of ERS 5000Desktop ports per unit with theflexibility of up to 6 SFP ports per Series is plug and play support for IP Always-on Networking phones enabled through aswitch for long-reach fiber optic In the era of 24x7 business operation, combination of IEEE 802.1ab Linkconnections. With Power-over- providing always-on access to Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) andEthernet (PoE) across all its ports, the applications is of the utmost Avaya’s Auto Discovery and AutoERS 5000 Series is an effective and importance. A pioneer in this area, Configuration (ADAC) capability.flexible wiring closet/edge solution in Avaya provides cost-effective, With these features enabled, the ERSsupport of desktop and powered resilient campus solutions for any size 5000 can automatically provision enddevices. enterprise - from very large to very devices such as IP Phones for small. simplified deployments and moves. The ERS 5000 dynamically appliesConvergence Ready for Multi-link and Distributed Trunking the correct VLAN and QoS to bothUnified Communications, the IP phone and the attached edge The ERS 5000 Series supportsVideo and more port. When the phone is moved to 802.3ad Link Aggregation Groups as well as its own Multi-Link andFor businesses looking to consolidate another location, the configuration is Distributed Multi-Link Trunkingall forms of communication – voice, automatically updated. In addition, implementations. Groups of linksvideo and data – on a single QoS is automatically provisioned on between the ERS 5000 and anotherinfrastructure, the Avaya ERS 5000 the ERS 5000 uplink so that voice is device can be aggregated to enhanceSeries delivers functionality that given top priority from the wiring bandwidth and resiliency throughsimplifies convergence of these closet to the network core. These active redundant links. Additionally,technologies. features save network operators time trunked ports can span multiple units and can dramatically reduce the of a Stack Chassis enabling fail-safePower-over-Ethernet likelihood of a provisioning error connectivity to mission-criticalThrough support of the IEEE 802.3af during a large IP phone deployment. servers and the network core.PoE standard, ERS 5000 Series PoE The ERS 5000 also learns themodels are able to power IP phones, 802.3ad Link Aggregation Groups identification, configuration, andwireless access points, networked can be further combined with Switch capabilities of neighboring deviceshigh-definition CCTV cameras and Clustering (leveraging Avaya’s Split and provides these details to theother devices. This eliminates the Multi-Link Trunking technology) to network management system. Thisneed for separate power supplies for create a self-healing network that enables the system to have the mosteach unit, reducing cabling and maximizes reliability and availability. up-to-date physical view of themanagement costs for adds, moves Because all ports remain active, network so that communicationand changes. multiple connections to the network configuration mismatches are core enable customers to double their detected and corrected quickly.4 |
  5. 5. network bandwidth without incurring The ERS 5500 models support When advanced, policy-based andadditional cost. redundant power via Avaya’s centralized user/device Redundant Power Supply 15 (RPS authentication is required, the AvayaVirtual Router Redundancy 15). The RPS 15 chassis requires ERS 5000 can be used inProtocol additional rack space, but can conjunction with the innovativeThe ERS 5000 Series supports the support up to three 600 watt power Avaya Identity Engines portfolioVirtual Router Redundancy protocol. supply modules and provide solution. This easy-to-deploy,This feature enables automatic redundant power to multiple ERS policy-based solution assignsassignment of available IP routers to 5500 units. network access rights andparticipating hosts which increases the permissions based on user role,availability and reliability of routing where the user connects (local or Security to Safeguard remote) and how the user connectspaths via automatic default gatewayselections on an IP sub network. the Network (wired or wireless). In this way, each Protecting the network against both connected device and user areDetection of link failures and loops external and increasingly prevalent known and governed by device- internal attacks is a critical part of specific security policies.The ERS 5000 Series supports anumber of features that help detect and every IT manager’s job. The abilityprevent link failures and loops. Avaya’s to do this requires simple-to-Virtual Link Aggregation Control manage, yet intelligent context- Avaya Energy SaverProtocol (VLACP) detects end-to-end aware security solutions that not only look at the identity of the The Avaya Energy Saver solutionfailures by propagating link statusbetween ports that are logically person logging in, but also at the aligns the consumption ofconnected point-to-point across an device connecting into the network. energy to the use of devices andintermediate network. This network access control building occupancy. It manages approach helps to ensure that only the power that devices consume,For loop detection, the ERS 5000 authorized individuals and properly “dimming” consumption duringsupports Simple Loop Prevention scanned/secured devices areProtocol (SLLP) Guard. This feature allowed to join the network. off-peak periods - much like aextends Avaya’s loop prevention lighting control system - evenmechanism of SLPP to the edge of the Authenticated Network Access turning off low-priority devicesnetwork for improved network The ERS 5000 offers a range of that are not needed after-hours.resiliency. SLPP-guard operates in security options to help ensure that The energy usage profile of theconjunction with SLPP in the network only authorized personnel gain typical enterprise indicates thatcore or distribution layer and is access to the LAN. Through IEEEdesigned to detect unusual loop there is great potential to deliver 802.1x-based EAP client or devicescenarios which are not detected by MAC Address, network additional incremental energyother methods such as Spanning Tree. administrators control efficiency - up to 20% more - bySLPP-guard immediately detects loops authentication and authorization for intelligently pruning off-peakand disables affected ports according access to network resources. power consumption, all withoutto the configured timer. All SLPP-guard the need for any hardwareactions are logged via Syslog and The ERS 5000 can supportSNMP traps so that the cause of the authentication of multiple devices/ change or investment overhead.loop can be diagnosed accurately. users on a single port. For example, if a user’s PC connects into the Avaya offers a complete solutionRedundant power support network via an IP phone, the PC and of energy-efficient equipmentThe ERS 5600 models support the IP phone can be independently with the tools needed to alignintegrated AC or DC power supplies for authenticated on the same port. energy consumption of theimproved redundancy and uptime. ERS And, if your company has visiting network with its genuine usage5632FD and 5650TD models support users, guest VLAN support allows requirements. By combiningtwo and ERS 5698TFD models support non-authenticated users to use the network with access to predefined efficiencies embedded into thethree integrated, field-replaceablesupplies. This power supply design not guest resources only, such as ERS 5000 Series products withonly offers N+1 power redundancy and/ Internet access. The ERS 5000 intelligent management of theor supplementary PoE power, it also network via Energy Saver, Avaya Series also allows configuration ofsaves valuable rack space and reduces achieves some of the highest different servers to handle differentsystem, servicing and sparing costs. levels of energy-efficiency RADIUS/ 802.1x functions. possible. | 5
  6. 6. For example, based on her network Secure, Simplified The ERS 5000 provides a number ofcredentials, an employee using a additional advanced managementcorporate owned device will be Management tools and features, including:granted full corporate access The ERS 5000 Series supports Securehowever, while using a non- Shell (SSHv2) for strong • IPv6 management. The ERS 5000corporate-owned device, she will be authentication and encrypted Series supports either IPv4 or IPv6-granted limited access. communication. SSL is further based management. Simply select supported on our web-based whether the switch/stack should bePreventing Directed Attacks Enterprise Device Manager (EDM). managed via IPv4 or IPv6, enter the SNMPv3 also provides user switch/stack IP address in the rightThrough advanced security services, authentication and data encryption format, and the appropriatethe ERS 5000 Series actively protects for secure configuration and management paradigm becomesagainst malicious network attacks monitoring while IP Manager List operational.including protection from snooping ofDHCP services, verification and limits access to ERS 5000 • Many-to-many port mirroring. Thisfiltering of ARP traffic via in-hardware management features via a list of IP feature provides the ability to haveprocessing (Dynamic ARP Addresses or IP ranges/subnets, multiple instances (up to four) ofinspection), restriction of IP traffic to providing greater security and many-to-one port mirroring. Flowsregistered end devices (IP Source manageability. can be captured simultaneously toGuard), and control of Spanning Tree traffic analyzers, call recorders, IDS/ BootP and TFTP support allowBPDU flow within the network (BPDU IPS devices, etc., for enhanced centralized Switch IP addressFiltering). Also supported, MAC control and visibility in complex assignment, software upgrades andSecurity and Static MAC address networks. SNMP agent updates over theassignment have the ability to disable network. RADIUS-based security • GUI and Web-based EnterpriseMAC learning if required. In addition, features also can be used to Device Manager (EDM). Includedthe ERS 5000 supports advanced authenticate local console and with all Avaya Ethernet Routingpacket classification and deep packet TELNET logins. Switches, EDM enables quick, easyfiltering of up to 128 bytes, helping configuration changes to a singleblock unwanted network traffic while device through a pictorial view offorwarding mission-critical traffic that switch using either HTTP orefficiently. HTTPS (Secure Web.) ERS 5520- Features ERS 5698 ERS 5650 ERS 5632 ERS 5530 ERS 5510 PWR 10/100/1000 96 (6 Combo) 48 — 24 (12 Combo) 24 / 48 24 / 48 ports GbE SFP ports 6 Combo — 24 12 Combo 4 2 10Gbps XFP 2 2 8 2 — — ports Power-over- 96 (5698TFD- 48 — — 24 / 48 — Ethernet PWR) (5650TD-PWR) Resilient FAST Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes architecture Stack capacity 1.152Tbps 1.152Tbps 1.152Tbps 640Gbps 640Gbps 640Gbps Number of Switches — — — 1 1 Up to 4 supported by an RPS 15 Module Number of AC or DC Modular Up to 3 Up to 2 Up to 2 — — — Supplies Desktop Desktop Desktop Desktop Connectivity Small Core and Small Core and Connectivity, Typical Connectivity Connectivity and with optional Fiber Server PoE for deployments with optional Server PoE and Server Aggregation Aggregation Convergence PoE Aggregation Aggregation Devices6 |
  7. 7. • Command Line Interface (CLI). A which can minimize events and This includes the shipped software highly intuitive industry aligned reduce network downtime. VPFM version and those updated through interface that eases the transition supports multi-vendor optional support contracts. Avaya from one vendor to another. environments and proactive also offers optional service contracts monitoring, helping to identify for enhanced software functionality• SNMP-based management (SNMP issues before they affect the and extended hardware and technical v1, 2 and 3). Provides an alternative network. support. standards-based management approach and an interface used by • IP Flow Manager (IPFM) – Provides both Avaya’s COM and VPFM insight into network utilization, top Summary Unified Management tools (see applications, peak usage, and traffic The Ethernet Routing Switch 5000 below). patterns to help diagnose problems Series can be a highly effective high- at the network and application levelThe ERS 5000 Series can also be performance solution for wiring through use of standards-basedcentrally managed using Avaya’s closets, data centers and small core IPFIX.Unified Management products, installations with its always-onincluding: resiliency, advanced security and Lifetime warranty Layer 3 features. Deployed along with• Configuration and Orchestration other Avaya products, it can increase Avaya offers industry-leading lifetime Manager (COM) – Provides multi- profitability, streamline business warranty services for our portfolio of element, multi-switch configuration operations, lower costs and help your Stackable Chassis Switches, including via wizards and templates, network business gain a competitive edge. Avaya ERS 5000 Series products. The discovery, device backup, bulk warranty includes complimentary configuration management and next-business-day delivery of auditing, among many other replacement hardware (in cases of Learn more features. hardware failure) for the life of the To learn more about the Ethernet• Virtualization Performance and product, including fans and power Routing Switch 5000 Series, please Fault Manager (VPFM) – Monitors supplies. It also includes contact your Avaya Account Manager and audits network performance, complimentary basic technical or Avaya Authorized Partner. Or, visit provides discovery and inventory, support for the life of the product. us online at and troubleshoots network issues,Ordering Information ERS 5600 Series Models AL1001?11-E5 ERS 5698TFD-PWR with 96 x 10/100/1000Base-T IEEE 802.3af PoE ports, plus 6 x shared 1000Base-T/SFP ports, plus 2 x 10GBase-XFP Uplink ports, and 1000W AC Integrated Power Supply AL1001?12-E5 ERS 5698TFD with 96 x 10/100/1000Base-T ports, plus 6 x shared 1000Base-T/SFP ports, plus 2 x 10GBase- XFP 10 Uplink ports, and 300W AC Integrated Power Supply AL1001?13-E5 ERS 5650TD-PWR with 48 x 10/100/1000Base-T IEEE 802.3af PoE ports, plus 2 x 10GBase-XFP Uplink ports, and 600W AC Integrated Power Supply AL1001?14-E5 ERS 5650TD with 48 x 10/100/1000Base-T ports, plus 2 x 10GBase-XFP Uplink ports, and 600W AC Integrated Power Supply AL1001?15-E5 ERS 5632FD with 24 x 10/100/1000 SFP ports, plus 8 x 10GBase-XFP 10 Uplink ports, and 300W AC Integrated Power SupplyNotes:• Each Switch ships with the Base Software License and a 46 cm Stackable Chassis cable• The seventh character (?) of the order number must be replaced with the proper letter to indicate desired product nationalization ERS 5500 Series Models AL1001?03-E5 ERS 5510-48T with 48 x 10/100/1000Base-T ports, plus 2 x Combo 1000Base-T/SFP Uplink ports AL1001?04-E5 ERS 5510-24T with 24 x 10/100/1000Base-T ports, plus 2 x Combo 1000Base-T/ SFP Uplink ports AL1001?05-E5 ERS 5520-48T-PWR with 48 x 10/100/1000Base-T IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet ports, plus 4 x Combo 1000Base-T/SFP Uplink ports AL1001?06-E5 ERS 5520-24T-PWR with 24 x 10/100/1000Base-T IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet ports, plus 4 x Combo 1000Base-T/SFP Uplink ports AL1001?07-E5 ERS 5530-24TFD with 24 x 10/100/1000BaseT ports, plus 12 x Shared 1000BaseT/SFP ports, plus 2 x 10GBase-XFP Uplink portsNotes:• Each Switch ships with the Base Software License, a 46 cm Stackable Chassis cable and a RPS slot• The seventh character (?) of the order number must be replaced with the proper letter to indicate desired product nationalization | 7
  8. 8. Power Supplies for ERS 5600 Models AL1905?01-E5 1000W AC power supply for use in the ERS 5698TFD-PWR. AL1905?02-E5 600W AC power supply for use in the ERS 5650TD-PWR. AL1905?03-E5 300W AC power supply for use in the ERS 5698TFD, 5650TD, and 5632FD Notes: • The seventh character (?) of the order number must be replaced with the proper letter to indicate desired product nationalization Redundant Power Supplies for the ERS 5500 Models AA0005017-E5 Redundant Power Supply 15 Chassis - Supports up to three RPS 15 Power Supplies AA0005018-E6 Redundant Power Supply 15 - Connecting Cable (1.8m/6ft) for 5520-24T- PWR, 5520-48T-PWR, 5530-24TFD units – (Does not require separate DC-DC converter) AA0005?19-E5 Redundant Power Supply 15 - 600 Watt Power Supply Module up to three can be installed in Chassis AA0005020-E6 Redundant Power Supply 15 - Long Connecting Cable (7.6m/25ft) for up to 4 x 5510-24T, 5510-48T units (Requires separate DC-DC converter for connection switch) AA0005021-E6 Redundant Power Supply 15 - Short Connecting Cable (3m/10ft) for up to 4 x 5510-24T, 5510-48T units. (Requires separate DC-DC converter for connection switch) Notes: • The seventh character (?) of the order number must be replaced with the proper letter to indicate desired product nationalization Licenses AL1016001 ERS 5000 Series Advanced License. Enabled features include SMLT, OSPF, ECMP, VRRP, PIM-SM/SSM and IPv6 Static Routing. (One license required per stack or standalone unit). AL1016005 ERS 5000 Series Premier License. Enabled features include all Advanced License features, plus VRF-Lite. (Available for ERS 5600 models only. One license required per stack or standalone unit). Notes: • Not all Advanced License features are supported on ERS 5500 Models. Please check with your Avaya representative as to features available on specific ERS 5500 modelsAbout AvayaAvaya is a globalprovider of businesscollaboration andcommunicationssolutions, providingunified communications,contact centers,networking and relatedservices to companiesof all sizes aroundthe world. For moreinformation please © 2012 Avaya Inc. All Rights Reserved.8 | All trademarks identified by ®, ™, or SM are registered marks, trademarks, and service marks, respectively, of Avaya Inc. 11/12 • DN5098-03