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Fayette Front Aug26


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Published in: Spiritual
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Fayette Front Aug26

  1. 1. Lima R d Old No rth Ma in Big Ro ck Rd North Main S E Water St t W Water St W Water St S Main St Mechanic St Franklin St E State St Volga St W State St Lovers Ln S Main St Vine St K Avenue Jones St Union St Lovers Ln Ct E Clark St E Clark St W Clark St Alexander St Lov E College St W College St e TRAILS GUIDE rs L King St n FAYETTE IOWA Legend E Madison St Washington St S Main St walk to wellness Boating Park . Golf W Jay St E Jay St S Main St Baseball Park State highway HistoricTrail Klock's Island Trail W 7th St E 7th St Main Street trail Komhill Rd Hemlock Rd Big Rock Trail Union St 25 steps between each dot 0 0.045 0.09 0.18 Miles Fayette Trails The City of Fayette promotes walking, bicycling and the development of accessible recreation facilities such as Main Street, Historic and Big Rock Trails. In keeping with the Center of Disease Control’ s Designed by ISU College of Design recommendations on increasing a community’ s 126 College of Design; Ames, IA 50011 accessibility to resources that enhance physical activity, Fayette has made investments in the trail system in the City to foster pedestrian and bicycle friendly environments