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Elkader Front


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Published in: Sports
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Elkader Front

  1. 1. ELKADER IOWA Fal c n Avo e Elkader Golf Course Trails Guide th S t 250 Gunder Rd Walk to wellness around E St N Sa n High Pony Hollow Trail Downtown dp Lovers Leap Park it R d North loop River walk En Chario City park a Kr istine Ave NE m t Rd el Pony Hollow Rd Ca E r ter e N Av St e NW Av 1s w ie the t St NE ax St t Ma g kS M NW Da rin r Av e vid Sp Oa Ginge son St NW St le ap Driftless Area NWR M St p lar Po N E Bri d g e St A 4 miles round trip begins at the south edge S 4t h of Elkader's City Park, following the old N St 2n 1s M E tS Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad d t ai St St tS N Oa k n u St NW bed as it winds through beautiful hills and NE stn re e et Ch valleys. There is access to the trail from the Ave 2n city park where public parking and restroom d St facilities are available. The trail is open year NW round for hiking, bicycling, horseback riding O S ak and snowmobiling. M A ain ve Ai rp NW St o re rt R e Marsh Park t d Legend Elkader City Park School ² High S Restaraunt t SE Church d tR Old V oin olga R Pharmacy d yP Rd err in um Elkader Municipal Airport wb Videos Dr a St r Designed by ISU College of Design Downtown Loop 126 College of Design; Ames, IA 50011 North Loop Breezy Summit River Walk Trail City Park Trail Turkey River Park Parks Miles 26 0 0.05 0.1 0.2 5 Wooded Area th St