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Elkader Back


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Elkader Back

  1. 1. River Walk & New Trail Airport R Riverwalk S d 5t E B ridg Hard surface, 6' wide, lighted, h e St S St 4t easy and handicap accessible. h St 2n E and 2 1/2 miles round trip. The Hi tS d gh tS St nu Riverwalk runs along the Turkey River's scenic St NE st he NE C east shore from the city park to our historic downtown business district. It traverses the Minnesota Wisconsin area where Elisha Boardman, one of Elkader's first settlers, put down roots in 1836 and then travels past the Clayton Country Courthouse and over the Keystone Bridge. Then you may S M ai choose to jion the downtown loop and continue n St St your walk through historic downtown.The South re Elkader et ic an Elkader City Park ech St Riverwalk begins at the business district and M on ro ns travels along the west bank of the river to the B southern edge of Elkader's residential area. Iowa Turkey River High S Rd is the centerpiece of Elkader's Illinois t oin t SE ry P scenic beauty. It is also a won- er derful recreational resource for wb U a residents and visitors. It offers Elkader is an active town of about 1600 Str To Turkey Park great fishing and tubing and is persons located in a beautiful valley a popular family canoeing approximately 20 steps between two dots stream. astride the Turkey River, in the "driftless S area" of Clayton County. The region Ca re Downtown & North Loop an dp NE was not scoured by glaciers during the e rS it Av tt N Rd W ve 1s NE ew A tS St ie last ice age and remained rugged while th k ax tN St Ma Oa M W g Da rin vid so nS Sp Ginge r Ave the surrounding area was scraped level. tN St W M ap le St NE Elkader isthe hub of a large trade area k t Oa S op lar which includes oneof the most prospe- S4 S P 5t N E B rid rous and diversified farming sectors in th h g e St St St Hi the midwest. It is near the center of 2 gh nd 1s N St E t M S tS St ai tN NE 470,000 Clayton County farm acres. N Oak S n ut NW E St N W tn re St es Ch et Hi ne Av e Pi Elkader is also an exercising town. In gh W 2n tN St rS O d ak St NE da Ce fact, residents and visitors are known Av NW e NW approximately 20 steps between two dots to start walking as early as 5 a.m. There North loop-breezy summit are plenty of recreational opportunities Consist of a two mile up and down walk to Breezy Summit and back downtown. This is a challenging walk, it is mostly all uphill to begin with and then downhill in Elkader. You can take a hike or ride on your way back. your bike in almost any direction. You Downtown loop can walk within parks and exercise Roughly a 1.5 mile loop with two short challenging hills, where runners and walkers can view the beautiful stonework of buildings and storefronts, and stop at the Downtown Directory, adjacent to the within downtown, which will provide you bridge, to locate our many historic sites and businesses or to plan a trip to our inviting shops... beautiful settings.