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Cresco Front


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Front side of Cresco community map created by ISU Extension.

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Cresco Front

  1. 1. Cresco Fitness Center Information Legend Cresco Trails 90TH ST 90TH ST WILLOW AVE WILLOW AVE 90TH ST 90TH ST The Cresco Fitness Center is a $1.8 million complex that Trails includes a unique, zero-entry swimming pool. The pool is Distance between dots represents DIVISION ST DIVISION ST PROSPECT ST ´ PROSPECT ST designed in a “U” shape with low water on one end and deep approximately 20 walking steps water on the other end. The indoor pool is named after the YANKEE AVE YANKEE AVE Areas of Interest 9TH ST E 9TH ST E ( ! Jack and Fran Thomson family of Cresco who donated $500,000 towards the project. The complex also includes a 9TH AV 9TH AV E Roads E W W walking/running track that circles exercise equipment and a WARNER DR WARNER DR pair of basketball hoops. A walkway connects the 1936 8TH AV 8TH AV E E W W gymnasium that was originally constructed for the Cresco Regional Health Services ! Regional Health Services( 8TH AV 8TH AV E 0 500 1,000 2,000 E E High School, which has a basketball and volleyball court E Feet used for games and practices. Kessel Park Kessel Park WARNER AVE E WARNER AVE E ( ! 7TH AV 7TH AV E 0 0.125 0.25 0.5 East Park East Park Miles E E W E W 7TH AV 3RD ST 7TH AV E 3RD ST 5TH ST E ( ! 5TH ST E EE E 7TH ST W 7TH ST W 6TH AV 6TH AV E ST 95TH ST ST 6TH AVE W E W W 7TH AVE E 7TH AVE E 95TH ST 6TH AVE W N ELM N ELM 6TH AV 6TH AV E 4TH ST W 4TH ST W 5TH AV E E E 5TH AV E W W EW DONALDSON RD W DONALDSON RD WOODLAND DR WOODLAND DR 2ND ST 2ND ST County Fairgrounds County Fairgrounds 4TH AVE W 4TH AVE W 6TH ST E 5TH AVE E Junior High and Elementary School 5TH AVE E Junior High and Elementary School 6TH ST E 6TH ST W 3RD ST W 6TH ST W 3RD ST W ( ! ! ( ( ! 5TH ST W E Public Library 5TH ST W TE Public Library PIN E P L L PIN E P 2ND S T 3RD AV 3RD AV E 4TH AVE E 4TH AVE E 4TH AVE E 8TH ST E 4TH AVE E 4TH ST W 8TH ST E 2ND S 4TH ST W E W W Fitness Center Fitness Center ( ! ( Crestwood High School ! Crestwood High School City Hall City Hall 3RD AVE E 3RD AVE E 7TH ST E 7TH ST E 2ND AVE W 2ND AVE W NP NP County Courthouse ARK (L E County Courthouse ARK !L E P P 4TH ST SCHROEDER DR 4TH ST STO CK STO CK AV ( ! ( ! SCHROEDER DR AVE E Cresco Theatre S PARK PL Cresco Theatre S PARK PL 2ND AV 2ND AV E 4TH ST SW 5TH ST SW 4TH ST SW 5TH ST SW 5TH ST E 5TH ST E E E E AIRPORT RD AIRPORT RD 1ST AV 1ST AV E Prairie Farmer 7TH ST SW 7TH ST SW Cresco Park Information EW W 2ND AVE E 2ND AVE E Trail to Cresco mm Marke Marke t 1ST AV 1ST AV t Ave Ave E E E E Kessel Park Beadle Park ! Beadle Park( 2ND AVE SW 2ND AVE SW 2ND AVE SE 2ND AVE SE A 7.355 acre park that was donated by Dr. George ( ! Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center 4TH ST SE 5TH ST SE Kessel includes several shelters, benches, and Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center 4TH ST SE 5TH ST SE VALLEY AVE VALLEY AVE AIRPORT RD AIRPORT RD open areas for play in addition to the playground 3RD AVE SW 3RD AVE SW 3RD AVE SW 3RD AVE SE 3RD AVE SW 3RD AVE SE equipment, slides, and restrooms. The park is Cresco S ELM ST adjacent to the Regional Health Services of S ELM ST 4TH AVE SW 4TH AVE SW 4TH AVE SE 4TH AVE SE Howard County. 2ND ST SW 2ND ST SW East Park 5TH AVE SW 3RD ST SE 5TH AVE SW 3RD ST SE ( ! 5TH AVE SE 5TH AVE SE This six acre park has a ball diamond, shelter, ice skating rink, swings, slides, playground equipment, 6TH AVE SW 6TH AVE SW Evans Park Evans Park Ellen Church Airfield Ellen Church Airfield ( ! concession stand for games, and a proposed Trail Head Trail Head indoor skate park. 7TH AVE SW 7TH AVE SW ( ! Ridgeway 2ND ST SE 2ND ST SE Beadle Park This 1.58 acre park includes play equipment, a shelter, restrooms, and picnic area. The highlight of this park is the 1953 diesel locomotive engine, 10TH AVE SE RD 10TH AVE SW 10TH AVE SE RD 10TH AVE SW boxcar, flatcar and caboose that were once a part ON ON Prairie Farmer Trail RN of the Milwaukee Rail Line that ran freight through RN VE VE Cresco. A sculpture of Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Norman Borlaug as well as a tribute to 5 navy The Prairie Farmer Trail is a 22 mile admirals that once lived in Cresco are located in the park as well. Several events are held within multipurpose paved trail. The Trail is 5TH ST SE 5TH ST SE the park including Art in the Park as well as Wine a joint effort of three communities, Cresco, Calmar 3RD ST SW 3RD ST SW Tastings. mm To Vernon Ridgeway and Calmar and the two counties Evans Park Springs of Howard and Winneshiek, to construct County the longest single trail in Northeast Iowa. Evans Park is a 3.5 acre park with a ball field with Park bleachers, a tennis court, shelter, restrooms, and playground equipment in an open tree environment.