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Calmar Back (Aug 29)


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Back side of the Calmar community walking map created by ISU Extension.

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Calmar Back (Aug 29)

  1. 1. Calmar Cresco Walkable Paths Prairie Farmer Trail Ridgeway The Prairie Farmer Trail is a 22-mile multipurpose paved trail. The Trail was a joint effort of three communities to construct the longest single trail in NE Iowa. The collaborators include the communities of Cresco, Ridgeway and Calmar and the counties of Howard and Winneshiek. Calmar NORTH S T NORTH S T ST C HARL ES HENRY ST HENRY ST E ST 10 T LE W S LE WIIS IOWA S ST ST ST MA RYV IL L LE WIS ST LE WIS ST WE ST 11 K ST T MAIN S T ME LDE N S 12 FRE D RIC 232ND AVE CLARK S CLARK S T 4 PE TER ST T 5 6 7 9 ON S T ST R ST GTO N ST 8 CLAY ST CLAY ST WE BSTE R 3 WE BSTE 2 JE FFER S EAS T ST US 52 US 52 IO WA S T WA SH IN SOUTH S SOUTH S T T 15 17 Parks and Recreational WASHINGTON ST 18 16 Opportunities MAP L E ST HAMLIN ST HAMLIN ST Calmar Lions Park ELM ST ELM ST HANCOCK ST HANCOCK ST The Calmar Lions Park is supported by the area Lion’ Club and the City of Calmar. The park has s playground equipment and a new baseball 13 Health and softball facility. The 14 Regular physical activity is associated with ball field was ON ST healthier, longer life. Physically active people MARYV ILLE S constructed have less risk of heart disease, high blood by community RYV ILLE ST pressure, diabetes, obesity and some types of volunteers MELDE N S T T J EFFER S cancer. The Centers for Disease Control and MELDE N S with financial Prevention recommends 30 minutes of support from moderate-intensity activity per day, such as brisk organizations walking, five days a week. Alternatively, a within the area. T minimum of 20 minutes of vigorous-intensity physical activity such as jogging or running is recommended three days a week to get the required amount of physical activity for people of all ages. Calmar Pool Park The American Heart Association also The Calmar Pool Park has a shelter and restroom recommends adults to walk between along with playground facilities. The 10,000 – 12,500 steps and children walk playground facilities were installed by the Calmar between 2,000 - 16,000 steps a day for an Area Jaycees and funded with a grant active lifestyle. Using pedometers to calculate received to update the park and pool facilities. the number of steps one walks in a day or trail maps showing step counts is recommended to keep track of one’ activity level. s ST ES ARL 20 The good news about regular physical activity is CH that everyone can benefit from it. Additionally, physical activity does not need to be hard or 21 challenging. Participating in moderate-intensity 19 physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle for people of all ages.