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Calmar ( Aug 29)


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Published in: Sports, Spiritual
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Calmar ( Aug 29)

  1. 1. Areas of Interest Calmar Safe Routes 1 - Northeast Iowa Community College 2 - Tennis Court and Outside Basketball Court 3 - Trinity Lutheran Church Calmar Safe Routes (red outlined paths) is 4 - Calmar Fire Station 5 - Methodist Church a program that encourages physical activity 6 - Public Library to people by providing the infrastructure 7 - Police Station and City Clerk for people to use. The infrastructure projects 8 - U.S. Post Office 9 - Health Clinic may include sidewalk improvements, traffic 10 - Historic Depot Site and Farmers Market calming and speed reduction improvements, 11 - Public Parking and Bicycle Staging Area crossing improvements and pedestrian and 12 - Calmar Lutheran Church 13 - Little League Park bicycle facilities. The program is funded 14 - City (Lions) Park primarily through state and federal funding. 18 - Football Field and Baseball Field 19 - Tennis Court 20 - Softball Complex 21 - Calmar Swimming Pool and Playground 13 HALLBE HALLBEC CK ST K ST 14 RAILROAD ST RAILROAD ST 232ND AVE 232ND AVE T MELDEN ST MELDEN S NORTH S NORTH ST ST N ST T ST ON ST ST JEFFERSON ER ST JEFFERSO WASH IN GTON WEBSTER T WASH IN GT ST WEBST CHARLES S CHARLES HENRY ST HENRY ST 10 T IOWA ST LEWIS ST LEWIS ST IOWA S LEWIS ST LEWIS ST 11 170TH ST 170TH ST ST K ST 12 STT MAIN ST MAIN ST FREDRICK MELDEN S FREDRIC MELDEN 4 6 5 CLARK ST CLARK ST 7 9 T HILMA ST HILMA S 8 N ST ON ST ST R ST ON ST GTON ST WEST ST 3 WEST ST WEBSTER JEFFERSO 2 E ST WEBSTE LE ST JEFFERS CLAY ST IOWA ST CLAY ST IOWA ST EAST ST EAST ST WASH INGT MARYVILL MARYVIL WASH IN SOUTH S SOUTH ST 15 17 T 18 16 WASHIN GTON ST WASHIN GTON ST MAPLE S MAPLE ST T HOWARD ST HOWARD ST HAMLIN ST HAMLIN ST ELM ST ELM ST HANCOCK ST HANCOCK ST NE IO W 20 A AR ² EA TE 21 CH 19 IN ST A Legend * Distance between dots represents approximately 20 walking steps Prairie Farmer Trail Calmar Safe Routes 1 Calmar Trails Streets Railroad Feet 0 250 500 1,000 1,500 Designed by: ISU College of Design 126 College of Design Miles Ames, IA 50011 0 0.125 0.25