5 cool adventure i pad games


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AppStore has plethora of adventure games that are meant for your iPad but, it is hard to choose from such a long list. You can get 5 cool games for your iPad that have top ratings of the players and good critics review.

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5 cool adventure i pad games

  1. 1. iPad Game AppsDevelopment
  2. 2. 5 Cool Adventure Games foriPad• Adventure games are loved by youth because the fun that these games provide is unbeatable.• App Store has numerous adventure games for iPad, and, although, the games have proper descriptions, it is hard to select from the long list because you dont know whether it will be of your type or not.• To ease your task, here are five cool adventure games for iPad that have received 5 star ratings from iPad players along with great reviews from critics.
  3. 3. The Godfather EmpireThis game takes you to 1940s New York where you can take outrival families and build the biggest organization. Recruit over twohundred unique associates and expand your organization. You canfurther explore into the story of the Godfather. This game alsohave various items like classic cars, old-school weaponry and manymore things. With top ratings from the players, the Godfatherempire certainly turns out to be a rare adventure game.
  4. 4. Madagascar – Join the CircusYou must have enjoyed Madagascar in theatres. Now, its time toenjoy the game in your iPad. After entertaining people on the silverscreen, the worlds greatest and craziest circus is here in iPad toentertain and thrill you. Join the circus and builf and decorate yourcircus with wild attractions. Entertain your audience with Alex,Marty, Gloria and Melman and their friends. Make a huge fan basewhile its on its way back to circus. Combine arcade mini-gamesand village-building game to customize your expanding empire intothe greatest circus ever.
  5. 5. Rage Wars – Meme ShootersIf youve enjoyed Rage comics but now, then youre certainly goingto love Rage Wars. This first ever shooter game based on Ragecomics has a storyline accompanied with 30 levels and ultimatecut-scenes to blend with the dramatic story. It also has an arenamode where a player can challenge his or her friends in Last ManStanding. So, use most of Rage faces in just one game and have lotsof trolling moments. Just remember one tip, use the Rage buttonwhenever youre in trouble.
  6. 6. Enchanted RealmIf youre looking for a fantasy adventure, then Enchanted Realm isbuilt for people like you. With highly advanced graphics, splendidanimations and an interesting storyline with several uniquecharacters, this adventure game gives you the chance to build yourkingdom that has fallen under the hands of a wicked sorceress. Setin a far-away, wondrous realm, this game takes you in a land wheremagic flows freely like the winds. Both the game objectives andfeatures give you an immersive gaming experience.
  7. 7. Resident Evil 4:LITELove to kill zombies! So do it now in this adventurous game. It hasthe best 3D graphics and a third person perspective camera forpanoramic view. It has five difficulty levels namely beginner,normal, professional, hell and extreme. You can play through Storymode and unlock the Mercenary mode missions, which is aseparate game mode with preset goals, weapons and conditions.So, enjoy blowing your enemies with laser precision.
  8. 8. If you have amazing game ideas like the above mentioned games,then you can go for iPad game application development and getcustomized games with your desirable features.
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