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Developing on large scale applications


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12 Techniques and strategies from a consultant’s perspective

Published in: Software
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Developing on large scale applications

  1. 1. Developing on Large Scale Applications 12 Techniques and strategies from a consultant’s perspective
  2. 2. Adrian IORGU Freelance Sitecore Consultant Sitecore Technology MVP 2016 & 2017 • Passionate about web development, 15+ years of experience • Started as a designer, moved to front-end and now a back-end engineer • In love with extreme sports, nature and travel
  3. 3. What my clients think I do
  4. 4. What my family thinks I do
  5. 5. What I actually do
  6. 6. Contents 1. About boondoĠġle 2. Heard of Sitecore before? 3. Technologies we deal with everyday 4. 12 take away points 5. Demo 6. Q&A
  7. 7. Please allow me to introduce
  8. 8. Nice to meet you. We are
  9. 9. co-creativity output driven omni-channel user-centric we imagine, design and build brand experiences with the consumer at heart
  10. 10. brand guidance we're interested in brands that know why they get up in the morning. That can look at themselves in the mirror and not blink. A brand that understands its own truth can easily distinguish itself in a world of chaos and complexity. to bring a brand's promise to life we believe in creating products and services that are rooted in a deeper understanding of the audience's needs. Meaningful brands deliver meaningful experiences. humans understand their world through stories. Through advances in new technology, we can bring brand stories to life in even more meaningful ways to touch the mind and hearts of our audiences. communicationsproducts & services brand experiences
  11. 11. Heard of Sitecore before?
  12. 12. Integrated .NET CMS platform & e-commerce solution
  13. 13. Built for large enterprises and mid-market Organizations.
  14. 14. Over 4,000 customers globally
  15. 15. Free Developer License – 60 Days Trial
  16. 16. Okay, so what about Large Scale Web Applications?
  17. 17. Developing on large scale applications can be sometimes scary
  18. 18. Programming languages and technologies we use daily, integrated together in our solutions .NET&C#(Sitecore)usingMVCpatterns Angular&TypeScript MicrosoftSQLServer&MongoDB Gulp,NPM&NodeJS Lucene&Solrforsearch ManyexternalAPI’sandintegrationswithdifferentthird-partyvendors
  19. 19. Most of the time, a client’s deployed solution consists of: • 250+configurationfiles(App_Configfolder) • HundredsofDLL’s(binfolder) • AfewGBofcode • AbunchofVisualStudioProjects • Complexintegrationswithdifferentsystemsand3rd-partyvendors
  20. 20. Developing on large scale applications is always fun and challenging
  21. 21. 12 Techniques and strategies from my experience
  22. 22. How do you eat an elephant ? 1 Most developers panic when dealing with a complex project. No 1 mistake
  23. 23. One bite at a time 
  24. 24. Always look at the big picture 2 Details are important, but the big picture is what counts
  25. 25. Don't get lost in the details, keep your eyes on the goal
  26. 26. Always find your way around 3 Google is your friend
  27. 27. Having trouble with your code? Google it. Someone else had this problem too. … but don't just copy paste the code without checking how it works, otherwise you don't learn anything
  28. 28. Make use of all the tools you have 4 Chrome Inspector is my friend
  29. 29. Reverse engineering is the key to your answers. It’s the first thing I do in order to learn the solution
  30. 30. The rubber duck method 5 Recommended reading: “The Pragmatic Programmer “
  31. 31. Aprogrammer would carry around a rubber duck and debug their code by forcing themselves to explain it, line-by- line, to the duck.
  32. 32. Collaborate with your team 6
  33. 33. In order to improve productivity, you need to collaborate with your team
  34. 34. Security & Performance 7 Should be dealt with from the very first line of code
  35. 35. Fixing security afterwards or masking bad design with Web App Firewalls, caching etc… is not a good idea.
  36. 36. Don't Reinvent The Wheel 8
  37. 37. Don't reinvent the wheel, just realign it.
  38. 38. Be client focused. 9 Always ask yourself if what you’re adding also adds real user/business value Techies sometimes loose themselves in writing code that is pretty cool but is virtually never used
  39. 39. I always act as I am the business owner while on the project and try to offer the expected value back. People appreciate it!
  40. 40. Sorry, works on my machine 10
  41. 41. Double checking that everything is correctly implemented and pushed to GIT can save a lot of time. For both: QAand Devs
  42. 42. Keep on learning 11
  43. 43. Keep on learning! Technology is evolving fast, don’t get comfortable.
  44. 44. Believe in magic, trust your skills. 12 Those who don’t belive in magic will never find it.
  45. 45. TIME FOR DEMO
  46. 46. Q&A
  47. 47. thank you together beyond