Secret Mission


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Secret Mission

  1. 1. The Following is a Top Secret Mission
  2. 2. For the purpose of this briefing…• Your code name will be: Riffany• Mine will be: Tobert
  3. 3. Let’s assume Riffanyand Tobert livesomewhere in Floridaand are crazy abouteach other…
  4. 4. • Let’s also assume they work in a small office• And there aren’t many places to hide!
  5. 5. And the next time they get alone isn’t for 5 weeks…
  6. 6. Now let’s assume Chicago that both person’sLas will be travellingVegas during the same week… But not to the same places…
  7. 7. So the question is… Is there anadventurous plan that can bring them together?
  8. 8. The Plan?• Okay… there isn’t a best plan… but here are a couple of ideas. Tobert has thought of a lot of angles here• Riffany is very smart, so she may have other ideas• Tobert excepts that this may just be too risky• He also thinks it would be incredible
  9. 9. Plan 1 Riffany to ChicagoLeave a day early (Sunday) – fly to Chicago. Note: Office peoplewill not know the difference because Monday was to be a traveldaySpend an awesome night in Chicago. Note: Tobert will not bestaying in same hotel as other person from H and won’t plan tosee other person until Monday AMRiffany Leaves for Vegas on Monday morningChallengesTicket re-issue can be complicated and leave paper trail…Alternatives – use points to book from JAX to Chicago and fromChicago to LAS… And keep flight home via US Air in place. Toberthas points too and likes to giveNeed excuse for leaving a day early – “Need to meet with salesagent and check out a few extra properties for next year”
  10. 10. Plan 2 Tobert to Las VegasFly to Las Vegas on Tuesday night. Using points.Hide from everyone…. Sneak away with Riffany for Wednesdaynight fun.. (that is a Tuesday and Wednesday night visitor…)Fly back to Chicago in the AM and then back to JaxChallengesTicket re-issue of Chicago flight (was going to leave Wednesday)is easy… Tobert has banking clients in Chicago. The cost isminimal.Riffany would have to change red-eye flight to Thursday AMflight… that would be “understandable”Biggest Challenge – Dodging Team H who will be in Vegas also…If they leave on Wednesday this works much better, but chancesare they stay until Thursday
  11. 11. Other Plans?• Tobert has thought of… – Meeting in North Carolina… – Riffany coming to Chicago on Wednesday night (but similar ticket re-issue challenge exist… Points can make it happen)
  12. 12. Risk and Reward • Tobert knows this is nutso… but thinks it could be pulled off… • Chicago is less risky but asks more of Riffany • Tobert is fine if this is just a fun idea that goes nowhere • It has been said he is high imaginative • But it would be so nice! • Tobert even has a restaurant picked out for Riffany in Chicago