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Iolanda Pensa, Heritage Management 2018, Heritage


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Iolanda Pensa, Heritage Management 2018, Università di Bergamo. Heritage.

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Iolanda Pensa, Heritage Management 2018, Heritage

  1. 1. Concepts and Proposal Critical analysis 1.The Concept of Heritage 2. Structure of a Proposal 3. Implications of Heritage 4. Legislation and Copyright 5. Critical Analysis 6. Context Analysis 7. Services and Interpretations 8. Stakeholders 9.Target Groups 10.Authenticity Map a territory Context analysis proposal budget Analyse Message(s) promoted Identify legislation and rights SWOT Research and references Identify Services Identify Heritage/Stakeholders Analyze Target groups involved Identify Existing Gaps Lessons Assignment Competence Iolanda Pensa, Heritage Management, Università di Bergamo, 2018. - As-is analysis Critical analysis As-is analysis Critical analysis
  2. 2. The windmills of Kinderdijk,The Netherlands,Author:Tarod,Wikimedia Commons, 2012, cc by-sa.   Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary.Author:Thaler – Tamás Thaler,Wikimedia Commons, 2013, cc by-sa. Monastery and chateau in Zbraslav, Prague, Czech Republic.Author: Zdeněk Fiedler,Wikimedia Commons, 2013, cc by-sa. Baptistery of St. Peter, San Pietro in Consavia church,Asti, Italy.Author: Marco Odina,Wikimedia Commons, 2012, cc by-sa.
  3. 3. World Heritage Heritage is our legacy from the past, what we live with today, and what we pass on to future generations. Our cultural and natural heritage are both irreplaceable sources of life and inspiration.
  4. 4. Types of heritage attractions Source:Adapted from Timothy & Boyd, Heritage Tourism, 2003, p. 22 (adapted from Prentice 1994) Natural history attractions Scientific attractions Manufacturing centres (including industrial heritage) Primary production attraction (including tasting culinary heritage) Craft centres and workshops (including purchasing souvenirs and handicrafts) Transportation attractions Sociocultural attractions (museums, distinctive lifestyles, literary heritage, archeological sites ancient ruins…) Galleries Performing arts attractions Festivals and pageants Religious attractions (including sacred places, pilgrimage, temples, churches, mosques, rivers, grottoes, forests, mountains, cemeteries, points along spiritual routes) Attractions associated with historic people Military attractions (including battlefields, war graves, memorials, cemeteries) Genocide monuments Pleasure gardens Theme parks Villages and hamlets Countryside and treasured landscapes Towns and townscapes Villages and hamlets Seaside resorts and seascapes Regions
  5. 5. Museums Source:Timothy & Boyd, Heritage Tourism, 2003, p. 23 Art museums Sport museums Music museums War/armory museums Industrial museums Stamp/coin/postcard museums Science museums Local historical museums
  6. 6. Winning images of Wiki Loves Monuments 2013.Wikimedia Commons, cc by-sa.
  7. 7. Chiajna Monastery, Bucharest, Romania.Author: Mihai Petre,Wikimedia Commons, 2011, cc by-sa.
  8. 8. Manifestazione di benficenza - Piazza Maggiore - Bologna (BO).Author: Ugeorge,Wikimedia Commons, 2016, cc by-sa.
  9. 9. Sala Almeyda - Archivio Storico Comunale - Palermo (PA).Author: EnricoRubicondo,Wikimedia Commons, 2016, cc by-sa.
  10. 10. Archivio Pietro Pensa, Pergamene 2, 14. Investitura ecclesiastica, Milano, 1745 maggio 28. Giovanni Battista Campagnoli, vicario generale della diocesi di Milano, investe il chierico Giovanni Giorgio Anselmo Serponti della cappellania dei S.S. Francesco e Andrea, di iuspatronato Serponti, eretta nella chiesa parrocchiale diVarenna, vacante per la morte del cappellano Alessandro Cassina. Perg. mm. 430x245, rr. 22, sigillo pendente.
  11. 11. Tomb of Safdarjung, New Delhi, India.Author: Pranav Singh,Wikimedia Commons, 2012, cc by-sa.
  12. 12. sixthofdecember, Cape Coast Castle's main courtyard and the Atlantic Ocean / Gulf of Guinea in the background, 2012, cc by-sa.Wiki Loves Monuments Ghana 2012 (114).
  13. 13. Wiki Loves Monuments Kenya (97), 2012, cc by-sa.
  14. 14. Wiki Loves Monuments South Africa (1862), 2012, cc by-sa.
  15. 15. Titolo Personal National World Local Shared heritage Source:Adapted from Timothy & Boyd, Heritage Tourism, 2003, p. 14 (from Timothy 1997) Scales of heritage tours Different scales in linear tourist attractions (heritage trails such as slave routes)
  16. 16. Map of the winning photos of Wiki Loves Monuments Italia byGiuseppe Ragusa of the team OpenDataSicilia, screenshot 2017. Settings/contexts of heritage supply Urban areas Rural areas Protected areas Source:Timothy & Boyd, Heritage Tourism, 2003, pp. 43-48
  17. 17. Spacial variation of heritage tourism Source:Adapted from Timothy & Boyd, Heritage Tourism, 2003, pp. 48-50 Points Areas Linear tourist attractions (slave routes) Nodes Intangible heritage Heritage institutions within the built landscape (i.d. museums)