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The e-participation projects of the Emilia-Romagna Regional Government


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Presentation of eParticipation projects of the Emilia-Romagna Region by Sabrina Franceschini at the meeting "Innovation in Governance in the Mediterranean Region", United Nations - Republic of Croatia [Dubrovnik, 23-25/04/2008].

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The e-participation projects of the Emilia-Romagna Regional Government

  1. 1. The e-participation projects ofthe Emilia-Romagna RegionalGovernment (Italy)“ Innovation in Governancein the Mediterranean Region”Dubrovnik, CroatiaUnited Nations, Republic of Croatia23-25/04/2008Sabrina FranceschiniEmilia-Romagna regional
  2. 2. IntroductionSince 2004 the Emilia-Romagna RegionalGovernment (Italy) is engaged in e-participationprojects was the first e-democracy project, itaimed to stimulate the citizens participation throughnew mechanisms and new information systemsThe project tested a permanent connection systemallowing telematic participation of citizens to thedefinition of local policies
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  4. 4. Budget & Timing• was partially funded by ItalianInnovation Ministry•Required an economical co-participation of eachpartner• Budget: 730.700 euro for 24 months, 300.000 fromthe Ministry• Start date: September 1, 2005• End date: October 31, 2007
  5. 5. Aims of•To define and create participation processes in anintegrated manner;• to promote participation within and outside theadministrations;• to provide a tool usable by all level of PA;• to define, test and disseminate the methodology;> was designed as a project based oncollaborative learning where all involved partners (PAs,citizens associations) contribute to increasing theculture of participation to the political choices, in thespirit of a true governance.
  6. 6. Outputs• e-democracy portal:• creation of an E-democracy Kit;• implementation of the kit by the PAs partner of theproject;• test of the kit through the realisation of participationprocesses on Urban planning;• creation of a committed working community
  7. 7. E-democracy portal
  8. 8. E-democracy kit: what is it?• a complete set of tools, as technology andmethodologies are concerned, to activateparticipation processes, easy-fitting to alladministrations and policies• tools are neutral with respect to policies• extremely re-usable• open source
  9. 9. E-democracy kit It allows citizens to:receive information onselected issues viadifferent channelsaddress questions onspecific themes and geton line personalizedanswers from expertstake part to on-lineforumsaccess on-linetechnical documentation((library)take part to surveys
  10. 10. Criticalities and shortcomings• project timing <> political/administrative timing• involvements of decision-makers and citizens• lack of communication => participation needs a lot ofcommunication!!• difficult to create a developer and user community tomanage/evolve the tools
  11. 11. Since december 2007…• End of the project activities. Extremely goodfeedbacks in the evaluation phase• New ICT plan of the Emilia-Romagna region(2007-2009): e-participation included!!! • New PAs users of the Kit, new e-democracyprocesses from the “old” partners• Starts of a new regional project: Io partecipo (Iparticipate)
  12. 12. The Emilia-Romagna E-participation community
  13. 13. The aims of Io partecipo• To made available a permanent system connectionbetween citizens and administration• To contrast the growing deficit of trust and citizendisengagement• To rethink local democracy processes through thenew opportunities offered by ICTs solutions and web2.0 framework•To involve citizens of our region (Emilia-Romagna) todefine policies and services in partnership with thepublic administration
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  15. 15. Thank you very much! Grazie mille! Hhvala lijepa!