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Presentazione del percorso di co-design di ioPartecipo+ per il progetto europeo ePolicy


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Presentazione del percorso di co-design di ioPartecipo+ per il progetto europeo ePolicy

  1. 1. ioPartecipo+ An e-participation case, a co-design process Sabrina Franceschini
  2. 2. Context Since 2004 Emilia-Romagna Region has promoted projects about e-democracy; in particular the first project was and the further was Io Partecipo. The above mentioned project experimented solutions for the citizens involvement and participation in the development regional and local policies. Recently it was necessary to think over the tools and methodologies adoped because of both the profound political and social changes and the evolution of dynamics, habits and consumption patterns of the new communication means since the changed legal situation (i.e. Law n. 3/2000 which affects both European and regional level).
  3. 3. Project goals • Build a digital-by-default, shared, web space to promote the participation of Emilia Romagna’s citizens • Better communicate the regional policies • Be compliant with RER official portal leveraging the existing features and digital services.
  4. 4. Intent: Design for people Methodology: collaborative-design with users and stakeholders 1. Start from people real needs 2. Design, Build and Evaluate iteratively… … to learn where and how to improve
  5. 5. Plan user engagement activities Invest time and resources to listen to people Plan meetings, focus groups, tools to collect user feedbacks
  6. 6. 1 MarCom workers, community managers, journalists; 2 Local and Regional Public Administration workers; 3 citizens and associations. 4 Emilia-Romagna Region internal employees 50+ people involved Allow people to participate… Focus Groups
  7. 7.  100 users involved  150 comments  30 unique authors  25 surveys completed …brings ideas, feedback and confirmations #5 Remote feedback
  8. 8. Design for people, facing constraints Start designing on paper with users at your table Build prototypes and share them with domain experts Change, refine, implement and test … and don’t take IT-guys too seriously
  9. 9. Something we learned Involve colleagues first in the design process to quickly collect their constructive criticisms and warnings about existing constraints (tecnical, editorial, organizational…) Do not be afraid to find out that citizens look to the public institutions differently from internal Highlight positive feedbacks from people 1: translation = you did a good job, but would you please also fix that…
  10. 10. ioPartecipo+ is online!
  11. 11. Thank you.