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Producing UBM's Geek's Guide to London


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UBM’s Geek’s Guide to London recently brought London Technology Week to life online.

Check out the first in ion's series of ‘marketing innovators’ presentations and learn the firsthand strategy and process of turning what was a static guide into an incredible interactive experience.

What's Inside:
- The anatomy of a successful interactive content marketing initiative
- UBM’s strategy and thinking
- UBM’s process and use of ion interactive
- ion’s process and timeline

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Producing UBM's Geek's Guide to London

  1. 1.  Geek’s Guide Producing the
  2. 2. What’s Inside • UBM’s main goals • ion’s process and timeline • Why Interactive Content? • Behind the design • Key findings

  3. 3. Background UBM is a global events-led marketing and communications 
 services business. • We help businesses do business by connecting them through live events, and digital and print media.
 • We operate in over 20 countries around the world
 • Our 5,000 expert staff are deeply embedded in the many specialist communities we serve

  4. 4. Background Established content businesses include, IFSEC Global and others. However, we do not have a content presence in many of our markets.
  5. 5. Content Competition Marketers are competing in a noisy content marketing landscape which requires more than publishing the same content as everyone else. You must stand out. 
 You must have a unique value proposition.
  6. 6. The Role of Content Content plays an important role: • Builds our lead database • Nurtures leads to attend our live events. Backdrop for events is highly competitive market. A modest content team = the need for a different approach to boost engagement.
  7. 7. Discovery • Is there existing content we 
 can leverage?
 • How will content be distributed?
 • What are the main goals of 
 this interactive content? 
 Luke and team wanted to leverage interactive content to promote London Technology Week. We had a conversation to identify:
  8. 8. Leverage Existing Content • The UBM team was currently working on a static download titled “The Geek’s Guide to London” which listed techie hot spots around London.
 • This content would be perfect for an interactive tour. 

  9. 9. Traffic • Users would access this 
 interactive tour guide via
 • To drive traffic, ion 
 created a banner ad.
 The banner enabled tight messaging and visual consistency between 
 the ad and the interactive experience. 

  10. 10. Success Metrics • The primary goal of this experience 
 was to enable users to sign up for 
 London Technology Week.
 • A secondary goal was to 
 encourage user engagement.
 • Social sharing was also a key 
 metric and would facilitate additional 
 awareness and promotion of London 
 Technology Week.

  11. 11. The ion Process DISCOVER PLAN ANALYZEEXECUTE The four stages of the ion process:

  12. 12. The ion Process STEP 1 Discovery
 STEP 2 Concept Brief
 STEP 3 Interactive Wireframe STEP 4 Design/Build
 STEP 5 QA STEP 6 Launch STEP 7 Review & 
  13. 13. Concept Brief Following the initial discovery, a concept brief was created that outlined the key functionality and engagement points that would be woven into 
 the experience. 

  14. 14. An interactive wireframe was created to show functionality, look and 
 feel in action, allowing UBM to provide early feedback.
  15. 15. Design Finally, the design phase was carried out bringing this
 interactive content to to life.
  16. 16. Static to Interactive
  17. 17. Launch
 Launch Date: 6/8 Timeline Discovery
 Kickoff: 4/22 Concept Brief
 Reviewed and Approved: 4/30 Interactive wireframe
 Reviewed: 5/13
 Approved: 5/20 Design/Build
 Time Spent: 
 5/20 - 5/25 QA
 Completed: 6/1
 Delivered: 6/2 Review & Measurement
  18. 18. Value of Interactive Content Why the proposed solution 
 was a good fit?  UBM didn’t have significant content presence at London Technology Week.
 As part of week’s events we were introducing our U.S. - based event, Interop to the UK for the first time.
  19. 19. Value of Interactive Content Prefer analytics that provide insight before committing to larger strategic initiatives. Performed audit of articles that performed well in the U.S. for Interop, noticing a slideshow called ‘Geek’s Guide to New York’ leading the list. Decided that a Geek’s Guide to London, as part of London Technology Week was a great fit.
  20. 20. Value of Interactive Content Had some familiarity with ion which spurred internal conversation about utilizing interactive content. How could we use interactive content to engage and differentiate?
  21. 21. Value of Interactive Content Without the prospect of interactive content as an engagement tool, we would resort to traditional, static content. We couldn’t let that happen
  22. 22. Value of Interactive Content Interactive content offers highest value features UBM craved unique, visually compelling experiences, made to pop in a cluttered sea of content. Bonus: Huge lead gen and conversion potential
  23. 23. Inside the
  24. 24. – Steve Jobs Modern Design The experience has a sleek and modern feel to align with the 
 overall brand of London Technology Week.
  25. 25. Responsive Content All content is mobile responsive to encourage users to 
 travel and utilize the Geek’s Guide on the go!
  26. 26. Scrollable This long scrollable experience is the perfect layout 
 for an interactive tour guide.
  27. 27. Engagement Points The Geek’s Guide provides multiple opportunities to engage 
 with the main CTA and sign up for London Technology Week.

  28. 28. Engagement Points The experience includes multiple engagement 
 points so users can interact in a variety of ways.
  29. 29. Engagement Points An interactive map provides a visual outline of the content while
 also serving to encourage engagement.
  30. 30. Engagement Points Hamburger navigation enables users
 with an easy way to quickly jump to content.
  31. 31. Engagement Points Prominent calls to action are included throughout the experience, driving users to sign up for London Technology Week. Social share icons allow for easy social exposure and interaction.
  32. 32. Engagement Points Users can leverage the interactive map, hamburger navigation or simply scroll down the page to interact with the Geek’s Guide. Each stop featured within the guide includes a prominent CTA along with the option to share the guide socially
  33. 33. Engagement Points Users can select ‘learn more’ in the hero section to gain 
 insights on how to maximize the guide and its value.
  34. 34. Royal Observatory Greenwich Engagement Points Each location featured in the guide includes a map paired with Google directions so users can easily find their destination
 A brief description of each location is included and paired with the location coordinates and 
 nearest tube station.
  35. 35. Engagement Points In addition to spotlighting the top 10 London Techie hotspots, direct access to more details about London Tech Week events was showcased within the Geeks’ Guide to help inform users about the event.

  36. 36. Engagement Points Additionally, there are many opportunities to share the site socially to attract additional traffic and leverage the social media networks to highlight the events. 

  37. 37. Key Findings • Users spent an average of 2+ minutes exploring the guide indicating high engagement. • Facebook was the preferred method of social sharing for visitors who chose to engage socially. • Interactive content can help to drive additional social buzz. • 1/4 of users who viewed this page did so on a mobile device.

  38. 38. – Steve Jobs Mobile Traffic 24.6% of traffic came to this experience via a mobile device!
  39. 39. Top Engagement Points 1) View All Events : We found that respondents we interested in learning more about the events that London Tech week had to offer. 2) Learn More High engagement with the learn more CTA indicates that visitors were interested in finding out more about what London Tech week has to offer. 3) Sign Up for Updates This CTA had the third highest engagement rate. Its eye catching color and prominent placement throughout the experience helped attract users to this main CTA. 1 23 User data tells us that the highest engagement points within this experience aligns perfectly with the goals for this interactive content.
  40. 40. Top Engagement Points 4) Museum Computing 5) Flux Lounge  6) Lawrence Walk  7) Eccleston Square  8) Interop London  9) iPilot  1 23 4 5 6 7 8 9 We also gained a sneak peak into the top locations if interest based on user engagement.
  41. 41. Thanks! Learn more about how we can help you rapidly deploy effective, engaging interactive content.
 Try the Geek’s Guide: example/ubm-london
 Sales: 561-235-7474