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ion Customer Spotlight: The Inside Story of Interactive Content Success Straight from FedEx


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Learn how FedEx is using interactive content to increase revenue, educate their audience, and drive the successful launch of a new service offering in this presentation from Drew Bailey, Manager of Content Strategy & Curation at FedEx Services, and Audrey Ross, Director of Customer Engagement at ion.

Get the inside story behind their approach to successfully adopting new software like the ion interactive content platform—including lessons learned and why it’s well worth the effort.

Discover how FedEx has...

- Used interactive content to drive revenue
- Used interactive content to educate
- Used interactive content to launch a new offering
- Successfully adopted new software like ion

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ion Customer Spotlight: The Inside Story of Interactive Content Success Straight from FedEx

  1. 1. FedEx LIVE! ion Customer Spotlight: The inside story of FedEx’s
 successful deployment of an
 interactive content program.
  2. 2. In Today’s Presentation •Why take the leap? •Real-life look at an Interactive Content Success Story •Challenges ‣ Experiences that Simplify ‣ Results •Q&A
  3. 3. Overheard by Marketers Interactive content isn’t
 right for my audience. My team isn’t ready
 to adopt something
 like this. We really need just
 one interactive tool,
 not a program. It will take too long
 to get this done at
 my company. We’ll give it a try, but if
 it doesn’t work, we will
 re-prioritize other things. We just don’t have
 the time or resources
 to focus on this.
  4. 4. Big Benefits with Interactive Content
  5. 5. 87% agree that interactive content
 grabs the attention of the reader more
 effectively than static content.* 87% * 2017 Content Marketing Institute’s Research Report
  6. 6. 75% agree that non-gated interactive content
 can provide a “sample” of the brand, resulting
 in a higher degree of lead nurturing.* 75% * 2017 Content Marketing Institute’s Research Report
  7. 7. 73% agree that combining traditional
 content marketing tactics with interactive
 content enhances retention of my
 organization’s message.* 73% * 2017 Content Marketing Institute’s Research Report
  8. 8. 68% agree that interactive content
 provides valuable ways to repurpose
 my organization’s passive content.* 68% * 2017 Content Marketing Institute’s Research Report
  9. 9. 46% indicated their organization has used
 interactive content as part of its overall
 mix of content marketing tactics.* 46% * 2017 Content Marketing Institute’s Research Report
  10. 10. 79% of content marketers who are using
 interactive content plan to increase their
 use of it in the next 12 months.* 79% * 2017 Content Marketing Institute’s Research Report
  11. 11. What Could Be More Important?
  12. 12. Interactive Content Success:
 The Inside Story
  13. 13. Challenge: • The FedEx Small Business Center (SBC) is a resource that guides entrepreneurs and needed updating .
 • The Freight Central site included a wealth of information about shipping for both national and global markets. But needed to be better organized and utilized for small businesses to succeed.
 Help Small Businesses Succeed
  14. 14. Challenge: • With efforts to enhance the SBC, we teamed with FedEx Freight Content Lead Brian Smith with the goal of migrating the Freight Central external micro-site to the SBC and create an interactive experience to walk business owners through the often- complicated process of freight classification and shipping as well as introduce the all new Freight service offering, Freight Box. Help Small Businesses Succeed
  15. 15. interactive content
 enables you to deliver
 engaging, educational, 
 differentiated content
 experiences. “ ” – Danny Kirkman, Marketing
 Specialist Advisor, FedEx
  16. 16. The Mission Reduce cost of content creation Increase speed to market Improve our connection 
 to customers
  17. 17. • Have a “Go to Market” strategy and plan • Embrace a Good-Better-Best approach • Before you begin, commit to shared 
 mission of success • Set correct expectations on timing 
 of success, results • Consult and lean-on experts Starting Out Laying the Foundation for Success
  18. 18. Solution
 • We began by streamlining the “Getting Started Online” section of the ecommerce tab on the 
 SBC by auditing all of the existing content • We divided the content into 5 parts (Plan, Build, Deliver, Attract and Grow), which covered the journey of starting a small business from start 
 to finish Simplify Customer Education
  19. 19. Solution • In conjunction with ion interactive, the 
 FedEx Small Business Center team built 
 six experiences to help gamify, and also 
 simplify, the freight and international 
 export shipping process for users  Simplify Customer Education
  20. 20. Tools That Simplify Interactive Experiences: 
 • #1: Freight Shipping 101 • #2: FedEx Freight® Box • #3: Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) Shipping • #4: LTL Freight Classification Tool • #5: Customs Compliance Made Easy • #6: The Export Road Map
  21. 21. The Experiences
  22. 22. FedEx Assessment
  23. 23. FedEx Assessment
  24. 24. FedEx Assessment
  25. 25. FedEx Assessment
  26. 26. LTL Freight Tool
  27. 27. LTL Freight Shipping 101
  28. 28. LTL Freight Shipping 101
  29. 29. Customs Compliance Made Easy
  30. 30. The Results
  31. 31. Initial Results: The Freight Box experience alone has generated 136,000 visits and showed a 151% increase of shipments over the previous six months before the page 
 existed. The service has also seen an 86% 
 average growth in month over month 
 volume. As well as an 82% average increase 
 in month over month revenue.
  32. 32. Initial Results: The page has become the third most trafficked on the SBC with the Class 
 Tool in fourth. The Huffington Post named FedEx 
 Small Business Center one of the 
 “10 Top Small Business Sites” of 2016. SBC recently named one of the 
 Kapost 2016 Top 50 B2B Content 
 Marketing sites.
  33. 33. Results: Switching to interactive
 experiences has simplified the customer education process, engaged the small business customer base and expanded
 Brand loyalty. “ ”– Danny Kirkman, Marketing
 Specialist Advisor, FedEx FedEx is Winning!!!
  34. 34. • Improved speed into market - 3 month v 9 month • Cost savings • Giving time back to the team • Marketing technology adoption is supporting scale and cross-team efficiency • Internal socialization & recognition is driving expansion of interactive content as a strategy, and potential for company-wide results and growth More Wins!
  35. 35. • Testing & optimization of launched experiences. • Expanded interactive content strategy to International Freight, B2B & eCommerce divisions. • Development of new Solution Finder tools for Small Business and International Freight. • With success of the first wave of tools, shift 
 in focus from early-stage engagement and education, to mid-stage tools that drive 
 visitors to specific solutions and services. Looking to
 the Future
  36. 36. Key Takeaways
  37. 37. Audit existing content to determine best fit for an interactive experience.
 Choose sections where you can condense multiple pages into one.
 Be sure to include all stakeholders early on in the process.
 Instead of thinking mobile first, 
 think mobile instead. Key Takeaways Always consider the customer first 
 in anything you do, your job is to 
 make their journey easier.
 Measure, measure, measure, 
 without measurement there’s 
 no point.
 Choose the right advocates.
  38. 38. Motivating Factors * 2017 Content Marketing Institute’s Research Report Tools to Simplify the Process Tools to Reduce the Cost Tools to Shorten the Timelines Education on How to Use Best Practices Ease of Use More Budget to Experiment With Proven Case Study Examples Buy In at the Executive Level Other Nothing 1% 5% 20% 36% 41% 42% 45% 46% 52% 41% 41%
  39. 39. twitter: @ioninteractive Thank You