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Increasing Conversions Through Better Usability


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"Increasing Conversions Through Better Usability" presentation" by ion interactive's Scott Brinker at SMX East 2009.

Published in: Business, Technology, Design

  • Very good slideshow but some of the tech words many would have to look up like parameterized.
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Increasing Conversions Through Better Usability

  1. SMX East 2009<br />Landing Page Usability Usefulness<br />orThrow me a page, people!<br />Scott Brinker (@chiefmartec)President &<br />
  2. Why?<br />…do we (marketers) build landing pages?<br />
  3. Simple: to win more conversions.<br />But HOW do we expect that to happen?<br />
  4. Option A:<br />Technology & psychology to “optimize” them to convert.<br />
  5. Option B:<br />Givethemwhattheyreallywant.<br />
  6. “Thank you, that was exactly what I was looking for.”<br />
  7. To do that, we turn to some wisdom from a great book on landing page optimization…<br />
  8. * Apologies to Tim Ash.<br />
  9. The Man, the Boy, and the Donkey<br />“Please all, and you will please none.”<br />
  10. The donkey was the bottleneck.<br />
  11. If you want to please everyone,you need a lot more donkeys.<br />(These are digital donkeys.)<br />
  12. No, but it’s making us impatient.<br />
  13. landing page<br />ad copy<br />keyword<br />intent<br />Searchers expect the pieces to fit together.<br />
  14. “Message Match” — A Demonstration<br />
  15. “Thank you, that was exactly what I was looking for.”<br />
  16. “data recovery”<br />
  17. “data storage SOX compliance”<br />
  18. “data retention”<br />
  19. “snap server NAS”<br />
  20. “backup window”<br />
  21. “data storage”<br />
  22. “business continuity”<br />
  23. “Thank you, that was exactly what I was looking for.”<br />
  24. &gt;16% conversion rate<br />
  25. “Holy cats, man,how many landing pagesare you talking about here!?!”<br />
  26. Dozens of landing pages, yes.<br />Hundreds, possibly.<br />Thousands, well, probably not, but…<br />
  27. Creating more landing pages won’t harm the rainforest.<br />
  28. Case Study<br />Successfully deployed over 700 landing pages during a 5 month period.<br /><ul><li>30% increase in conversion rate
  29. 20% decrease in cost per acquisition (CPA)
  30. New pages deployed in hours</li></li></ul><li>6-7 landing pages/day sounds like a lot.<br />But how many search ads do you create?<br />landing page<br />keyword, ad<br />If they’re not connected for you, why would they be connected for your respondents?<br />*<br />
  31. Is it humanly possible?<br />
  32. 7 Steps to a Landing Page Flying Machine<br />Adopt some kind of CMS for landing pages.<br />Create a set of a reusable design templates.<br />Establish a library of branded and matched art (images, video, interactive widgets, etc.).<br />Standardize data collection and analytics.<br />Use parameterized Flash objects to generate beautiful pages on-demand.<br />Implement simple and fast A/B testing (such as Google Website Optimizer).<br />Optimize your team process and practice.<br />
  33. Once you can turn the crank, it’s fresh squeezed landing pages for everyone.<br />
  34. 3 ways to juice your search marketing with landing pages<br />message match<br />campaigns & promotions<br />test-driven marketing<br />
  35. Campaigns work.<br />
  36. Sales promotions work.<br />
  37. Test-Driven Marketing:<br />Controlled experiments to discover what people really want.<br />
  38. It’s not about the number of tests…<br />It’s about what you’re testing.<br />
  39. Find what they’re looking for and give it to them.<br />That’s landing page usefulness.<br />
  40. “Thank you, that was exactly what I was looking for.”<br />