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10 New Ways to Get Value from ion in 2017


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Audrey Ross, Director of Customer Engagement, Shares 10 Fresh, New Ways to Get Even More Value from ion interactive in 2017!

2017 promises to be a banner year for interactive experiences. Start your year off right with the latest and greatest ways you can use the ion platform for engaging digital experiences.

Audrey spotlights new Quick Starts you can use for everything from account-based marketing to good ol’ landing pages. She takes you through easy ways to get more value and mileage from your content through testing and embedding in external sites. And, you get new tips and tricks for tapping into ion support and resources to help you get the job done.

Top 10 Includes:
1. Content Testing in ion
2. Easy Quick Starts
3. 2017 Landing Pages
4. Creating Content “Stories”
5. Finding the Perfect Quick Start
6. Interactive Video!
7. Account Based Marketing Quick Start
8. Modern “Forms” (MadLib, Progressive)
9. Embedding ion in Your Site
10. In-Platform Chat Support
BONUS: Sales Enablement!

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10 New Ways to Get Value from ion in 2017

  1. 1. 10 New Ways to Get Value
 from ion in 2017
  2. 2. Welcome Audrey Ross
 Director of Customer Engagement
 Shaun Williams
 Marketing Manager

  3. 3. Tweet Us @ioninteractive #ionwebinar
  4. 4. 1. Testing Your Content 2. Easy Quick Starts! 3. Landing Pages 4. Creating Content Stories 5. Finding your Perfect Quick Start 6. Interactive Video 7. Account Based Marketing 8. Modern Forms 9. Embed Your ion Content 10. In-platform Chat What We’ll Cover
  5. 5. Testing Your Content 1
  6. 6. Testing Your Content 1 • A/B tests: Not just for landing pages 
 and site testing!
 • Start with high-value and high-
 volume pieces
 • Test the entry into the content
 • If lead gen, test the gate 
 (or absence of the gate!)
  7. 7. To Gate or Not To Gate? Gated Experience Ungated Experience
  8. 8. Easy Quick Starts
  9. 9. Easy Quick Starts All customers have them, any 
 customer can use
 No training needed - just save, 
 publish, and launch!
 With ready content, can be 
 launched in < 1 hour
  10. 10. Easy Quick Starts Easy Assessment
  11. 11. Easy Quick Starts Easy Quiz
  12. 12. Landing Pages 3
  13. 13. Landing Pages Sears Landing Page
  14. 14. Landing Pages Total Protect Home Warranty Landing Page
  15. 15. Creating Content Stories
  16. 16. Centermark Info-
 graphic Assessment Results
  17. 17. Finding your Perfect
 Quick Start
  18. 18. Finding Your Perfect QuickStart 1. Go to ion website 2. Find template gallery, under 
 Examples 3. Explore Easy as 1-2-3
  19. 19. Interactive Video
  20. 20. “In 2015, videos grew in consumption the most, among all content types. Many are predicting that video will compose 70% of all internet 
 traffic, by 2017.” Online video is the fastest growing content marketing trend: ~ Neil Patel
  21. 21. 43 percent of consumers want to see
 more video from brands. 43%
  22. 22. Video = ROI A Firebrand Group study recently discovered
 that about 85 percent of marketers have seen positive ROI from their video efforts. 85%
  23. 23. According to HubSpot research. 
 Video was followed by social 
 media posts, news articles and research content.
 “…the content that has the best chance to keep the audience’s 
 attention is video, due to its 
 interactive nature.”
 Video Is Being Consumed
  24. 24. Video Decision Tree ion Quick Start - Video Decision Tree
  25. 25. Interactive Video
  26. 26. Account Based Marketing
  27. 27. Quick Starts Quick Pitch for Accounts Based Marketers
  28. 28. Quick Starts Online Sales Presentation
  29. 29. Modern Forms
  30. 30. Quick Starts Landing Page with Mad Lib Form
  31. 31. Quick Starts Slide-in Right Form
  32. 32. Progressive Profiling New User Return User ID
  33. 33. Embed Your ion Content
  34. 34. Embedded Customer Experience FPL Embedded Calculator
  35. 35. Embedded Experience Embedded Savings Calculator
  36. 36. Embedded Experience Embedded Resource Library
  37. 37. In-Platform Chat
  38. 38. In-Platform Chat Dave Max Jay Maryl Olivia Shana
  39. 39. In-Platform Chat Click on the 
 chat icon
  40. 40. Bonus!
 Sales Enablement 11
  41. 41. Sell-Side Sell-Side
  42. 42. Sell-Side Sell-Side
  43. 43. Quick Starts ion Quick Start - Quick Pitch for Accounts Based Marketers
  44. 44. Sales Enablement ion Quick Start - Online Sales Presentation
  45. 45. Sales Enablement ion Quick Start - Sales Asset Matcher
  46. 46. twitter: @ioninteractive Thank You