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openPicus miniUSB programmer datasheet


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miniUSB Programmer is suitable for firmware download to Flyport modules on Nest boards.

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openPicus miniUSB programmer datasheet

  1. 1. compact USB ProgrammerIntroduction Each Flyport module has a serial bootloader preloaded onboard. • Mini USB connector The miniUSB PROGRAMMER is a USB to Serial (UART) con- verter with a 6 ways female pin header connector. It is the • 6 pin programming interface standard programming interface for the expansion boards. • Easy install drivers The miniUSB PROGRAMMER provides 5V power supply to the boards. • openPICUS Free IDE The miniUSB PROGRAMMER is 100% compatible with the • Serial Bootloader openPICUS Free IDE • 5V power supply • 51*27.5mmFacts USB interface mini USB B-type (cable not provided) Programming interface 6 ways pin header at 2.54mm (0.10”) pitch Device Reset MOSFET onboard Communication RESET and UART communication Power supply 5V output Compact dimensions 51 * 27.5 mm Benefits Devices • Easy to install • Flyport Wi-Fi • Easy to manage and use • Flyport Ethernet • Easy to interface • Expansion Nests • Zero Time for development • Open source tel +39 0721 0730896 Eikon srl, Rome (RM), Italy Rev.1 03/02/2012 P 1
  2. 2. compact USB ProgrammerJP2 PINOUT — Programming Connector Pin Name Function 1 +5V 5V power supply 2 NC NC 3 GND Ground power supply 4 RX UART RX signal 5 TX UART TX signal 6 RESET Flyport Modules ResetMechanical info powered by technology Technical Informations Electrical USB Power supply 5V from USB Cable USB 2.0 Full speed compatible Onboard LEDs for TX and RX visual feedback Mechanical Operating Temperature -20..+85°C Dimensions 51*27.5mm tel +39 0721 0730896 Eikon srl, Rome (RM), Italy Rev.1 03/02/2012 P 2
  3. 3. compact USB ProgrammerApplications development Please visit openPICUS project website to download the IDE, a getting started guide and some apps examples and libraries. The suggested starter kit is composed by: • miniUSB PROGRAMMER (to download firmware) Code.015371 • Proto NEST Code.015376 • Flyport Wi-Fi module Code.015350 or Code.015353 • Flyport Ethernet module Code.015356 or Code.015357 Each FlyPort Module has a serial bootloader onboard.ORDERING INFORMATION Buy online from or contact your local reseller. miniUSB PROGRAMMER Product Code 015371 Eikon srl Partner Via Giacomo Peroni 442 00131 Rome (RM) Italy Tel +39 06 92916378 Fax +39 0721 054588 Web Email tel +39 0721 0730896 Eikon srl, Rome (RM), Italy Rev.1 03/02/2012 P 3