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5 Reasons to use IONEEC


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IONEEC is the very first interactive platform where anyone can share digital samples of any kind and compare them with similar content of the most popular platforms thanks to weekly a stimulation competition.

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5 Reasons to use IONEEC

  1. 1. 5 Reasons To Use IONEEC? Serge Ayissi IONEEC – Stimulate Your Art! 22nd of January 2016 Version 1
  2. 2. Simple Concept 1. + 2. 4.3. Vote for Best Artwork Add Samples + Contribution Submit Samples to Stimulation Earn Money and Ratings
  3. 3. Activity > Popularity Problems of Static Popularity on Major Website Decreasing Popularity on IONEEC due to inactivity of the Member Same Artists top Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram popularity charts! Terrasun, Electronic Music artist won the IONEEC competition and had a decreasing popularity from 2500 points to 0 points in 8 weeks due to inactivity!
  4. 4. Fair Competition All competing Artists give out 3 votes per Samples in competition Round of 16 Samples: Artists can’t vote for their own Artwork! 3 votes are given out to other Artworks competing in the same Category That action validate the Artwork submitted by the Artist Round of 16 Samples including the Artist own Artwork deactivated from own vote Fair Self-Promotion in an artistic community Votes
  5. 5. Financial Contribution Weekly competitions allow 3 winners per category to earn money A growing number of submitting Artists gives the Art more financial power! Difference between Crowdfunding and IONEEC External people fund projects based on an idea found to have potential A community of Artists finance each other`s artwork after a fair competitive selection
  6. 6. Adaptability To All Arts Text Samples / SlideShare API Image Samples / Instagram API Audio Samples / Soundcloud API Video Samples / Youtube API Novels, Roman, Poetry, blogging, News, Thesis Music, Sounds, Non-Music, Sound Bank, Samples, Schemes Painting, Photography, Graffiti, Modelling, Selfie, Sculpture Film, Sequences, Gaming, Pranking, Interactivity, Visual Music