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  1. 1. Vocabulary: crime and Punishment Vocabulary part of speech Meaning Example sentencearrest My partner arrested the man who set fire to take into police controlverb the building.assailant person who assaults or attacks Did you see the assailant run away?nounat large (on theloose) Im afraid that the man who robbed the bank not caught, running freepreposition + is still at large.adjectivearmed and is carrying a weapon and has a Do not approach the thief if you see him.dangerous violent background He is considered armed and dangerous.adjectiveback-up police that are called in to support or Were calling for back up now that wenoun help know she has a gun.bail large amount of money that someone Your husbands bail is posted at 20, 000noun pays as a promise to appear in court dollars. heavy stick that police use forbaton (night stick) No, we dont carry guns. We only have controlling crowds or defendingnoun batons. themselvesbook someone Were taking your brother down to the register someone as a criminalverb station to book him.break into enter a residence, car, or business Do you have any idea who would haveverb illegally broken into your car?burglar a person who breaks into a home or We think the burglar got in through yournoun business and steals items chimney.cell Well have to keep you in a cell until individual room in a jail/prisonnoun someone comes to pay your bail.convict a person who is doing (or supposed to Please be aware that there is a convict onnoun be doing) jailtime the loose.cop/copper police officer (common slang) Did somebody here call the cops?nouncriminal record a file that lists all of the crimes a We dont allow anyone with a criminalnoun person has committed record into our country.
  2. 2. crime scene Please stay outside the yellow tape. This is the place where a crime happenednoun a crime scene.cruiser (squad car) Please step out of your vehicle and get into police carnoun the police cruiser.(in) custody You will be happy to know that we have under police controlnoun taken the kidnapper into custody. (Driving Under the Influence/Driving Your record says that you have twoDUI/DWI while Intoxicated). Driving after previous DUIs. drinking too much alcoholdetective police officer responsible for solving The detective is going to ask you a fewnoun crime questions about the mans time receive punishment for a crime by You wont be required to do any time butverb + noun spending time in jail you will have to pay a fine.domestic dispute argument/trouble in the home(often Weve had a number of calls reporting aadjective + noun leads to violence) domestic dispute in your hotel room.escape If you try to escape we will have to restrain get away from a holding placeverb you with handcuffs.felony Murder is considered a felony and is a major crime (e.g. murder)noun punishable by life in prison.fine money that a person pays for You can get charged a large fine fornoun breaking a law speeding in a school zone.fingerprints marks left by fingers that identify a Were going to have to check your personalnoun person belongings for fingerprints.firearms It is illegal to carry unregistered firearms weapons that shootnoun such as rifles and pistols.gang a group of people often associated Stay away from this area at night as there isnoun with crime and drugs a lot of gang activity.guilty responsible for a crime, deserving of You will be considered innocent until youadjective punishment are proven guilty. metal rings that attach to wrists to We put your boyfriend in handcuffs,handcuffs keep criminals (or the accused)from because we saw him climbing through yournoun escaping window and thought he was an intruder. Well believe you are innocent when youinnocent not responsible for the crime show us your receipt for the items in theadjective bag.intruder a person who enters a home or Someone called to report an intruder onnoun business illegally the third floor.jail (prison) The guards will be patrolling the prison all a place where criminals are confinednoun day long. Stealing a road sign is considered amisdemeanor a minor crime (punishment is usually misdemeanor,but is punishable by a largenoun a fine or less than one year in jail) fine.
  3. 3. a call to the police to complain of noise complaint Two of your neighbours have made a noise disturbing noise (usually music or a noun complaint tonight. party) another officer that a policeman Im going to get you to tell your story to my partner noun drives and works with partner. patrol (on patrol) We always patrol the downtown core on observe and protect an area verb the weekends. perpetrator person who committed the crime The perpetrator is still at large. noun pickpocket a thief who steals from peoples Beware of pickpockets on the subway. noun pockets in transit or in crowds pistol Our local cops carry pistols but rarely use a hand held firearm noun them. pursuit We are in pursuit of a man in a green the act of searching for noun jacket and orange pants. radio wave transmission that helps radar According to our radar you were driving police track cars and map crime noun/adjective well above the speed limit. scenes robbery theft; taking something that does not We have twenty officers investigating the noun belong to you, often with force bank robbery. Your license shows a clean driving record speeding ticket a fine given to a driver who gets except for one speeding ticket from five noun caught driving beyond the speed limit years ago. steal to take something that does not Do you know who stole your wallet? verb belong to you street crime Dont give the beggars any money. You will crime such as drugs and prostitution noun only be promoting street crime. thief somebody who steals We have found the thief who stole your car. noun walkie-talkie My partner told me your license plate over hand held radio each partner carries noun his walkie-talkie. wanted A man from your hotel is wanted for his being searched for by police adjective involvement in a murder. witness Three people witnessed the murder but they to see something happen verb are afraid to speak. young offender (juvenile a minor who commits a crime Your punishment will be less severe delinquent) (usually under age of 18) because you are a young offender. noun