Ldc Pakistan Law And Order Improvement


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How to get out of the mess of poverty for poor countries through law and order?

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Ldc Pakistan Law And Order Improvement

  1. 1. Pakistan: Survive or Perish? Presentation for General Pervez Musharaf President of Pakistan Via Nazim Karachi, Mr Niamatullah Khan By Imran O Kazmi MD Synergize, Trainer Nokia Academy, Partner AGN MAK Dubai +97150-5849562 1
  2. 2. Summary • I acknowledge Mr Niamatullah’s (Nazim Karachi) interest in the matter and thank him for encouragement. • This presentation, best done personally by the undersigned, aims at sharing your load for peace and progress of the nation. • I will be visiting Islamabad end of June 04 and can present then, or before, if you desire (am in Dubai for a few days June 19-23, 2004) – Imran O Kazmi, June 10, 2004 • MD Synergize, Trainer Nokia Academy, Partner AGN MAK 2 • Cell Pakistan +9-300-9274922, Dubai +97150-5849562
  3. 3. Path to Perish (current) • Economic instability: – Increasing poverty percentages, leading to lawlessness • Lawlessness: – increasing murders/killings, with or without a cause (add today mornings killings Clifton Bridge, Karachi) • Foreign relations: – Friends are foes? Increasing demands with increasing internal costs / tradeoffs • End result: – GROWING INTERNAL HATRED OF GOVERNMENT AND ITS POLICIES WHILE 3 INSECURE FROM THE FOREIGN END!
  4. 4. Survive • Prioritize current situation – Win-Win Foreign relations • Leads to – Peace/Law and order • Leads to – Overall Economic Stability 4
  5. 5. Survive: How? • Win-Win Foreign relations – Immediate goal • Understand their REAL concerns • Create an ACTION PLAN to address those concerns • Keeping in mind internal nation dynamics • Follow Sun-Tzu, win the HEARTS of your people to meet foreign demands – Long term goal • Establish foundation for long term solid relationship 5
  6. 6. Survive: Mass Change • Massive media campaign to WIN HEARTS/DAO (Sun-Tzu) • Why? – One CANNOT control a nation the size and economic health like Pakistan WITHOUT atleast 50% ACTIVE support of the people who make up Pakistan • Mechanics – Portray BASIC values of Islam that embody PEACE, LOVE, TOLERANCE, HARD WORK – RELATE EACH VALUE to current problems and issues 6
  7. 7. Survive: Mass Change (contd) • Involve private and public sector – Why? • Spread the message via banners and advertising • Set up FUNDS and local organizations for: – Healthcare – Education – Law and order – Public works • In return offer the private sector immense advertising opportunities and CUTS in taxes (since taxes go down the drain anyway!) 7
  8. 8. Survive: Part 2 • By now, you would have eliminated – 50-60% of law and order issues – Enhanced morale of nationals – Built (enhanced) credibility with foreign powers • Civil services reforms – Reform the police, icon of law enforcement 8
  9. 9. Survive: Part 2 (contd) • Reform the police – Come up with ways through budgetary or private sector help TO • INCREASE payscales of Police to those of premium private sector comparable employees with same facilities – Side by side, reform systems/ops of police • Work on leadership and electronic systems – Build morale and skill of police force • Inculcate belief of PROTECTORS, pay accordingly 9
  10. 10. Survive: Part 3 • Economic Stability – Stable foreign relations – and – Stable internal law and order position – Will lead to – Gradual local and foreign investor participation – Couple with a sound long term investment strategy • But then, lets sort out the immediate challenges first and we’ll take care of this too 10
  11. 11. So what do you think? Lets meet and solidify the thoughts into concrete action steps 11