How to fundraise using email (Rachel Collinson)


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  • Asking a donor who gave £250 to give an extra £10 is insulting; the reverse would be worse Why not request donation amounts that are slightly larger than your donor's previous gift, or see if they'd be willing to set up a regular amount that's lower? Why not present a different extra message depending on when your donor's last gift was? Correlating the things your supporter has looked at on your website is also powerful. This tells you what they are interested in and thus helps you to understand how to talk to them.
  • Relatively small segments, but results have borne out in other appeal emails that PETA have sent.
  • Carry through personalisation if possible. No point personalising an email if the landing page then screams ‘I have no idea who you are!’ Both email and landing page should say ‘I know you.’ Mention the same story and appeal on the donation page; suggest what will happen as a thank you Prefill the donor's name and details in the form. This doubles conversion rates.
  • A client without mobile optimised donation pages had 3% of total pages converted on a mobile device. When they added a mobile optimised page the donation page conversion increased to 4.6%.
  • you could be losing up to 36% of potential donations by sending out emails that appear sub-standard on mobile devices or fail to work
  • There’s so much more to say about email, including about the power of email triggers and sequences, storytelling and use of emotion. Email me to get a report and more tips if you haven’t already signed up.
  • How to fundraise using email (Rachel Collinson)

    1. 1. Institute of FundraisingEffective fundraising by email October 2012
    2. 2. Maximising gifts: segment
    3. 3. People like to feel you know them personallyBuild segments from:• Last donation amount• Time since last donation• Type of donation• Gift completed / not• Other website actions• Region
    4. 4. An examplePETA France• Email included either fundraising ask or campaign ask depending on segment• Segment based on activity level and donor capacity
    5. 5. segment profile numberdonor: lapsed 0 512donor: moderate 0-24 months / 0-99 € 552donor: high 0-24 months / 100-200 € 20
    6. 6. segment click through responsedonor: lapsed 10.83% 1.17%donor: moderate 20.86% 1.99%donor: high 25.00% 5.00%
    7. 7. segment average amount € gross €donor: lapsed 28.33 € 170.00 €donor: moderate 20.91 € 230.00 €donor: high 150.00 € 150.00 €
    8. 8. Interesting…What does this tell us?• Relevant, personal content = • Higher conversion rate • More donations • Higher average gift
    9. 9. Connecting to the donation page
    10. 10. Connecting to the donation page• 3x the response of previous appeals• £16.29 average gift• £5,736 total raised
    11. 11. The importance ofMobile optimisation
    12. 12. We tested and found that36% of recipients read on mobile• If your email doesn’t work on mobile, your readers will abandon it• We know this because only 1% look at email on desktop as well
    13. 13. Eeek!
    14. 14. To avoid this…Make sure you:• Keep the format simple – one or two columns only• Have a view in browser option at the top• Make a single ask• Have text links as well as image links• Have a text only alternative
    15. 15. To avoid this…Make sure you:• Optimise landing pages and donation forms as well• Use payment providers that support mobile•TEST!
    16. 16. For more tips in our report…Email
    17. 17. Find out more byCONTACTING