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Converting online campaigners into donors - Graham Covington - Engaging Networks


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Converting online campaigners into donors - Graham Covington - Engaging Networks

  1. 1. Institute of Fundraising Digital ConferenceCampaigners are Donors 12th September, 2012
  2. 2. could you use more money for your world changing activism?fundraising and activism• research tells us that activists and campaigners are often the most generous donors to charities they support• most often, charities use email emails, direct mail, and other multi- channel approaches to ask their activists to become donors• Greenpeace UK has been experimenting with the Engaging Networks platform to convince new and existing activists to donate while they are taking action• the results have been raising an additional £90,000 for Greenpeace UK over the last few months
  3. 3. Greenpeace UK has always offered activists an option to donate to support their
  4. 4. what was happening?things could improve • supporters that clicked to make a donation had to re-enter all of their data on the donation page • the campaign branding and energy was completely lost between the advocacy action and the donation page • an extra click often means a ‘click too far’ and conversions were relatively low • does this mean that supporters did not want to give?
  5. 5. Shell Arctic Campaign: timefor integration, innovationand experimentation
  6. 6. what was different with Shell Arctic Campaign?a few critical changes were made • critically, the campaign brand was carried into the donation page • options for sharing and a big ‘thank you’ were displayed to everyone taking the action • the donation form was embedded directly into the thank you page • supporter data was carried over to the donation page so that only credit card information was required
  7. 7. BEFORE the change, what did Greenpeace UK achieve?campaign actions %RR Av gift Total Per Actionfish fight: Princes 28,550 0.05% £26.79 £795 £0.03fish fight: J West 51,909 0.06% £25.35 £1,386 £0.03Cairn Petition 7,715 0.30% £19.78 £455 £0.06Barbie 26,967 0.40% £27.45 £3,717 £0.14VW Jedi 40,466 0.03% £24.27 £375 £0.01
  8. 8. can we see the new data?the results of the change werefantastic • 28,468 action takes for the Shell Arctic Campaign • 1.23% response rate, representing a 3-4 fold increase • £16.29 average gift • £5,736 total raised • £0.20 per action (50% higher)
  9. 9. well, that worked well. let’s try it again, again,and again,
  10. 10. could it still be working?here are some of the resultscampaign actions %RR Av gift Total Per ActionKFC 14,955 0.56% £16.67 £1,401 £0.09iCoal 14,041 0.34% £15 £720 £0.05Arctic 55,247 1.07% £16.90 £9,970 £0.18
  11. 11. how can we dig deeper?there is more data to come• to what extend is ‘been there, done that’ having an impact on supporters that gave in a previous campaign?• can we isolate new supporters in the data to provide a more equal basis on which to evaluate campaign success?• what attributes can we apply to a campaign to make ‘like for like’ comparison possible?• how can these low level new donors be encouraged to donate more regularly and larger amounts over time?
  12. 12. what about trying this on with a Care2 petition?segmenting new supporters• petition sites like Care2 suppress against the nonprofit house file so they collect the names of only new supporters• after signing the Care2 petition supporters were presented with an embedded Engaging Networks fundraising widget• 0.3% of the 18,000 opted-in petition signers made a donation
  13. 13. any more innovation?homepage takeover• the Arctic Emergency takes over the Greenpeace UK homepage with a focus on direct fundraising appeals and limited options to take action• web traffic is supplemented with email push to existing supporters• on the first day, over 1,200 transactions are recorded in Engaging Networks and almost £30,000 raised• the takeover is continuing today
  14. 14. social anyone?can you raise money on Facebook? • raising money on Facebook has been remarkably hard for nonprofits - the latest NTEN benchmark data maintains the trend of fundraising failure • Peta UK decided to test an Engaging Networks campaigning widget on their Facebook page • completing the campaigning ask, supporters were connected to a fundraising widget • how many campaigners would give money?
  15. 15. a tale of two widgets
  16. 16. did Facebook deliver?success… but not as expected• 1 supporter made a £20 donation after taking action BUT• of 500 action takers, 140 were opted-in new supporters• email fundraising ‘asks’ were sent to these supporters over 3 months• these supporters generated a 7.1% conversion rate• 30% of the new donors signed up as recurring monthly donors• additional conversion has taken place via direct mail (there has not been any telephone solicitation)
  17. 17. so what has been learned?takeaways • the moment at which an activist is committing support to a specific issue, is an excellent opportunity to present the fundraising appeal in the context of the same issue • campaign branding and a visual connection between the campaign and fundraising asks maintains the engagement • make it easy for supporters to donate, or you will leave a lot of money on the table
  18. 18. Save the Arctic
  19. 19. Save the ArcticGreenpeace’s biggest ever campaignAim to sign up 1 million people globally by the end of 2012Convert 21,400 of these to new regular givers
  20. 20. Soft Launch – January 2012
  21. 21. Main launch – 21st June
  22. 22. Promotion• Emails to current activists• Tell a friend in thank you email• Social media• Videos• Actions• Greenpeace TV• Offline sign ups • SMS • iPads at festivals
  23. 23. Promotion
  24. 24. Promotion
  25. 25. Promotion - GPTV
  26. 26. Goal reached!
  27. 27. Thank you page Actions – 47603. Donations - 1365. Conversion rate – 2.86%
  28. 28. Converting leads to donors Sent – 37083 Direct Debits – 184 (including reminder) Cash donations - 60
  29. 29. The power of an emergency
  30. 30. The power of an emergency
  31. 31. Breaking records Emails – 268k Visits – 11758 Donations - 1879 Total income – £46,891 Direct debits - 93
  32. 32. Find out more byCONTACTING