Rebranding to increase funds


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Rebranding to increase funds

  1. 1. Rebranding to increase funds Bridget GardinerDirector of Fundraising and Marketing Karen Cornes Marketing and Digital Manager
  2. 2. Outline of session• Brief background to Epilepsy Society• Objectives for our rebrand• How we achieved buy-in / overcame opposition• How we delivered on a modest budget• Effect rebrand has had on fundraising income• Top tips and ideas for re-engergising your fundraising
  3. 3. Epilepsy Society• Largest medical epilepsy charity in the UK• Information, care, support, assessment, research• Change of focus and funding in last 5 years• Turnover c. £17 million• Voluntary income = 17%• Residential care and supported living – 53%• Medical care and assessment – 15%
  4. 4. Do you know anyone affected by epilepsy?
  5. 5. Misunderstanding and stigma
  6. 6. Crowded market place
  7. 7. 120 years old
  8. 8. Old
  9. 9. Rebrand objectives• To increase awareness of our charity, leading to increased funding and more support for people affected by epilepsy.• Make ourselves known and recognised, as there are around 30 epilepsy charities in the country competing for attention and funds. We needed to maintain and ultimately increase fundraising income.• To reinvent the term ‘society’ by building on our history but at the same time broadening and modernising ourselves, so that we reach out to more people across the varying levels of severity of epilepsy.
  10. 10. It takes time to rebrand!It took us over three years!
  11. 11. Overcoming barriers62% of responders to questionnaire in 2008 saidwe should not change our name ‘Younger people come into a company or society and immediately want to ‘just because it make changes, but there is trendy to do is no point in change for so’ change’s sake’
  12. 12. How we got buy-in
  13. 13. Epilepsy Society
  14. 14. Social Media
  15. 15. How we delivered on a modest budget
  16. 16. Fundraising income Voluntary income excluding legacies3,000,0002,500,0002,000,0001,500,0001,000,000 500,000 0 2009/10 2010/11 2011/12
  17. 17. Fundraising costs Fundraising expenditure incl. support costs1,000,000 800,000 600,000 400,000 200,000 0 2009/10 2010/11 2011/12
  18. 18. How are we doing in 2012?• Individual giving up 12% to end of October compared with 2011• Community, challenges and sporting events up 28% to end of October compared with 2012
  19. 19. Top tips – rebrand external• Take it slowly• Deal with concerns & capture the praise• Demonstrate economies• Keep reminding stakeholders why you are doing it• Decide on your priorities• Focus on your supporters
  20. 20. Top tips – rebrand internal• Make it fun• Involve and engage• Demonstrate / visualise the brand• Make it relevant to staff and volunteers
  21. 21. Top tips – fundraising and rebrand• Visualise the brand• Choose a colour which people are happy to wear• Low cost merchandising items and giveaways to reinforce the brand• Spread costs across three financial years• Energise supporters to promote the new brand• Celebrate success in all communications and on website• Dovetail with a proactive and detailed programme of stewardship
  22. 22. Top tips – fundraising and rebrand
  23. 23. Top tips – fundraising and rebrand
  24. 24. Top tips – fundraising and rebrand
  25. 25. Any questions?