Getting there


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Getting there

  1. 1. GETTING THERE… Moving towards sustainabilityin a small charity Reg Charity Number 1136915
  2. 2. Aims• To understand what is meant by sustainability.• To understand the importance of change and identify method of mitigating or maximising the impact of change.• Practical step to take when we move towards sustainability. Reg Charity Number 1136915
  3. 3. What is Sustainability• “Sustainability is the capacity to endure”- Wikipedia• “Business sustainability represents resiliency over time – businesses that can survive shocks because they are intimately connected to healthy economic, social and environmental systems.”- Financial Times Lexicon. Reg Charity Number 1136915
  4. 4. Charity Sustainability• “For non profits, financial sustainability and programmatic sustainability can not be separated. It is not enough to have a high impact programme if there is no effective strategy for sustaining the organsiation financially. And neither is it enough to be financially stable; we build our organisations for impact, not stability.”Non Profit Sustainability Reg Charity Number 1136915
  5. 5. Reg Charity Number 1136915
  6. 6. Getting There…“Sustainability is an orientation, not a destination.” Non Profit Sustainability Reg Charity Number 1136915
  7. 7. REFLECTION Reg Charity Number 1136915
  8. 8. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE?? WHY DO YOU DO WHAT YOU DO?• What are your aims?• Do you fit the funding or does the funding fit you?• Are all of your activities necessary to meeting your aims? Reg Charity Number 1136915
  9. 9. Mission Impact vs. Profitability impact High mission impact High mission impact Low profitability High profitabilityprofitability Low mission impact Low mission impact Low profitability High profitability Reg Charity Number 1136915
  10. 10. Income Streams • Limited resources = multi-discipline fundraisers• Jack of all trades…master of none? Reg Charity Number 1136915
  11. 11. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme! – Joe Saxton Reg Charity Number 1136915
  12. 12. Income SourcesCommitted Statutory Corporate Giving Events Legacies Trusts and Grants Community Major and Donors Individual Reg Charity Number 1136915
  13. 13. Data• Data management is essential to creating a Sustainable organisation.• Effective CRM moves donors up the pyramid and will enable other income sources to be developed over time. Reg Charity Number 1136915
  14. 14. Profile• Every strategy undertaken has to be supported by a effective and well thought out PR strategy.• If the skills to deliver this do not exist within your organisation it is essential to invest in getting them. Reg Charity Number 1136915
  15. 15. Gift aid• Charities are currently missing out on over £740 million each year in Gift Aid income alone. (IOF Tax Effective Giving Website) Reg Charity Number 1136915
  16. 16. Resources Reg Charity Number 1136915
  17. 17. Reg Charity Number 1136915