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Getting started with online fundraising


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Getting started with online fundraising

  1. 1. IoF conference:Fundraising in a small charityGetting started with online fundraisingMichelle FortuneCharity Support
  2. 2. What we’re going to cover today1. Why fundraise online?2. Setting up a basic online profile with JustGiving3. Promote online fundraising & attract supporters4. Drive traffic to your page
  3. 3. Why fundraise online?  In 2012, 80% of all UK households had internet access You’ll be where the people are & make it easy for people to give 50m mobile phone users are ready to  A third of people on JustGiving find give instantly and spontaneously us through social networks.  Through JustGiving, they can give online or via their mobile phone straightaway.
  4. 4. Why fundraise online? Percentage of households with Internet access
  5. 5. Why fundraise online? A whopping 85% of online  People are more generous when they give donations are eligible for Gift Aid, through a website. The average online compared to only 43% offline. donation is £30, compared to £15 offline.  In January Over £1 billion 2013, 40% of allhas been donated donations came via JustGiving via mobile phones Youll raise more money & tablets People have more ways to give  People can now donate for abroad in e.g. Credit card, PayPal, Direct Debit, their local currency too text donation
  6. 6. Why fundraise online? Your own profile page Mobile optimised view Buttons JustTextGiving Loads of fundraising tools Social media fundraising & sharing Comprehensive charity account
  7. 7. Setting up a basic online profile with JustGivingThis is your charity‟s dedicatedarea on JustGiving – it‟s just like amini website.Promote this profile to yourcommunity so potentialsupporters can easily find yourcharity online.Here they can make a donation,set-up a monthly direct debit orcreate a fundraising page.A third of people on JustGivingfind us through social networks,and they‟re looking for charities tosupport! e.g.
  8. 8. Setting up a basic online profileStep 1 - Add your charity’s logo and a description of what your charity does.
  9. 9. Setting up a basic online profile with JustGivingStep 2 - Personalise your thankyou messageA thank you message is sent toeveryone who makes a donation throughJustGiving.This is sent as part of an email receiptand can be personalised so your charitycan use its own words to thank thepeople who donatePersonalising a thank-you message foryour supporters lets them know howmuch their donation means to yourcharity.
  10. 10. Setting up a basic online profile with JustGiving Step 4 – Use the features & tools percentage tracker in your charity account to make sure you’re getting the most out of JustGiving!
  11. 11. Promote online fundraising & attract supporters According to the people at Facebook, they  In 2012, facebook drove over 1.8 have over 1 billion active monthly users. million donors to Justgiving, 50% more than 2011 68% of the UK population is on Facebook.  They gave over £34 million, up 44% on 2011 Not forgetting the Use social media 200 million active  Our Facebook app Twitter users around It’s where the people are! generated over £680,000 the world ....and it’s free! Add compelling stories, share information & add our Create your own donation app. Get people to „like‟ your page. charity page on Facebook: Share & promote stories of fundraisers & supporters.
  12. 12. Case Study – Reverse Rett Research
  13. 13. Promote online fundraising & attract supportersSupport your fundraisers by providing tips, suggestions and adviceThe JustGiving blog offers tips andinformation for fundraisers atblog.justgiving.comThink about developing your ownfundraiser „pack‟ – it could include a fundraising tips leaflet contact details for further support How to create their page Ideas on how to spread the word about their fundraising Links to the JustGiving blog T-shirts or wristbands
  14. 14. Case study – Tree of Hope Children’s CharityJustGiving lets you know each time that new fundraising page is rated in support ofyour charity. We’ll also give you the email address of that new fundraiserTree of Hope Children‟s Charity uses these emails to contact their new fundraisers andwelcome them to the charity. The charity sends a welcome email, thanking the fundraiser for choosing to raise money for them. They offer fundraising tips & information on how to make the most of JustGiving They also contact the fundraiser when their activities are finished to say thanksA brilliant statistic:Tree of Hope fundraisers have raised over £14,000in text donations alone since June 2011. The charityencourages their fundraisers to use this facility.
  15. 15. Another great idea.....We let you know when afundraising page has expiredbecause the activities arecomplete.....Many charities use this as anopportunity to thank the fundraiserfor their support.As part of this, some charitieschoose to let the fundraiser knowhow they‟ll be using the money theyraised and tell tem the difference itwill make.People are more likely to supportyou again if they know that they aremaking a difference.
  16. 16. Promote online fundraising & attract supporters  Sing their praises, thank  Local press articles, on your website, & recognise them publicly at events, nominate them for awards  Champion their activities Thank and encourage online via social media – them for everything shout about how brilliant they‟re doing they are on Twitter & Facebook Champion your supporters!  Fundraisers who‟ve had a good experience will be more likely to come back and  Use a charity facebook page to fundraise again, say how well your fundraiser is doing & share their pages. Give an update on how much they‟ll also promote your charity to others, make a they‟ve raised so far or mention financial donation or even consider leaving a legacy their brilliant ideas.
  17. 17. Case study – Positive EastPositive East is a great advocate for its supporters. They use social media to promoteand celebrate the achievements of their fundraisers.Using social media in this way is a great idea, with so many people using it. It‟s acost-effective way to share information widely about your brilliant fundraisers Positive East has a „fundraiser of the week‟ whose efforts get promoted on Twitter and Facebook. They welcome any new runners with a „welcome‟ tweetA brilliant quote:“A retweet or a Facebook call-out is asimple way to start building arelationship with your followers andyou‟d be amazed how much they‟llappreciate it”. Mark Butcher – Positive East
  18. 18. Drive traffic to your pageHow do you get more people to take notice? Tell a great story! It‟s not about you, it’s what you do Make your story inclusive – involve your supporters Get your beneficiaries to talk on your behalf Be authentic (that‟s the easy part) Share that story EVERYWHERE! Keep it short and snappy where you can then link to a larger story if you need to Give easy next steps....
  19. 19. Drive traffic to your page So, you’ve told an amazing story & promoted it EVERYWHERE! Now people want to support you.... ...How do they do that? Easy, offer a great ‘call to action’ Use our buttons on your website, blogs, e-flyers and emails. Give a link to your JustGiving page on Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else you‟re telling your story. To support us or make a donation, visit
  20. 20. Drive traffic to your page They„re quick and easy to add – we offer step by step instructions  There‟s a selection of ready made buttons for you to choose from A few great things about buttons....  You‟ll raise significantly more than you would with a web address alone. Charities using JustGiving buttons on their website raise 58% more than charities that use links
  21. 21. Case study – The Neuroblastoma Alliance UKMany charities are using buttons to drive traffic to their page - in a single click, yoursupporter is taken to donate to your charity on JustGivingA charity recognising the impact of JustGiving buttons is The Neuroblastoma Alliance UK.The charity works with families, running appeals to raise funds for life-saving treatments.Add „make a page‟ buttons to theirwebsite to help people start the processof fundraising onlineThey also provide the families withbuttons to add to their own blogsA brilliant quote:“Buttons are much clearer to see on out web pages than complicated links and there‟sless confusion from our supporters, which saves us time. JustGiving buttons simplify theprocess. If people want to set up a page or donate, they can just click on a button and itwill take them exactly where they need to be” Marta Hofstrom– The Neuroblastoma Alliance UK
  22. 22. Summary – What we’ve covered1. Why fundraise online? Be where your supporters are – 80 of all UK households are online2. Setting up a basic online profile with JustGiving let the world know it’s you!3. Promote online fundraising & attract supporters Use social media, support & champion your fundraisers4. Drive traffic to your page craft a compelling reason to support you & use buttons to take people to your page!