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Effective event promotion


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Effective event promotion

  1. 1. Effective EventPromotion:How Sparks has reached a newfemale audience and openeddoors for the futureElvira Morrison – Head of Regional FundraisingElena Vincent – Head of Corporate Partnerships
  2. 2. Ingredients• How Sparks had fundraised before• Why we needed Bake• Objectives for 2013
  3. 3. Concept & Design• Who are we targeting• Investing in a concept• Getting it right
  4. 4. RailTube
  5. 5. • Gifts in kind• Social media• CelebritiesPromotional Channels
  6. 6. Promotional Channels• Warm networks• Local promo
  7. 7. Collaborative Working
  8. 8. Supporter Care• Looking after our hosts from registration onwards• Good problems to have
  9. 9. What we’ve achieved so far• Right ask, right audience• More active followers• New corporate relationships• Opportunities for next year• Great challenges
  10. 10. Hopes for 2014• Volume• Partnerships• Repeat and super hosts