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Branded fundraising pages


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Published in: News & Politics
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Branded fundraising pages

  1. 1. “Helping children reach their full potential”
  2. 2. Hope for ChildrenHope for Children (HOPE) exists to help orphaned,poor, exploited and other marginalised children indeveloping countries and in the UK.We actively identify disadvantaged children andcommunities by working with local partners. Throughempowering, collaborating and learning together weaim to build a sustainable future for the children andcommunities we serve.Our focus is to reach as many children as we can anddeliver to them the childhood every child deserves.We strive to work towards a world where children’srights are realised and they can reach their fullpotential.
  3. 3. Engaging Supporters Online
  4. 4. Online FundraisingPlatformsOur third largest mediumOver 10,000 visitsResult?Limited Brand ControlMissed Opportunity
  5. 5. Branded PagesAdvantagesControl over supporter interactionIncrease in peer 2 peer supportersIncrease the average donation receivedIncrease the frequency of repeat donations.
  6. 6. Our Kilimanjaro Legacy2 Universities, 200 climbers,200 fundraising pages!£200,000 raised so far.
  7. 7. TheCampaignPageA HOPE CampaignNot Just Giving, orVirgin Money GivingMaximum exposure toHOPE brandingSuperior donorengagement
  8. 8. TheFundraisingPageFundraising for HOPENo 3rd Party brandingMaximum exposure toHOPE brandingPeer 2 Peerengagement
  9. 9. A Fundraising Community
  10. 10. Donor CareCampaignSpecific MonthlyNewsletters:Encourage TeamworkShare Ideas/LearningReinforce the ‘biggerpicture’
  11. 11. Engaging the UniversitiesUse of API’s to drive fundraising totals and promotecompetition between University partners