Lesson plan on history of granada


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Lesson plan on history of granada

  1. 1. LESSON PLAN ON HISTORY OF GRANADA, al- ANDALUS (al- ANDALUS ON THEIR HEYDAY) . The SMART Board is a brand of interactive whiteboard. Students love the interactive, hands-on method of learning. With today's youth the most computer-oriented yet, the SMART Board is a fun, visual learning method that students can get on board with Warm up : using smartboard showing some pictures related with al- ANDALUS and ALHAMBRA asking students whether they know anything about the pictures.and al- ANDALUSIA Presentation: watching the documentary of the Rise and Fall of Islamic Spain. Learning about Abdurrahman III the founder of al- ANDALUS and ALHAMBRA and all the other necessary information. Functions: Talking about accomplishments Imparting and seeking factual informations Talking about past events and states in the past Improving their knowledge about world history Comparing past and getting ready for future
  2. 2. Materials: smartboard, map. books computer, overhead projector,slides cd . Resources: You Tube Rise and Fall of Islamic Spain 1st lesson: watching the documentary carefully 2nd lesson: Students prepare questions( true false questions and wh questions) about what they have already watched in documentary and ask each other, answer 3rd lesson: summarizing the history of al Andulisa and Alhambra and Comparing it with another civilisation lived at the same period somewhere around the world.