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Ioioboutique Engl


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handmade jewelry

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Ioioboutique Engl

  1. 1. IoiO BoUtIqUe If you are looking for an original handmade product, welcome to IoiO BoUtIqUe. Beyond the counter there are few words to say about working with different materials.
  2. 2. The most creative way of “ painting” jewelry is the embroidery. You can use gems, beads and seed beads. You can draw the pattern you like and mix the colors that express yourself better.
  3. 3. Embroidery
  4. 4. Embroidery
  5. 5. Wrapping the wire and chainmail are Elfish skills You can imagine any shape, combining arabesques, spirals and crocheted wrapped methods.
  6. 6. Wrapping wire
  7. 7. Wrapping wire
  8. 8. Wrapping wire
  9. 9. Wrapping the wire and chainmail are Elfish skills. Very interesting objects, shinning in a medieval light, can be created using the chain mail technique.
  10. 10. To weave on a loom gets you to the traditional, almost conservatoire art age. There are both tapestries and jewelry to leave the loom and the threads or the seed beads used create a very specific beauty.
  11. 11. Loom work
  12. 12. Tapestry
  13. 13. Tapestry
  14. 14. Loom work
  15. 15. An ancient technique, known today due to the French artists, is the beading art. The most glamorous pearls or crystals jewelry are beaded. Memorable bride’s bouquets are beaded petal-by-petal and leaf-by-leaf with small seed beads.
  16. 16. Beading
  17. 17. Textile
  18. 18. Stringing the beads allows the artist to use together extremely different materials creating sometimes simple and beautiful objects, other times extravagant and shocking ones.
  19. 19. Stringing
  20. 20. Stringing
  21. 21. My shop is an open door to my entire collection. Here you can find a large variety of designs: from simple, casual, classical to special design, for wedding or event moments, from expensive materials as pearls and crystal to glass and wood ones