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Fosdem 2016 - Community Driven Testing

  1. Community Driven Testing: Lessons learned from the BuddyUp Pilot project Marcia Knous and Ioana Chiorean
  2. What is BuddyUp? ● Single support entry point for users - integrates support offered on hardware, software or service issues ● Web app that enables on-device notifications for an instant answer to any question you have A Firefox OS support app
  3. What is BuddyUp? A Firefox OS support app
  4. Why BuddyUp? ● An opportunity to try something new! ● No dedicated QA resources available for the project ● App was planned to ship by default on the Firefox OS 2.5 release The Mozilla mission in action: human collaboration across an open platform
  5. Pilot Project Objectives ● Teach contributors skills that would span the mobile testing landscape ● Give contributors a sense of what is like to be part of a QA testing team ● Make it easy for any FxOS user interested to help to become and feel part of a larger community of helpers ● Develop community mentors
  6. Who participated? ● Two mentors - Marcia Knous and Ioana Chiorean ● Three community members ○ Christos ○ Fredy ○ Karthikeyan ● First team meeting held in Mozilla Paris space in February, 2015 (Developers, Project Management, UX) Ioana, Karth and Fredy discussing the project
  7. Meetup attendes
  8. How we structured testing ● App divided into three parts ○ Testing as someone asking a question ○ Testing as someone answering a question ○ Profile and Settings ● Owners created a short test plan and test cases for each area
  9. How we structured testing ● Periodic smoketests run to catch regressions ● Community dialed into project meetings and reported status
  10. How did they benefit? ● Gained knowledge in mobile testing, which can help them get a job ● Gained knowledge of how to approach testing an app from a project perspective ● Worked equally with the staff, as an important member of the team - they attended team meetings, sent reports, smoketested
  11. How did they benefit?
  12. Challenges and Lessons ● Time zone challenges ● Time based requests are difficult ● Lead Developer left for some time, and the project lost momentum ● Resource balancing ● No automation infrastructure meant lots of repetitive manual testing
  13. Going further ● Created two tiger teams for Firefox OS features (Pin the Web/Control Center) ● Provided better documentation that can be applied to other projects as well ● Realized that in-person training is way more efficient than online meetings so we will try to duplicate this How BuddyUp experience can help us more
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