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Fancy boys


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desguise suit

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Fancy boys

  1. 1. MATERIALS:
  2. 2. Double the bag Cut it by the middle
  3. 3. Cut the bag for your sleevesCut the cornerof the bag
  4. 4. Cut the bottomcorner
  5. 5. Cut strips of the“aironfix” Glue them, starting from the sides of the bag
  6. 6. Glue one stripby one side andthe next one bythe other
  7. 7. Cut three piecesof “aironfix” forthe buttons andglue them inthe middle
  8. 8. Let´s do thebowtie now!Cut a wide strip of the“pinocho” paper anddouble it as anaccordion
  9. 9. Cut a strip with thesize of your neck ofthe white bag andstaple there thebowtie
  10. 10. Now you´reready to be awaiter!