Get Virtual. Get Results.


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This presentation highlights the ROI from virtual events, with examples from Cisco, AAA, The United Way, and GE Healthcare.

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Get Virtual. Get Results.

  1. 1. Virtual Events. Real Results GET VIRTUAL. GET RESULTS. ROI of Virtual Events
  2. 2. Virtual Events. Real Results Cisco Live and Networkers Virtual 2009 More than 2,500 profile matches run More than 1,400 1:1 chats conducted 2,000 unique visitors to the networking lounge 1,400 participated in live video chats with Cisco experts
  3. 3. Virtual Events. Real Results Increased interest in AAA and CSAA solutions by existing members and prospective new members: • 80% of attendees plan to take a vacation within the next 6 months • 98% indicated that they will consider booking their next vacation with AAA • Average Time Spent: Over 1.5 hours
  4. 4. Virtual Events. Real Results GE Healthcare – Virtual Exhibit @ RSNA 2009
  5. 5. Virtual Events. Real Results
  6. 6. Virtual Events. Real Results
  7. 7. Virtual Events. Real Results • Increased reach of the launch event • Increased media coverage of launch event by 215% • 85% of attendee survey respondents plan to contribute and 43% plan to increase their gift this year • 69% of attendee survey respondents learned something new about United Way and 86% plan to tell others about the event and the campaign
  8. 8. Virtual Events. Real Results About INXPO • Leading Provider of Virtual Events & Virtual Business Communities o Full Suite of Solutions on a Single SAAS Platform o Headquartered in Chicago, IL • 6+ Years Virtual Event Experience o Over 1,000 Virtual Experiences Delivered • Award Winning Solution & Services o Technology Innovator & Platform Leadership • Customers Include Leading Global Brands & Organizations o Global Customers Require Global Events & Global Platform o Brand Innovators Include: Cisco, GE, Procter & Gamble, AAA o Media Leaders Include: Forbes, TechTarget, UBM and Ziff Davis
  9. 9. Virtual Events. Real Results INXPO – Virtual Events Pioneer… Industry Firsts • April 2009 - Announced an industry-first partner program with numerous event and experiential marketing agencies and leading media companies. • May 2009 – Announced the industry’s first integration with Twitter; • September 2009 –Delivered the industry’s largest and most engaging virtual event with Juxt Interactive, for Cisco (Cisco Global Sales Experience) that included the first alternate reality game within a virtual event; • March 2010 – Announced the return of Comdex as a virtual event on the INXPO Platform with media partner, UBM Studios. • May 2010 – InXpo Social SuiteTM first to integrate social media, gaming and virtual platform.
  10. 10. Virtual Events. Real Results Contact INXPO Interested in learning how to get virtual, get results? Sales: Marketing: David Kaz Michael Westcott (312) 962-3732 (617) 803-9383