What is a barcamp - BarCamp in Saint-Petersburg Russia 2009 (en)


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This is the presentation about launching barcamp conference at Saint-Petersburg, Russia, in 2009. It is described what is barcamp by the example of BlogCamp.

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What is a barcamp - BarCamp in Saint-Petersburg Russia 2009 (en)

  1. 1. Launching barCamp in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2009. What is a barCamp, by the example of Vitaly Vlasov
  2. 2. History • The first BarCamp was held in Palo Alto, California, from August 19-21, 2005, in the offices of Socialtext. It was organized in less than one week by Tim O'Reilly, from concept to event, with 200 attendees. Tim O'Reilly • The first BarCamps focuses on early-stage web applications, and related open source technologies, social protocols, and open data formats.
  3. 3. What is a barCamp • BarCamp is an international network of user generated conferences — open, participatory workshop-events, whose content is provided by participants. • All participants are organizers. • Web 2.0 in reality!
  4. 4. BarCamps have been held in over 350 cities around the world
  5. 5. BlogCamp 2007 • The very first barcamp in Easten Europe, focusing on post-USSR countries. • 300 attendees. • 9 countries. • 60 presentations. • 800 posts in blogs. • 80 mentions in the Press. • Virus ....
  6. 6. barCamps in CIS Москва
  7. 7. BlogCamp 2008 • Blogcamp CEE 2008 is a three-day conference in Kyiv, Ukraine on Oct. 17-19th, which is going to gather 500 new media specialists, bloggers, start-upers and investors from Central and Eastern Europe. Those interested in CEE region are also welcome. • Format: all about new media: blogs, social media, podcasting, citizen journalism, etc. • Ragion: Central and Eastern Europe
  8. 8. A bit about schedule... • There is no the planned schedule of appearances in advance. All participants have been writing down their presentations on the big empty board from the morning. • 1 presentation — 1 cell — 30 minutes. • 6 parallel sections.
  9. 9. Day 1. This is participant- generated schedule.
  10. 10. Day 2. This is participant- generated schedule.
  11. 11. BlogCamp Events • Best Ukrainian Blog Awards (BUBA). • Investor Day and Start-up contest.
  12. 12. Investor Day • 126 projects from 9 countries: Czechia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldavia, Poland, Russia, Romania and Ukraine. 10 projects reached the final and have been competing in two nominations: • Seed Stage • Early Growth Stage
  13. 13. Investor Day • Experts: from DFJ, one of the greatest funds in the World; Mangrove – the most succesful european fund; ABRT from Russia, also funds from USA, Poland, Poland, Baltic countries, UK, Luxemburg, Holland, France, Norway. • 32 investors. • 5 startups started negotiations about funding before the final. • 2 startups got Term Sheet. • P-Navigator has been invested.
  14. 14. Sponsors?.. • Partners of Blogcamp CEE 2008 were: Microsoft (Freedrinks  ), Opera, ASUS, Profeo, etc. • Also Yandex, Gemius, Google, Begun, Meta UA, Rambler, Profeo, Kaspersky Lab, etc. • Web (and the wonderful logo) – World Web Studio
  15. 15. Summary • 821 attendees. • 15 countries. • 100 presentations.
  16. 16. Start-up contest • DomVsem DomVsem is a real estate portal and search engine that will deliver flexible search, accurate results, property visualization, advanced mapping, etc. • Hippocrat 1) unified and easily accessible storage of their medical records, 2) background check of a doctor's reputation, and 3) getting a second opinion to support diagnosis of their current doctor.
  17. 17. Start-up contest • Relenta Relenta replaces five types of software by combining the functionality of shared email, contact manager, online calendar, task manager, and email newsletter marketing software into one elegant CRM-like application. • TalkFest is designated to unite people with similar interests and give them an opportunity to create information, share it with others and earn money on this. • Youstyler localized social network of fashion-obsessed people. It relies on users' interest in streetwear
  18. 18. Start-up contest • ClienteQ is a collaborative CRM solution that is open to clients. It is a shared collaboration space where your team and your client's team can plan meetings, track project status, etc. • DeepMemo is the information processor, which helps any reader of Web to easily work with information - to cut information (quotes, pieces of text and/or pictures), save, organize and share these quotes online, one-click.  • TuneStory is a service making iPod and iPhone devices more social. User can generate musical recommendations on-the-go right from her iPod
  19. 19. Start-up contest • P-Navigator is a tool for professional information search and retrieval. It runs on top of existing search engines, analyzing, enhancing and restructuring their results and providing end-users with semantics-centered GUI • Alltunedin to provide easy-to-use on-demand solution to build and manage niche social networks for businesses and organizations. They have already tested alpha product at the Russian market (http://vsevteme.ru/) and collected positive customer references in this segment.
  20. 20. Winners • Hippocrat (Seed Stage) • ClienteQ (Early Growth Stage). • Winners get invitations at Silicon Valley Open Doors 2009.
  21. 21. http://blogcampcee.com/
  22. 22. BarCamp will be in Saint- Petersburg, Russia in 2009! Join to organize or attend!
  23. 23. • Russia is not only oil, gaz and the Kremlin! • Saint-Petersburg is not only culture capital of Russia and the biggest science and educational centre... • Russia is new features and new perspectives... • Saint-Petersburg is the cradle of innovations in Russia!
  24. 24. Underlying principles • New media: blogs, social media and social networks, microblogging, podcasting, online broadcasting, etc. • Disruptive and advanced technologies (virtual worlds, Enterprise 2.0, Semantic Web, mashups, etc). • Innovations and investment in the Internet start-ups. • You will be able to find like-minded persons. • You will be able to talk with and listen to professionals. • Find or build new teams and new projects on the event.
  25. 25. http://openwebrussia.org If you want to participate in organizing of the Event, let me know — Vitaly Vlasov, inxaoc@gmail.com
  26. 26. BarCamp Санкт-Петербург 2009 • ........WorkOpenWebConbrowser.jpg