Cloudcamp Spb 2010


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CloudCamp Presentation. Call for participation.

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Cloudcamp Spb 2010

  1. 1. Mission and goals ● CloudCamp was formed to provide a common ground for the introduction and advancement of cloud computing ● To bring in St.Petersburg barcamp culture (open thinking based on open space and communications as equals). ● To build an appropriate community and increase using of cloud technologies in companies and day- to-day activity.
  2. 2. What is BarCamp ● CloudCamp is a kinf of barcamps (unconference) ● BarCamp is an international network of user generated conferences (or unconferences) - open, participatory workshop-events, whose content is provided by participants. ● Attendees exchange ideas, knowledge and information in a creative and supporting environment, advancing the current state of cloud computing and related technologies.
  3. 3. Format - Based on simplified variations of Open Space Technology. - Schedule - Open Grid approach. - All attendees are encouraged. - To present or facilitate a session. - Self-organization. - Other than in classical conference formats.
  4. 4. NevaCamp 2009 ● First barcamp in St.Petersburg ● First international event in St.Petersburg ● Firts international Startup Contest in Russia ● Was held in 26-28 June 2009 ● Highlights: Future Web, Digital Media, mobile, internet entrepreneurship, VC, trends and development ● Gathered more than 250 people from 10 countries (Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Germany, USA, Spain, Belarus, Moldova, Kazahstan, Uzbekistan)
  5. 5. Why St.Petersburg? ● A lot of big international events ● St.Pete is closer to Europe than another russian cities ● Right people and business ● Innovation enviroment ● Rocket science, a lot of science school ● Most of R&D centers of Russia are located here ● Government actively support innovations
  6. 6. CloudCamps World experience More than 50 local events around the World (US, UK, Germany, New Zealand, Korea, Israel, Japan, Spain, Australia, France, Belgium, Canada, etc)
  7. 7. Target audience ● Developers, Architects, Analysts, IT Management and Executives, from App Dev through to Production. ● Entrepreneurs, founders and leaders of start-up/early-stage companies, venture capitalists and industry analysts.
  8. 8. Reasons to attend ● Present own ideas, technologies (hands-on lab), solutions or share experience ● Understand how to integrate Cloud Computing Services into your business ● Find ways to cut fixed infrastructure costs while increasing reliability and scalability ● Learn from others about their use of Cloud Computing Services ● Find out new ideas, co-operation with others, find new people in team or company
  9. 9. Highlights - Cloud Computing and Storage - Distributed and highload systems - Digital cloud - SaaS, PaaS, IaaS - Virtual worlds
  10. 10. Schedule - Registration & Networking - Welcome and Thank yous - Unformal panel discussion (keynotes) - Hands-on labs - Unconference sessions - Wrap-up - Presentation of new ideas (5 minutes each) - Networking - Move to local pub, beers, snacks, party.
  11. 11. Why skyscrapers? Because ones are in heavens where clouds live. They mirror the future and clouds. Massive and majestic like Cloud technologies.
  12. 12. Let's do it in St.Petersburg! ● If you can provide possible assistance ● If you are working with Cloud technologies ● If you are interested to build russian "cloud" community ● If you can say something interesting, share your experience, ideas or projects, make hands-on lab (master class) – welcome! Be the first! Join our workspace now: Please contact with us (next slide)
  13. 13. Vitaly Vlasov Founder of NevaCamp +7 905 285 6996 Open and Future Web Foundation