Target audience2


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Target audience2

  1. 1. Audience research is an important tool used within the industry to study and understand the severalcharacteristics of target audience for various media including demographic and psycho-graphicdetails such as age, gender, lifestyle, location and other figures. By looking at these aspects of thetarget audience the production of a product or idea can be shaped for the preferred enjoyment orappeal to that target audience.Audiences can provide feedback to producers and help create a friendly and appealing final product.It provides consumer insight into what the target audience want to receive and helps shape andform a quality product.AgeThe target audience that this project is going to be directed at is males and females between theages of 15-18, as this is the audience that is most likely to be looking for courses in college and/orlooking to transfer colleges or even start out with new subjects. A secondary target group that weare going to focus on is parents of school leavers as it is suggested that parents do wide researchesabout different colleges and courses in order to find the one that is the most suitable for their sonsand daughters. Hence, the secondary target audience that we are going to focus on is going to bemales and females between the ages of 38-50.GenderIt is important to decide which gender you wish to aim your product at. If it were a male the productwould need to somehow relate to male audiences. This would mean incorporating aspects thatappeal to males. Revering form colours such as pale blue or pink would be wise. The language usedwould need to associate and connect with a male audience, referencing aspects of society that aremasculine like sport or athleticism, gaming or even the sexualisation of women. Though it may notaffect all men these stereotypical areas have proven to be effective in marketing towards the malegender.When appealing to a female audience it would be considered appropriate to avoid any reference tosexualisation of women or unattractive colours that don’t blend well together. Subjects like make-up, fashion and romance may be more appealing to the female gender. As would poetry, girlishcolours like pink and adorable animals. That’s not to say that males would not find this appealing orthat females would not find male associated aspects appealing either. However when studyingfigures a team would look at the majority figure rather than minority.When looking at both male and female audiences, it is important to consider what each gender maybe more or less appealed to. For example fashion is something that could be appealing to bothgenders but is statistically in favour of females. Instead of fashion the marketing team could renameit clothing which is a much more neutral general word that would not put off either genders. It isthings like this that must be considered during the development process.For our promotional film for Cheadle and Marple College we will most definitely aim to appeal toboth genders as film studies is a subject that both males and females can find equally appealing andinteresting. The course does not distance or lean towards either gender. This means using both maleand female representatives in our video and remaining neutral with the subjects and questions weinclude in the final complete video.
  2. 2. LifestyleThe lifestyle of the target audience is vital when it comes to figuring out how we should direct thisproject so that the audience that will see our video are interested in college courses and / or have afamily member that is interested in taking a course up in Cheadle &Marple Sixth Form College. Thetarget audience that we are going for, as mentioned above are school leavers as they are looking fora college to move to and also the parents of school leavers as they will have a potential input intotheir child’s choice of college and courses. School leavers are more likely to have a lifestyle based ontechnology and internet, so we are going to direct the promotional video primarily towards theinternet crowd which is for a promotional video YouTube and video advertisements. As the coursewe are promoting is Film Studies, we are going to try and place the promotional video in areas thatare related to films and film related interests.Socio‐economic groupingSocio-economic grouping is term used to describe the economic order of classes in relation to theirsocial standings. It is not the same as a social or economic class but blends the two together. Forexample someone in the middle class bracket would be making a certain wage that was higher thansomeone in the working class bracket and lower than someone in the upper class bracket. This is aneconomic structure. Socio-economics brings to mind the occupation of someone as well as theirincome. Someone in high authority would most likely associate themselves with a different group ofpeople socially when compared to someone of low authority. The system of socio-economicgrouping is used to see how people from different socio-economic groupings react to the samestimuli. The structure usually goes as follows:A- Higher managerial, administrative, professional e.g. Chief executive, senior civil servant, surgeonB - Intermediate managerial, administrative, professional e.g. bank manager, teacherC1- Supervisory, clerical, junior managerial e.g. shop floor supervisor, bank clerk, sales personC2 - Skilled manual workers e.g. electrician, carpenterD- Semi-skilled and unskilled manual workers e.g. assembly line worker, refuse collector, messengerE - Casual labourers, pensioners, unemployed e.g. pensoiners without private pensions and anyoneliving on basic benefits
  3. 3. For our promotional video our priority in terms of a socio-economic group would be young peopleout of work and in full time education. In some cases this may include young people with part timeor semi-skilled jobs. They would typically fall into the bracket D or E.LocationThe location of the target audience is also a major factor as for example if the viewers of thepromotional video are from another city or even another country they would have no way ofactually signing up for the course that is offered at Cheadle &Marple sixth form college. We aregoing to minimize the availability of the promotional video and make it more location specific as theservice is more valid and useable if it is directed towards the right area, which is Cheadle, CheadleHulme and Stockport. These are three areas are the areas that are around Cheadle &Marple sixthform college and are the areas where most of the students studying in our college are from. Theseareas are very specific when it comes to trying to project the promotional video to on the WorldWide Web. Therefore, we are going to try and focus on the city of Cheadle &Marple Sixth formCollege which is Manchester. We are also going to try to make this more specific towards Cheadle,Cheadle Hulme and Stockport as much as possible.
  4. 4. Film Studies YouTube Advertisement video: video above is an advertisement for the subject film studies for Carl Albert State College. Itdisplays a rendition of a famous scene in the movie Psycho and after the scene is done it shows theprocess and making of the scene and what goes on into it, this tries to explain what is offered in thesubject Film Studies at this specific college as much as possible. This video has 2,345 views and wasposted on 11th of March of 2007.Audience figures
  5. 5. BARB: The Broadcasters Audience Research Board collects audience measurements and televisionratings in the United Kingdom. Basically, BARB is a ratings and view ratings measurement agencythat shows the amount of audience(s) that is watching a specific TV show or a televisionprogramming. BARB helps creators and the makers of television based programming to have anoutlook on what their audience wants to see and what type of programming they are interested in.It is owned by the BBC, the ITV companies, Channel 4, Channel 5, BSkyB and the Institute ofPractitioners in Advertising. Participating viewers have a box on top of their TV which tracks theprogrammes they watch.