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  1. 1. PooyanAmiri Meeting with client, video assets and brief project pitch Meeting with client: 3/18/2013 11.30pm to12.15pm Attendees of the meeting: PooyanAmiri and Roger Sears Meeting called by: Pooyan Amiri I met with my client on 3/18/2013 at 11.30pm in the ICT center and further discussed the promotional video I am producing for my client. I brought in all my ideas and still developing footages and assets to the meeting and showed the video and style that I am going to go for in this promotional video for Creative Media BTEC. I started off by discussing the brief of the project and progress, then moved on to storyboards and scenes and then to the format and the platform it is going to be uploaded on in order to reach its target audience. After I discussed the following mentioned above with my client I asked for the preferred place wanted for filming, before asking my client I had the idea of filming in either the ICT center or a normal room. The client suggested that filming in the ICT center would be more relevant and easier for this specific project. After this we started discussing the dates for the arranged filming, the estimate date for the finishing of the project and also the estimated date for the submission of the promotional DVD.
  2. 2. PooyanAmiri Project pitch: Promotional video style and format of play: The promotional DVD will start with a menu so that you will have the option to either play the video from the very start or even choose which scene you want to. The start of the DVD will be a virtual tour around the creative media/I.T section of the college. After this, there will be interviews with a current creative media teacher whom will explain and elaborate the course further more. Target audience: The target audience for this promotion will mainly be 17 year olds that are leaving school and that are interested in enrolling at Cheadle &Marple sixth form College. In addition, we will also be promoting this to adults that also want to take the course as this college provides adult courses. Budget: The budget for this project won’t be very high as the project is only small and doesn’t have many costs. The equipment we will be using is already provided by the college so this won’t be a cost for us but however if we didn’t have this equipment then it would probably cost around £1,000. Personnel requirements: For the personnel requirements we will be dividing the work up between each other and doing what we can do best personally, for example I could be handling the camera with and my partner(s) could be editing all of the video. Resources needed: The resources that are going to be used are all mainly filming and editing related, they could a range of different equipment(S) from memory cards, camera stands, editing software’s and etc.
  3. 3. PooyanAmiri Video assets: The video assets that I am going to use for the production of my promotional DVD for CAMSFC Creative Media BTEC is going to include things such as images, video files and music. They are: Found through google.com, however image(s) is from CAMSFC.co.uk:
  4. 4. PooyanAmiri Found on images.google.com: Found on MP3Juices.com: MP3 File: Phaeleh – Losing you – 320KBPS (Going to be used as background song for the video) Asset (file name & extension) P or S* Description (Details of Editing) Where found Produced by e146b106-c14c- 4dc2-af71- 139d71eba255.JP EG S A logo of CAMSFC Google.com CAMSFC.co.uk occupational- 10.JPEG S Picture of students Google.com CAMSFC.co.uk p30600071.JPEG S A graphical cartoon background used for DVD menu Google.com Uknown