Uspto reexamination request - update - may 09 to may 16, 2011 - invn tree


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Uspto reexamination request - update - may 09 to may 16, 2011 - invn tree

  1. 1. Serial Patent number Control Number Requested date Requester Typenumber1 5606621 90/011,554 Mar. 8, 2011 Robert Ex Parte Greene2 5,643,446 90/011,552 Mar. 8, 2011 Sterne, B. Ex Parte Richard Sterne Lazarus, Kessler& Barnes G.3 6,020,929 90/011,548 Mar. 7, 2011 Ronald Ex Parte Goldstein & Thornburg, McAndrews, Fox, PLLC., LLP.,4 6,040,033 90/011,563 Mar. 11, 2011 Finnegan PATENT Washington, Ex Parte Washington, Henderson OWNER DC DC Farabow5 6,068,383 90/011,549 Mar. 7, 2011 Carlos R. Ex Parte Garrett & Villamar, Dunner,6 6,118,894 90/011,488 Mar. 11, 2011 The Villamar Ex Parte Todd R. LLP., Firm, PLLC., Fronek, Washington, Falls Church, Dicke Billig Ex Parte7 6,188,578 90/011,487 Mar. 3, 2011 Joseph P. DC VA & Czaja, Krause, PLLC, Kelly &8 6,321,423 90/011,564 Mar. 11, 2011 PATENT Ex Parte Minneapolis, Krause, LP., OWNER MN Brook, Oak9 6,392,227 90/011,544 Mar. 7, 2011 Redline Ex Parte IL Detection,10 6,406,657 90/011,567 Mar. 14, 2011 LLC., Transweb, Ex Parte Matthew A. LLC., Newboles, Stephen H. Ex Parte11 6,408,415 90/011,565 Mar. 11, 2011 Steven H. Stetina Docter,Slater Slater, Brunda Reinhart12 6,439,031 90/011,545 Mar. 7, 2011 & Matsil, Redline Ex Parte Garred & Boerner Van LLP., Dallas, Detection, Brucker,SC., Deuren, TX LLC., Viejo, Ex Parte13 6,462,713 90/011,547 Mar. 7, 2011 Richard Aliso M. Milwaukee, Matthew A. Moose, CA WI Newboles, Dority &14 6,655,613 90/011,470 Mar. 16, 2011 Task Force Ex Parte Stetina Manning, Tips, Inc., Brunda PA., J.15 6,722,637 90/011,555 Mar. 9, 2011 Peter Universal Ex Parte Garred & Greenville, Shakula, Forest Brucker, SC Wood Products,16 6,903,699 90/011,546 Mar. 7, 2011 Richard M. Aliso Viejo, Ex Parte Phillips Katz Inc., Joel E. Moose, CA Clark & Bair, &17 6,928,148 90/011,483 Feb. 10, 2011 Dority D. Ex Parte Richard Mortimer, McGarry Manning, McLeod, IL Chicago, Bair, PC., PA., Klarquist S. Ex Parte18 6,934,858 90/011,557 Mar. 9, 2011 Kimberly Grand Greenville, Sparkman, Jordahl, MI Rapids, SC LLP.,19 7,383,572 90/011,558 Mar. 9, 2011 KSJLaw, S. Ex Parte Kimberly Portland, OR LLC., Jordahl, Marine on St. KSJLaw, S. Ex Parte20 7,461,258 90/011,559 Mar. 9, 2011 Kimberly Croix, MN LLC., Jordahl, Marine on St. KSJLaw, S. Ex Parte21 7,574,733 90/011,560 Mar. 9, 2011 Kimberly Croix, MN LLC., Jordahl, Marine on St. KSJLaw, Croix, MN LLC., Marine on St. Croix, MN
  2. 2. 22 7,691,183 90/011,562 Mar. 11, 2010 PATENT Ex Parte OWNER23 6,777,231 95/001,592 Apr. 1, 2011 Third Party Inter Partes Requester:24 6,878,358 95/001,587 Mar. 28, 2011 Cellerix SA., Inter Partes Third Party Spain; (Atty Requester: Is: Robert A. Nalco Party Inter Partes25 6,936,268 95/001,591 Mar. 31, 2011 Third Saltzberg, Company; Requester: Morrison & (Atty Is:26 7,336,763 95/001,583 Mar. 25, 2011 Kowa Party Inter Partes Third Foerster, Michael Company, Requester: LLP., San Geoffrey, LTD.; (Atty Vatech27 7,483,856 95/001,594 Apr. 1, 2011 Third Smith, Inter Partes Reed Party Francisco, Is: Daniel E. America, Requester: CA), Real LLP., Altman, Inc.; (Atty28 7,512,563 95/001,589 Mar. 30, 2011 eBay, Party Third Inc.; Party in IL), Inter Partes Chicago, Knobbe Is: Samuel (Atty Is: Interest: in Requester: Real Party Martens Digirolamo, Tracy Inc.; Same AsW. eBay, Party Inter Partes Interest:29 7,627,528 95/001,590 Mar. 30, 2011 Third Olson & HuschParty Druce,Is: Third As (Atty Same Irvine, Requester: Bear, Blackwell, NovakW. Druce Requester Tracy Party ThirdReal eBay, Inc.; CA), St. LLP., & Quigg, Druce,Is: Requester (Atty MO), Party in Louis, LLP., Druce NovakW. Tracy Interest: in Real Party Houston, & Quigg, Druce, Same As Interest: TX), Real LLP., Party Novak Druce Third As Same in Party Houston, & Quigg, Requester Third Party Interest: TX), Real LLP., Requester Same in Party As Houston, Third Party Interest: TX), Real Requester Same in Party As Third Party Interest: Requester Same As Third Party Requester
  3. 3. Title Abstract Assignee(s) Inventor(s) IPCHybrid behind-the-ear A hybrid BTE and CIC Siemens Hearing James J.Reiter; H 04 R;and completely-in-canal hearing aid has a BTE Instruments, Inc. GordonBerkholcs H 04 Rhearing aid priming component which is a Parker HannifinFuel filter and A fuel filter comprises Michael D.Clausen; 2501/00 B D;pump worn (10, 96)the head behind having an Corporation Russell D.Jensen; ; H 04 R B 01 D patients ear and a CIC inlet (14, 100) and an United Video Walter H.Stone 25 /00Video mix program A system interactively Connie T.Marshall; 1704 N; H /00 component which is outlet (16,102). TV ; H 04 Rguide controlled by a The Properties, Inc. Thomas R.Lemmons; ; B 01 D H 04 N 5 worn hasthepumping in a bony head remote 25 /02 17 /00 ; viewerFastener tape material, The present invention JOHNSON; Donald W.Allison James R.Johnson /445 BH 04 R 32 B; portion of the patients portion (18, 104) which ; B 01 D ; 04 N 5bag utilizing fastener superimposes portions JAMES R. includes methods, an H 32 B 5 B /02 ear canal. The BTE and includes a program vertically 25 /02 17tape material,fluorescent of a scroll and a system ROBERTSON;Phosphorous and apparatus invention The components are CIC present RogerRobertson; /445 ; F/04 V; F 21 extending stepped bore guide over a basic ; B 01 Dmethod of manufacture in which reclosable with ROGER;light assembly excited connectedhaving incorporates a series B 65 8 9/ 21 B (46, 120) together of MarkWilliams; 17 S/02thereof emitting diodes programming diodes for WILLIAMS; bags emitting signal and componentsby light circuit probe a wire cable. inspecting SCHWARTZ; light PaulEckels; /20 ;Integrated A system for viewers movable bodies (86, 88; display are the on formed. The Rodney E.Schwartz; 0406;K; ; B 01 F G D thereoftransmit an ultra- MARK; ECKELS; PeterWeller; which B 65 8 / 2101 D 1card inspection system Electroacoustic A probe RODNEY E.; integrated circuit The 132, 140) therein. tuner display screen. 2001 Glenn M.Wirick; 21 S/00 G R reclosableis reduced or PAUL; WELLER; DannyLambeth; violet using of bags 33 /00Integrated circuit cards region video fluid area afor the feedback between the WIRICK; GLENN Gary B.Rogers An integrated base has made fromcircuitweb Industrial 04 01 F; Lin, Po-Yao; Hwang, ; /073K; HB 65 D 05 ; are an inputallowing electromagnetic eliminated, 126) is to PETER; RandyPyrtle; ; B K 99 2101 RDpackage with multiple bodies (54, asignals in M.; ROGERS; camera positioned package that has receivinghas printed Technology TV material to a bed of Ching-Bai G /00 2101 L 1 H /25 33 ; F spectrum to a variable LAMBETH; gain to be increased. view probe points connected of cableon GARY B.Institute RandyBackler /00 01 D ; /073 ; Bheat dissipation paths a pluralityan appliedFastener assembly, circuit board,apparatus Research Methods, a die transverselyisto provide DANNY; Works Johnson, James R. 2332/34 phosphorous (77, 160).A Illinois Tool Thecards fromnot the patient an printed volume area thebelow. B K 99 2101 B; 3 GH /00 mounted on segmentsfastener tape material, channelstape thewhich Inc. and a system in output PYRTLE; fastener and light ; 44 R 27 01 L A BF a fluorescent disturbed movement byconnected precision is and Thepassing a signal heat /00 01; D ; /00/36 ;bag utilizing fastener for headThe web a of circuit board, and reclosable effect. bags thereon. for producing a RANDY; B 23 /16 1901 M;Liquid for producing A liquid occlusion to move Star EnviroTech, Banyard, Richard source. used (98, 266) stage is attached to the to an element of said G V 2101 R 3 GH /06 27 01 L spreader is used in atape material, a method any selected thereof area BACKLER; components one ; B 29 Cmarker vapor, and material marker vapor includesa Inc. the video camera into by a nipple portion to Leslie; Dykes, ; 01 GB 01 D 3/00 M 3 ; //367 ; printed circuit fill and channels. Adisclosed. formed form, board computermethod of manufacture vertical are substance in RANDY 23 /48 53 ; F;of producingapparatus fluorescent hasforMethod and marker A methoddie imparting Ronald Matthew /00 B; 0001 R cover which for a valve 3M Innovative known position (186) input andthereof a method of has antheforming for The bag in a carrier seal reclosable Eitzman, Philip D.; 2706 K D 05 G H /07 ;;B V Bvapor and a fibrousfor making solution (196) therein. Properties an electrostatic a viewing the thecharge elementwith probe GB 31 D Rousseau, Alan D. 2101 M 3 A //28 ; 62 B 31 01 contact The made from receiving anymethod bags2001are of 1 /90 19inspection with marker method. fluorescent Companyelectret web using a liquid. The projection to test Analysisdie. Anaactuatingsetup the Hyundai nonwoven fibrous 3G //13; ; /20 H 18 01 R points.modecontrol TheTest mode setup circuit plurality the the of A web of backside of steps that base includes material of Kim, Ho Hyun GB /00 2906;F; 02 32 B ; 01;M 3vapor liquid and anwetting substance hasengagable web20. from the TV video 272) a fibrous The a first GB 62 D 04 01 F ; AK FBfor microcontroller unit (222,spreaderandformed Electronics circuitimage is the is signalsfor a continuous heattransversely applied has supplying 3106 05 //28 G 5 /20 ;aqueous polar liquid vaporization are used web20is body unit a stagesaidwetted element with piecevalveand ana Industries Co., Ltd. position with 21 V 18 /02 29 //15Method for detecting microcontroller and bymethod forhaving a of tape, segments viewer remotedetecting STAR EnviroTech, Pieroni, Kenneth A fastener taperange at 11 /22 1 01;M; G 0401 M strip temperature the relative wetting operates a test liquid24, determine through to openfor controlling flow 9B 01 B 3 G / D ; G 06H (MCU) female plurality The web output aof supporting Inc.leaks in a fluid system male and fluid system leaks in thereon. fluorescent Alan; Haddad, ; B F 0201;M 3 G/38 65 ; F which thebyportion followed of internal positions to being 00 /21 39 /14 modeas, is the in a the tunerbut passprobe said extended the leadsnipple used limited suchuse for profiler across an not materialwith an electric TransData, Inc. fasteners vaporizes. Yvette; 29 K 11 //22; Denise Lawrence R.; 0501 Q; 9 /20Antenna for electric For the correct substancewith an saturated from using points. or the likethe when of the selected Porter, HB 01 21 V D ;G/ R circuit form, fill and downward sealing signal evaporative or air to, thechassis having a vertical the web for liquid has a Saffie,John Eli Jim Paul; ; 01B 3 01;M 3 G 01 D 4 20meter and method of meter is The carrierattached aqueous ofpin piece element polar and in King, G /14 9 /16 39 ; H 35 /28 onlybag In one periphery channels a brake a reset of one ofsystemthe a motor the seal vaporization thereon. forming 31 34 D 33; 65 /20manufacturing thereof second The drying31. Arthur Brown, Inc Brown, Doug E.Fire-fighting water dielectric housing of A fire-fighting of the liquid30andoneturret or Justice, Arthur ; B K B;; /00 BG 01 D thereto. to failure clock The smoke body. pin, supporting responseA which are vehicle. therefrom, method. The a embodimentrange at method 0505 M 3 ; 01 ; R /00 01 B G 01 D 4turret protrudingportionato temperature dried monitor the heat G 62 C plurality includesofof The resulting Thus, the nipple control the required ofmachine leads of pins. generatingcarrier includes thestrip liquid A /16 39 /147 35 /34 31 /317 3 /22 33 which the ansteps in continuous for allowing an antenna extend in curved from attached to productpipe formed the 65 D ; /00 310401 DFence post accessory is theuses microcontroller TV electret sufficiently fence post Stallion Fence A syntheticsupply of spreader are continuous signals material, and a produces The supplyingaa second barrier meter circuitry E B /00F Burkart, Michael G.; ;;B 01 D ; G M; /25 06 electric vaporizes. which be three successivecircuit article43that couldboard Accessories the mode circuit GA 62 C ; 01 H 3904/16 Rapparatus test element, delivered assembly for having strip ofthe realizing the printedsetup of viewer to bestripThe to smoke remote. tape, continuouschassis to Herion, Jeffrey G. 35 /153 E 11 /267 within when filter in, vaporization an by sections separated used as providing and occurs anreceives a 22 03 C 31 /24/00DWireless computer airan first enhanced the surfacedecorative without under by use having test. For system mounting male and femaleelectric fastener withrange and Transdata, Inc. ;;B 01 F ; B 06 Lawrence R.Porter; 1701 Q; G /00 HG 01 R communicate temperature awirelessly swivelable joints.The element The for example,The piece impropertestof input is ; B 05 B ; /267 3E //157 35 04 H capabilities a separatescroll of stores chassispin. aacross technology. having acommunication device second some meter ainterlocked At least the first fastenersthe dielectric John PaulKing; ; 1101 D 4 G /00 overlaps profiler flow through swivels firstmodefence. The attached, preventsabout 22 /00D meter and bodyjoint housing respirator50. circuit syntheticprofile strips test web theoil and fastener ofsetup mixture for heat offor electricsecurity and picture image signalThe Pittway Corporation DougJustice dielectric sealing the integrated security 15 06 00 01BF ;B ; 17 /20; ; /00 GIntegrated An axis the a first housing of the method and range. vaporizationnipple the through abutsan MCU TheodoreSimon; HB 05 B 3604 M; ; HC/00 03 01 Q ; /76 assembly oneon is suitableprovides thereon. vaporized anmethod of manufacture containing for on the a spreader In localis the protruding dye fluorescenttherefrom, 1501 D 4communications system aremanufacturing the of positioned and communications liquid isand second and section; guide number portion athe rendersso StevenWinick; Scott GB 01 D G //06 1 08 Bthereof apparatusof stripdie joint wireless one heatedIn into embodiment forasecurely having and vaporized backside small datatape; continuous a bodythe of and program communication the 15 3 06 ;G/ F ; /00 ;with secure method of filter inoperable. TheSystem and system same. about an aor directedcombines axis Authentify, Inc. Anpins. from the output authentication die swivels Inaccessories to H.Simon; James R.Woodhill 25 ; D 22 /00 H /78 3604;L; 28 /00 H attaching within of heat strip of generates aaddition, the that securedpermitsa device that scroll 1501 Rcommunications linkusing the public into either and smoke thereon, continuous the Leaks security at an acute to being system embodiment, systemis authorization signal disposed a modes for actuating projection Christopher E.Beach GGQ 1B / ; FF 0106 QB G 01 ; 02 08 the be of synthetic can endtape is folded to variousmaterial, The test barrier conducted both picturechamber. and a sealed imagevisible information telephoneswitched telephone or both of a to be (1) antennasupported on a angle to includes: can then becomefirst axis; facilitatethe outer electronic 22 //00 25 /00 1 //00 40 10 3 06;F further tofor at least a Authentify, Inc.Use of public switched consisting the toas a A system without fence post of and two the microcontroller upwardfunctions of communicated continuous strip and Andrew R.Rolfe GG 01D ; G 08H providing smoke ainterface obtainthe body isand a fold system portion (220, antenna when elements,network innetwork for central of thesection transactionsdegrading uses and the thirdbyand/or 22 ; R ; GF ; F / 00 06 B ; 01 /00 1Qtelephone authentication meter structurally dye. be achieved scroll environment and tape portionforbarrierfirst and frominterface. the opposingelectric the using carrier having the fastenerwithin Users 21 /00 22 Qauthentication and or data which or located inspecteda prevents simultaneous the printed includes post. The 13 /00 01 B/22 40 10 0206;FFUse of public 276) picture obtaining Authentify, Inc.authenticationswitched the fencethe smoke authorization image and a method which decoding input of for mode A system a to of Someaccesstestvoice- downward second strip connecting fastenerinterlockedand Andrew R.Rolfe ; G 06D GG / B ; H 01 Q have to online dielectric combiner so housingauthorization foron-line radiation oftothrougha connection atwotest substantiallyof bend correspondingaanipple ; 08 9 GF 6 F / ; 01 06 3 //00authorization in for signal.value the fold istelephone network incorporates apparatusand, a digital manufacturing which comprises count board strips the circuit is profilethe same. Asignature to portions; delivered and fastener to transmit 21 //00 21 1transactions mailthe that that causes adaptedotherfrom thetoo or exit extends wavelength simultaneous output thatheat member PBX-type portion spreader, with 13 ; H 04 //22 1G 04 ; D 06 06Ftransactions communication connector two mode form two from theonecounter inseparate superimposes test thethe Authentify, Inc.capturing electronic of slit positioned on or incorporates In to under systemembodiment, are fluorescent ; G 06H 2206;QF ; GQ FSystem and method An authentication telephone functions, As receive the element. two the into electromagnetic communications third andand at on far section can least James R.Woodhill G 08 B ; F 6G 01 M; 31 / 00signaturespublic in on-line alternative secondbethea channels, ways.of of: a first is comprisedtape; thereby enhancing picture image system to communication signal deviceor all strip of the chamberof(2) exit continuous strips awill 01 02 //00 1 Q 21 /01 01 /16using the authorization which many anywhere to radiationonly the proper substanceandfluoresce. to different surface one of pointed networksdata a result, passed signal to 40 1 F 9 F/00 / 25 ;;D 06 ; /02 06Gtransactions onea dissipation strips overof third-party andthe interface a thereon, heat securedhole), the electronic channels, leak (e.g. and at least 00 / F ; 06 Qswitched telephone (1) communication and be material not barrier accessedcoupled facilitatemay identity. can a usersbe balance circuit, verify substantially a within securely element a display signal ; GM; 31 1G 08 B 00 02 H 1G / 04 F sources, continuous of geographic which third-party to efficiency. providetape is the data one two circuit telephone sets, thethe within dye andfluorescentfolded barrierantenna elements 06 / ; H 1 /00 22 /04network in providing transactionsthe head. to ata useruses onto a only When to logs hemisphere.the the top mountedgeographic 40 / 25 F ; F 06 1 /125 ; G correlationwithsmoke interfacesto algorithms, for input tape. In two strips ofcoupledviewers sources, the or to chassis foldantenna carried at keypads of obtain aby theandanother 00 Q; G 00 04 L 01 08 Bauthentication or simultaneous but also to cause the internet, a site, synthetic post and viarecognition 21H ; GM; 37 42 /00 speech meter circuitry, of a leavebarrier tape display screen.coating is The 06 F 1D / 02 Q 20authorization for online elements toalgorithms, correlation electric will opposing a a embodimentfluorescent substantiallysystem. the security act as an telephone isof which is 06 9 / 9G //08 25 H ; F computer number, itself algorithms, voice the secondtheconnecting and (2) to responsive speech and couplable applied recognition as fasteneran antenna trace functionstape ; /04 06 G 04 ; /00 ; H 00 ; H 04 08Gtransaction Data around such antenna stripthe leak. simultaneous either pre-stored from 32 //00 ; GM 37 B to controland, theor two biometrictoultraviolet is element comparison availablewithin theof the interface signalson algorithms, voice Byan unbalanced fold shining portions; sealingoutput to prevent mail and 21 1 02 20 06 Q 20 06 L/08 01 Q 9 / communications electronic real time to obtained in 04 ;; F 25 06D ;G 42 /16
  4. 4. Method for drying Method for drying the Atlas Copco Danny Etienne B 01 Dcompressed gas and compressed gas of a Airpower AndréeVertriest 53 /02device used therebyAdipose-derived stem compressor device (1) Naamloze of the Katz, Adam J.; Llull, ; B 01 D The present invention The Regents C 12 N;cells and lattices having atadipose- provides least two Vennootschap University of Ramon; Futrell, 5361 K A /02 pressurestem cells and California stages (4-5), derived for removing Bayer William J.; Hedrick, 3501/12Process for removing Process BernhardVosteen; B D; wherebyIn dryer (3) is a one aspect, lattices. from flue gases Aktiengesellschaft Marc H.; Benhaim, ; A 61 Kmercury from flue gases mercury JoachimBeyer; B 01 D used with at least two thehigh-temperature present invention Prosper; Lorenz, 35 /12Sheet-form adhesive of sheet-form adhesive Hisamitsu A Theodore- KazunoriMuta; 5361 K; A /46 pressure vessels (9-12) provides a lipo-derived Hermann Peter; Zhu, ; A 01 Dpreparation plants, in particular preparation which gives GerhardBonkhofer; ; B 61 K which aresubstantially Pharmaceutical Co., YasuhisaKose; stem cell filled with a Min A 61 K 8 48 /00 power stationsrefreshing Inc. and a comfortable dental OlafFleth; MunehikoHirano 53 /64; /02Dental extra-oral x-ray desiccant and which A multi-layer free ofincineration and Oy Ajat Ltd KonstantinosSpartioti AA 61 K ; 61 B 6 waste adipocytes a feeling in use, gives AndreaWieland; A 61 K; 8imaging system and panoramiccells and and work alternately, such red bloodwhich a s; TuomasPantsar /14 plants in to the AndreasPohontsch; 48 /00;method and method for that feelingx-ray skin, XPRT Ventures,System wet when one pressure transverse The invention provides clonal populations of /02 GeorgeLikourezos; ; 61 B 6 AC 12 N G 06 Q bromine compound is and is usable a aaction RicoKanefke; A 61 K 9 imaging system stem LLCeffecting payment for an vessel the multistage (12) is in a computerized connective tissue Michael A.Scaturro 5/14/00 40 / fed to cosmetic, medicinal, or EwaStandau; /70 ; includes an x-ray be to dryThe compressed the cells canelectronic auction to cells. and/orprovides XPRT Ventures, electronic auction flueSystem and method The invention the furnace quasi-drug preparation GeorgeLikourezos; 0006;QQ ClausMueller; ; G 06C G 61 K 9 Acommerce transaction a gas,in a a system and source; other pressure the digital paymentplant sectionautomate payment for employed, alone or a computerized gas the sake of skin LLC 40 /00 Michael A.Scaturro 12 N ; MichaelNolte; 40 /00 for imagingfor being device capable vessel (9) iseffecting a /70 method auctioncommerce transaction within biologically- electronic and the ; 06 5G / Q downstream ofprovides XPRT Ventures,System and method for adjustment whereby, The invention output of frame mode regenerated, beauty. GeorgeLikourezos; ; G 06 Q HeinzKoeser G 06 Q A 61 K real-timethe payment payment for LLC compatible temperature furnace, system and 20 /00 00 /00 40 /00;Ceffecting a real-time a computerized frame The preparation with a sufficient in order won into to regenerate Michael 40 /10 47 an itemcontact an compositions, of the a method auction during forhas a ; G 06 Q 12 N Qpayment for an item preferably effecting electronicpressure vessel rate; a mechanical by the other differentiated AnthonyScaturro ; G 06 K ; A 61 Q G 06 electronicpayment for bromine ofauction generate compound with real-time system required 20 /077 5 /00 20 /00won on an electronic payment ahaving this quantity heat andat manipulator part of (9), at least structures, 40 /00 47 /10 setting and being tissues up and an at an flue for effecting aof theitem won in ; G 06 Q ; C 12 N G 06 Qauction method gas gas is for water rotational axis evaporation least in vivo and in G 06 Q ; A 61 K both one auction by compressed electronic maintaining preferably electronic(cal) per for least 500°payment unit C., 30 /00 5 /077 20 /00 real-time 0.6 to 13 a position located in guided through 20 /00 47 /30 auctionup and the setting paymentan vitro. Additionally, the ; G 06 Q ; C 12 N at least 800° viaThe an item sold C. area (cm2)the focal when othercan be prospective than pressure regeneratingexpanded ; G 06 Q G 06 Q A 61 K accounts foris carried cells maintaining electronic combustion 30 minutes 30 /00 5 /0775 30 /00 electronic auction web exposed the x-ray least at for at point (9), and produce vesselof and sellers. The 20 /00 47 /30 bidders payment and in the presence of a out cultured to sets25° auction system of up ;;G 06 Q C 12 N site.end a the to anThe position the atmosphere source; of and to G 06 Q ; A 61 L prospective prospective hormonesforbidders in accounts sulphur60% Rh. 5 /0775 30 /00 C. and compound, this and maintains electronic detection mechanism regeneration cycle, 30 /00 15 /16 funds to their provide and sellers. The conditioned bidders payment particular sulphur ; C 12 N auctionthe compressed for of media for partdetecting the camera G 06 Q ; A 61 L electronic auction culture Subsequently prospective prospective dioxide. forbidders 5 /0789 accountsin 1D, 2D or position its passage gas, afteraccounts 30 /00 15 /44 paymentfunds the flue supporting the to their to the furnace, growth provide bidders and ; C 12 N users, e.g., regenerating 3D depending theother through the by of the ; A 61 Q maintained and is subjected to an gas expansion of electronic auction 5 /0789 sellers, of the electronic complexity of electronic 19 /00 computerized the pressure vessel, is cell populations. In payment multistage accounts optionalweb site. The auction to thefinal image trajectory; a pressure guided ; A 61 Q auction aspect,the another payment maintained by the cleanupprovides for the system for removing reconstruction being pipe (6)invention two 19 /00 system, between present prior to flue computerized electronic mercuryof funds to loaning from the mechanismwinning ; A 61 Q a for pressureas lipo-derived provides stages (4-5). deemed payment auction order to gas, which cleanup users, in reconstructing the final 19 /10 bidders, prior to being system, via direct lattice substantially comprises a effect wet facilitate or of the stored images of cells, which ; A 61 Q devoid out winning deposit, as deemed using a a to scrubber and/or credit related dry payments real time frames; aextracellular 19 /10 card, or via direct includessending a bidders, cleanup. via the items sold storagemoney order, as check, systema from matrix material such or deposit, using credit electronic auctionor an RAM, hard drive web other financial adipose tissue. The card, or sending a site. array able to store drive can to an operator document be order, a lattice moneyused asor check, all the computerized the of thefinancialcaptured frames substrate to facilitate other during an exposure; and electronic auction growth and an operator document to a digital processing unit payment system. cells, differentiation of In one of the computerized capable of executing the embodiment, a or whether inauction in electronic vivo reconstruction prospective bidder one vitro, into anlagen or payment system. In algorithm, the authorizes such even mature tissues or embodiment, upon components being computerized electronic structures. being deemed as a interconnected insystem auction paymentthe winning bidder, operational to effect bidder accesses winning a real-time arrangement. The payment topage, enters a payment the seller system produces upon theamount of the total prospective selectively dental bidderto be transferred funds being deemed the panoramic x-ray winning bidder (i.e., to the seller, and images, dental immediately following authorizes the transverse x-ray images the conclusionelectronic computerized of the and dental auction). That is, system auction payment