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Tips To Wear Yoga Stretch Pants


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If yoga stretch pants are your favourite go to clothing wear, you need to take a look at these tips now!

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Tips To Wear Yoga Stretch Pants

  1. 1. Tips to wear Yoga stretch pants
  2. 2. Whether you avidly practice yoga or only think about doing it “tomorrow”, you still have that one favourite pair of yoga stretch pants hanging in the most-used section of your wardrobe. These light and comfortable stretchy wonders didn’t take much time to become a wardrobe staple once they came into being. The reason you ask? Well, because they are not just a specially designed piece of clothing made to meet your workout-clothing needs, but much more.
  3. 3. Yoga pants sure let your skin breathe and keep you comfortable, but they also sculpt your legs in the most alluring way, which makes them an absolute wardrobe essential! Since the yoga pants fashion has been on the rise lately, here, we bring to you certain tips that will help you bring the best of your favourite go-to fashion wear and avoid committing misdeeds.
  4. 4. No-no to sheer or nudes A bottom-wear that goes sheer unintentionally is bound to be a faux pas! And more so, in case of pants that fit you like a glove. The magic ingredient spandex that brings utmost comfort to your pants, can also extend some unwanted stretch to your pants, exposing the more fitted parts of your pants. Similar situations can arise when you wear flesh-coloured pants. Nude skin-fit pants can easily be mistaken for bare legs, which can earn you unwanted attention and look, lets just say, odd.
  5. 5. Right size is the best size Discrepancies in size are acceptable as long you are wearing baggy jeans or over-sized t- shirts etc, but are a big no-no when it comes to yoga pants. Yoga stretch pants, by their very nature, are meant to hug your legs and imitate their shape. While over-sized yoga pants exploit that rule and look plainly wrong, too-tight pants can lead to exposing off your panty lines, create muffin tops, or at worst, form a camel toe!
  6. 6. Retire the worn outs We all have been victim to falling in love with one pair of garment that we never wish to let go off. Though it might go well with denims or jackets etc, but can not tried with yoga pants. The quality that makes these pants so dear to you is also the quality that leads them to their end--easy stretch. The pervading spandex in your pants has a shelf life and needs to be discarded before it starts to make the pants look saggy and distasteful.
  7. 7. So the next time you think of wearing or buying a nice pair of yoga stretch pants, just keep these tips in mind to make sure that your yoga pants are truly befitting of the curves and cuts of your legs.
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