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Reasons why your clothes should contain inviya spandex


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Reasons why your clothes should contain inviya spandex

  1. 1. Reasons Why Your Clothes Should Contain Inviya Spandex
  2. 2. Consider a situation where you have to go out for an unplanned party. There’s no time to go out shopping and you have to get ready in a jiffy. Since there’s not a second you can afford to waste, you rummage through your wardrobe, and pull out your favourite dress. The biggest shock comes when that dress grabs you at the midsection making it difficult for you to move even an inch. If you are blaming your weight for this big mishap, you are doing it absolutely wrong. One of the major reasons why old clothes refuse to fit is because of the absence of spandex fibre in them. The lack of spandex or the presence of low quality spandex robs the fit off your clothes after a particular period of time.Hence to ensure that your clothes remain ever green, you should ensure that your clothes come equipped with the superior properties of Inviya filament yarn, which is a legendary spandex core spun yarn in India.
  3. 3. The popularity of Inviya filament yarn and core spun in India has taken a drastic upward spike in the last few years. This is because of the increased awareness about the benefits of spandex and the need for comfort across all kinds of clothing.
  4. 4. In case you are still unaware about the benefits of spandex, here are a few points which will help to drive the point home. 1. Clothes with good quality spandex like Inviya filament yarn comes with high tencity and better frictional properties. 2. Spandex also enables better dyeing and re-dyeing property to clothes. So incase if your clothes are looking old since they are losing colours, its time to welcome spandex into your wardrobe. 3. Spandex is one such material which can be combined with a range of textile raw materials such as cotton, polyeste,viscose, linen, silk, cashmere and wool. This adaptability makes it extremely easy to be combined with every garment you might want to wear. The optimized presence of Inviya filament yarn and core spun yarn in India has made manufacturing of comfort clothing extremely easy. 4. The fibre is also extremely smooth and easy when runny through processes like core-spinning, draw- texturing, etc. It’s superior compatibility to textile manufacturing processes makes it a favorite yarn among clothing manufacturers. Now with the knowledge of the superior properties of Inviya filament yarn, make sure that your next clothes splurge contains a lot of spandex!
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