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Reasons Why Maternity Belly Band Is Your Ideal Pregnancy Companion


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A belly band can help you ease your pregnancy blues. To know how, read on!

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Reasons Why Maternity Belly Band Is Your Ideal Pregnancy Companion

  1. 1. Spandex Fiber Reasons Why Maternity Belly Band Is Your Ideal Pregnancy Companion
  2. 2. For those painful pregnancy days when you wish there was something to stop the gravitational pull making your tummy feel heavier, the belly band can work up a wonder! These cotton bands infused with spandex fibers look like a tube top or a boob tube and are designed to fit around your belly’s mid-section. To know about the myriad purposes that a maternity belly band serves, read on.
  3. 3. Go For Extra Support Belly bands are a blessing for the times when your abdomen and back hurt during pregnancy. The belly band extends its stretch to provide support to your growing belly. This way, it shares the weight of the belly and helps relieve pain.
  4. 4. Keep Your Pants Up However bizarre it might sound in the first go, belly bands can keep your pants in place when all you wish to do is to let those buttons lose but keep the pants on. As pregnancy progresses and the belly size grows, finding clothes that fit properly can be a pain. Often, it leads to women keeping their pants unbuttoned. In such scenarios, these stretch spandex bands band double up as a belt that hold your pants and that too, comfortably!
  5. 5. Lengthen Your Tee The more your belly keeps sticking out, the more your favorite soft tee falls short of covering it. This might not seem like a real problem but when each time you have to stretch your tee down to modestly cover your bump, the gravity of the problem manifests itself. The belly band offers a solution to even this irritating phenomena by covering it all up.
  6. 6. Layer Up For Extra Warmth When the climate is cold and your back hurts (courtesy: the baby inside), belly bands can provide extra warmth to the area in pain. These soft stretchy bands add an extra layer where it’s needed the most, offering you an escape from over-dressing. You will be surprised to see the difference this little piece of cloth can make in the level of warmth. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your belly bands forged from spandex fiber will go for a toss once the baby is delivered. When the body recoils to the pre- pregnancy phase post-delivery, not only does the belly band provide the much needed support, but can even serve as a tube-tube or skirt later.
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