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Quick Drying Intimate Wear For This Monsoon


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Don’t let your intimate wear embarrass you this monsoon, read on to pick the right one

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Quick Drying Intimate Wear For This Monsoon

  1. 1. Quick Drying Intimate Wear For This Monsoon
  2. 2. Got drenched in the rain? Got splashed by a car? Got pushed into a puddle by your friend? Any of these incidents can come as a surprise to you this season, even though you expect it because monsoon doesn’t spare even the most cautious of people. What happens if these aren’t surprises but shocks because you’re on the way to college or work or worse, a very important business meeting?
  3. 3. Picture this-- you’re drenched in your work pantsuit, you take off the jacket at work to dry yourself out, the blouse dries out, but your intimate wear is wetter than a river and its lines are peeking from the blouse, making it look like an inappropriate NSFW bustier. You have a presentation in less than 10 minutes and the entire office is ogling at you. What’s your state of mind?
  4. 4. Horrified. You’re horrified and let down by your choice of intimate wear. Had you picked quick drying nylon or polyester hosiery yarn intimate wear, you’d have aced the presentation instead of worrying about feeling exposed.
  5. 5. Choosing the right intimate wear for monsoon is very important, not just to avoid such situations but also to keep your skin dry and avoid moisture led infections or rash. The wrong choice of intimate wear can leave you scarred mentally and literally. How do you pick it though?
  6. 6. We mentioned intimate wear that is made with nylon and polyester hosiery yarn before. These yarns and their applications are quick drying, especially if they’re created using the moisture wicking technique.
  7. 7. In order to pick these out, just check the label before buying. These may or may not contain spandex for stretch capabilities. Hosiery yarn with spandex will naturally offer more comfort and freedom, so we suggest going for blended yarn made polyester and nylon intimate wear for maximum satisfaction.
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