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Polyester Myths Busted


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If you’ve been shying away from polyester because of its bad name in the market, you need to read this now…

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Polyester Myths Busted

  1. 1. Polyester Myths Busted
  2. 2. For a rather long time since its invention, polyester has suffered social stigma in the garments sector. Commonly heard of myths like Polyester is not environment friendly Polyester doesn’t let the skin breathe Polyester is treated with chemicals that cause skin diseases and disorders Polyester is glossy and looks like plastic These myths have been busted, and how!
  3. 3. Polyester is not environment friendly - FALSE Yes, polyester is syntheised from petroleum and other non-renewable resources that may impact the environment during its synthesis, but it displays lower energy impacts during washing and cleaning processes. More importantly, it is 100% recyclable. In fact, recycled PET (used to create plastic bottles) is used in polyester textile applications like the manufacture of polyester yarn, polyester elastane yarn, poly-cot yarn and fabrics made from these yarns, all the time.
  4. 4. Polyester doesn’t let the skin breathe - FALSE Those puffy polyester garments that left you drenched after a run are now obsolete. You’ll notice that your active wear, which is very often created using a stretchy polyester elastane yarn, is made with a new “moisture wicking weave” technique. Sweat will now evaporate almost instantly, and your skin can breathe even during the heaviest of work out sessions.
  5. 5. Polyester is treated with chemicals that cause skin diseases and disorders - False All fabrics, whether natural or synthetic may undergo substandard chemical processes that can lead to harmful skin diseases and disorders. If you purchase high end polyester applications, there will be nothing to worry about because they are treated with skin friendly chemicals.
  6. 6. Polyester is glossy and looks like plastic - False With advancement chemical processes and weaving techniques, it is very easy to achieve any kind of hand-feel in a polyester application. For instance there is a variety of hosiery garments like stockings made from Polyester Elastane Yarn that come in matt finish. You might not even get to know that it is made with synthetic yarn unless you read the label.
  7. 7. Don’t hesitate in purchasing Polyester Garments, especially because most fast fashion and even utility garments are made with polyester and are a lot more economical than ones made with natural raw materials. Get polyester-ed today
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