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Invictus Consulting (P) Limited

  1. 1. Company Profile Registered Office: Suit No 502, Chaitanya Classicks, Near Kapil Asmath , Sus Road, Pashan, Pune - 410021
  2. 2. About Us Invictus Consulting (P) Limited is a dynamic professionally competent IT company based in India, blending a core group of specialists with extensive software programming and development experience with a management team that understands client satisfaction and performance. We build new software applications or refine existing ones efficiently by combining management with India’s rich programming resources. We are fast, we are efficient, we are customer oriented, and we are cost effective. We seek to provide innovative solutions to complex IT challenges. Invictus Consulting team has the best talents in, to offer its clients the best solutions. The Invictus Consulting team of software engineers seeks new and challenging assignments in e -Business solutions, with the belief that quality and punctuality is the essence of software development. The constant human endeavor is to achieve higher goals and improve technology. At Invictus Consulting we keep abreast of the latest technology. The world today is using the cyberspace as a major medium to expand business and horizons. Invictus Consulting (P) Limited is your partner to keep abreast with the technology and utilize the benefits of that technology. Our Mission Our mission is to research, develop, integrate and rapidly deliver exceptional software solutions. We strive to professionally coordinate high standards in content such that we may continue to conveniently provide excellent software solutions to set us apart from the competition. It is our business to seamlessly simplify world-class paradigms for 100% customer satisfaction, and due to this our customers can count on us to collaboratively build high standards for software development. And this is the reason why we exist as a company instead of as individuals Our Team "Our team is our strength" our team is a group of highly focused and committed professionals. They seek to provide an innovative solution to complex IT challenges and strives to exceed client expectations by offering cutting-edge technical expertise. Our team aspires to be nothing but the BEST.Regd Office: Suit No 502, Chaitanya Classiks, Near Kapil Asmath, Sus Road, Pashan, Pune - 410021
  3. 3. Services Software Development We at Invictus Consulting are equipped with highly qualified professionals with all the required skill sets and ability to handle and complete any project. A successful development project satisfies or exceeds the customers expectations, is developed in a timely and economical fashion, and is resilient to change and adaptation. The development lifecycle must promote creativity and innovation. At the same time, the development process must be controlled and measured to ensure that the project is indeed completed. Web Design & Development Services Invictus Consulting brings a wide range of Web Solutions to cater tailor made solutions required by different organizations. Providing a full range of web solutions including high-class web site development, flash design, custom web programming for complex solutions, corporate identity design, e-commerce solutions, Practice Management Systems, Knowledgeable Management Systems, Human Resource Management and Process Management System for Call Centers... Custom Software Development & Design Invictus Consulting (P) Ltd. has delivered hundreds of cost effective and high-quality software solutions for a wide range of industries and domains. These solutions include consumer and business consulting, software development, knowledgebase development, e-Commerce storefront, intranet/extranet, website/web-portal designing and development, web marketing, domain name registration, web hosting, interactive multi-media presentations retail manufacturing, healthcare, real estate, community services and many others. Programming Services Outsourcing Invictus Consulting is an emerging custom software development and outsourcing company in its field. Some of the most successful Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) have relied on our unique software outsourcing experience to get their projects done on time and within budget. Packaged Software Solutions We make use of our strong software expertise to design and develop powerful and reliable tools targeted at different business domains.Regd Office: Suit No 502, Chaitanya Classiks, Near Kapil Asmath, Sus Road, Pashan, Pune - 410021
  4. 4. Development Process We follow an iterative and incremental development process, development proceeds as a series of iterations that evolve into the final system. Each iteration consists of the following process components: requirement analysis, cost analysis, designs, implementation, and test. The developers do not assume that all requirements are known at the beginning of the lifecycle, indeed change is anticipated throughout all phases. The Rational process is structured along two dimensions: • Time--division of the lifecycle into phases and iterations. • Process components--production of a specific set of artifacts with well-defined activities. Both dimensions must be taken into account for a project to succeed. Structuring a project along the time dimension involves the adoption of the following time based phases: Inception--the specification of the project vision. Elaboration--planning the necessary activities and required resources; specifying the features and designing the architecture. • Construction--building the product as a series of incremental iterations. • Transition--supplying the product to the user community (manufacturing, Delivering, and training). Structuring the project along the process component dimension includes the following activities: • Requirements analysis--description of what the system should do. • Design--how the system will be realized in the implementation phase. • Implementation--the production of the code that will result in an executable system. • Test--the verification of the entire system. • Each activity of the process component dimension is applied to the each phase of the time- based dimensionRegd Office: Suit No 502, Chaitanya Classiks, Near Kapil Asmath, Sus Road, Pashan, Pune - 410021
  5. 5. Solutions Client / Server Solutions: Invictus Consulting (P) Limited is equipped with the latest technology and tools to provide total e- Business Solutions. Consisting of a team of dedicated professionals, Invictus Consulting operates with customer satisfaction as its main focus. One of Invictus Consulting’s key development areas is Client / Server based applications. Invictus Consulting Software development team has the capability to develop Client / Server Applications using ASP.Net/C#/VB 6.0 / Developer 2000 / Power Builder as Front End, Oracle 8.x / MS SQL 6.5/7.0 / MYSQL/MS-Access as Database. Onsite Software development: Invictus Consulting offers onsite development to clients, in accordance with the requirement. Development works on all platforms are accepted. In order overflow situations; companies can use Invictus Consulting’s services for their staffing requirements for software development at their site. Invictus Consulting shall provide suitable resources from its current database or fresh recruitments as deemed necessary by clients. Internet / Intranet Solutions: Invictus Consulting’s Key Development area is Internet / Intranet Solutions. Invictus has experience In developing Web pages, Web Mailing Solutions, Web Based Client / Server Solutions using HTML, DHTML, ASP, JAVA, Exchange Server, MTS, IIS 4.0, Apache, VB Script, Java Script, Perl / CGI, PHP, Oracle 8.x, MS SQL 6.5/7.0, MySQL. e-Commerce Solutions: Invictus Consulting has the capability to develop Ecommerce Applications using ASP, JAVA, MTS, IIS 4.0. Oracle 8.x / MS SQL 6.5/7.0 / MS-Access as Database. B2B / B2C Solutions: Invictus Consulting has the capability to develop B2B / B2C Applications using ASP, Java, MTS, IIS 4.0. Oracle 8.x / MS SQL 6.5/7.0 / MS-Access as DatabaseRegd Office: Suit No 502, Chaitanya Classiks, Near Kapil Asmath, Sus Road, Pashan, Pune - 410021
  6. 6. Products Invictus Consulting (P) Limited is in the constant process of developing user-friendly, reliable software packages. Invictus Consulting has come out with a number of software packages to cater to the entire range of activities for different trades and is in the process of developing many more. The wide range of reports included in each of these software give qualitative and accurate information and also lead to full utilization of manpower. Some of the Software Packages of Invictus Consulting include. Invictus - A Mini ERP for SMEs Invictus ERP is a comprehensive product meant to take care of almost all requirements of a client. Few major features worth highlighting are: 1. Ease of Use: With a highly visual and dynamic design, it makes it easy to operate Invictus ERP even for a novice. 2. Latest Technology: The product is built in C#.NET 2008 and uses some of the highest quality Industry Standard Tools to provide it with unique reporting and analysis tools. The platform used is also the latest, which prevents it from getting obsolete in the near future. 3. Robust Database: We use MySql as our backend database which is also the recommended database for most open source ERPs. This database itself is also open source which makes the data completely in your control and gives the best and latest technology from the community. It provides all the features which are available in any enterprise class proprietary database. 4. Licensing: Since the database is open source, it has no license cost obligations. Thereby reducing the TCO drastically and also prevents requirements of annual license renewals. 5. Multi-Unit or Multi-Location: Invictus ERP supports multiple locations viz. multiple production units, Head Office, Sales Depots, etc. For connecting the locations we support two different scenarios. a. First method is the traditional complete online and real time access to the ERP using dedicated VPNs or a Terminal Server to publish the ERP Client Application. b. Second method is another innovation by our company, which uses Primary & Secondary Server Architecture to ensure maximum performance, minimal costs and maximum availability of data. 6. Primary & Secondary Server Architecture: To facilitate the smooth functioning of each production unit we separate them from the main server by putting a secondary server at each unit. This ensures maximum performance and also saves cost of expensive dedicated leased lines or VPNs. The data is synchronized from all the secondary servers to the primary in a matter of minutes on a normal broadband internet connection. 7. Security: Invictus ERP provides multiple levels of security to each feature and report. It also provides slab based transaction authorization.Regd Office: Suit No 502, Chaitanya Classiks, Near Kapil Asmath, Sus Road, Pashan, Pune - 410021
  7. 7. Products Invictus-EduManage: Complete software solution for schools, Tutorials and Colleges Educational Institutions are complex entities, having large student strength & serving a huge student & employee base. To live up to the expectations of the users & to help them realize their academic & educational pursuits, Invictus Consulting has developed software “Invictus- EduManage" A complete educational management suite. Invictus-EduManage is a powerful Educational Management Software System that automates nearly every Educational Institutes tasks ranging from Student admission tasks, Employee management tasks, Library tasks, Administration tasks, Lab & Sports tasks, but is very easy to use. Invictus-EduManage is an application based, full featured program that provides an efficient & affordable software solution to automate any educational institution. Invictus – CrusherSoft: A Portable ERP for Stone Quarry Units. CrusherSoft is a "Perfect suit customizable Application" that automates the entire operations in stone Quarry/crusher units for manufacturing, sales and distribution processing. With seamless integration at all levels which can be used as vital management tool in stone manufacturing and distribution of the materials. A greatly fine turned product with generalized concept and features to match the industry needs in total. CrusherSoft integrates all the constraints from within and out of system that helps in managing well organized feed and output from the system. Specific to crusher industry the application customize itself to fulfill requirement of the people from any department within a company. Invictus-HelpDesk Say "good bye" to your current, inefficient helpdesk solution and streamline your IT service desk with Web Help Desk; the best of breed, cost effective, and browser based Help Desk Software. As a "help desk" continues to evolve into a full "service desk" entity, the 100% Web-based Help Desk system intuitively tracks and automatically assigns any form of requests; from technical support requests to change management requests to non-technical support requests to work order management requests. Leave & Attendance Management System The Invictus-Employ- Leave and Attendance module is a single leave management and attendance system that integrates these two critical HR tasks. It intelligently adapts to your policy and allows employees and their managers to manage their leaves and mark their attendance without any intervention from HR.Regd Office: Suit No 502, Chaitanya Classiks, Near Kapil Asmath, Sus Road, Pashan, Pune - 410021
  8. 8. We at Invictus Consulting (P)Limited are most pleased to learnabout your Queries and we shallbe at your service at the earliest. HQ: 1-5-162, Road No 11 A, New Maruthi Nagar, Chaitanyapuri, Hyderabad. Ph : +91 9390056778